Pocket Keys for Speakers / Edition 1

Pocket Keys for Speakers / Edition 1

by Isa N. Engleberg, Ann Raimes

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ISBN-10: 0205555004

ISBN-13: 9780205555000

Pub. Date: 05/28/2003

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.


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Table of Contents

Unit I. Keys to Effective Speaking

Part 1. Getting Started as a Speaker

1. Beginning the Speechmaking Process

2. Understand the Seven Basic Principles of Effective Speaking

3. Reduce Your Speaking Anxiety

4. Listen to Others

5. Speak Ethically

Part 2. Determining Your Purpose and Topic

6. Establish Your Purpose

7. Move from Purpose to Topic

Part 3. Analyzing Your Audience and Adapting Your Speech

8. Analyzing and Adapting to Your Audience

9. Analyzing and Adapting to Logistics

Part 4. Supporting Your Presentation

10. Selecting Supporting Material

11. Evaluate Your Content

12. Cite Your Sources

Part 5. Organizing and Outlining Your Presentation

13. Organize Your Content

14. Outline Your Presentation

15. Connect Your Key Points

16. Begin Your Presentation withFlair

17. Conclude Your Presentation with Flair

Part 6. Generating Credibility and Interest

18. Enhance Your Credibility

19. Use Effective Language

20. Generate Interest

Part 7. Delivering Your Presentation

21. Achieving Effective Delivery
22. Enhance Your Vocal Delivery
23. Enhance Your Physical Delivery
24. Use Presentation Aids

Part 8. Speaking to Inform and Persuade

25. Speak to Inform

26. Speak to Persuade

Part 9. Speaking in Special Contexts

27. Adapt to Special Occasions

28. Learn How to Speak Impromptu

29. Learn How to Speak in Business Settings

Part 10. Speaking in the Classroom

30. Speaking to Learn

31. Differentiating Written and Oral Reports

32. Apply the Seven Principles to Classroom Speaking

33. Adapt to Academic Disciplines

34. Classroom Debates

Unit II. Keys to Style, Grammar, and ESL

Part 11. The 5 C's of Style

35. The First C: Cut

36. The Second C: Check for Action ("Who's Doing What?")

37. The Third C: Connect

38. The Fourth C: Commit

39. The Fifth C: Choose Vivid, Appropriate, and Inclusive Words

Part 12. Basic Grammar

40. Sentence Snarls

41. Verbs

42. Subject-Verb Agreement

43. Pronouns

44. Adjectives and Adverbs

Part 13. For Multilingual Speakers (ESL)

45. A, An, and The

46. Infinitive, -ing, and -ed Verb Forms

47. Sentence Structure and Word Order

Part 14. Glossaries and Index

48. Glossary of Speaking Terms

49. Glossary of Usage

50. Glossary of Grammatical Terms

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