Poemfone: New Word Order

Poemfone: New Word Order


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  1. Poemfone Anthem  -  Misfit
  2. Love Is  - John S. Hall
  3. Answers to Questions
  4. Poemfone Message: 3:19 PM I Loved It  - Poemfone Caller
  5. I've Been Reincarnated Too Many Times  -  Foamola
  6. Heaven & Earth  - Wanda Phipps
  7. Jane Bowles' Pussy
  8. Unbronzed Fret
  9. Poemfone Message: 3:19 PM Squawk Like a Chicken  - Poemfone Caller
  10. From a Gas Station Outside Providence
  11. Peeping
  12. Give Me a Dollar  - John S. Hall
  13. Caroline
  14. Poemfone Message:12:33 Am Hard Core  - Kathy Ebel
  15. The Point
  16. A New Service  -  Sparrow
  17. Poemfone Message: 7:27 PM It's a Bust  - Amy Larimer
  18. Daily Observations  - Anne Elliott
  19. Forever Ballad  - Kendall Pigg
  20. Poemfone Message: 11:23 Am Surprised & Tenderized  - Poemfone Caller
  21. Cops Without Books  -  Sparrow
  22. Finding the Right Spot
  23. Poemfone Message: 2:35 Am That Poem Really Got Me Off  - Poemfone Caller
  24. A Good Hard Look  - John S. Hall
  25. Inside My Head  - Shannon Ketch
  26. You Will
  27. Hippie Shit
  28. Poemfone Message: 1:44 Am Thanks for the Poem  - Allen Ginsberg
  29. By the Light of the Silvery Silvery
  30. Fragments of Spilled Milk
  31. The Love Poem  - John S. Hall
  32. Poemfone Message; 4:20 Am Smoke Another Joint  - Poemfone Caller
  33. Tracks  - Anne Elliott
  34. Butter/Lost
  35. But
  36. Poemfone Message: 5:25 PM Pissed off Woman  - Poemfone Caller
  37. John Quincy Adams  -  Foamola
  38. The Blonde Valerie
  39. Timing
  40. Notebook
  41. Poemfone Message:11:28 PM 17 Syllables from East 12th Street

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

John S. Hall   Track Performer
Todd Colby   Track Performer
David Greenberg   Track Performer
M. Doughty   Track Performer
John Giorno   Track Performer
Space Needle   Track Performer
Bob Holman   Track Performer
Edwin Torres   Track Performer
Nicole Blackman   Track Performer
Hal Sirowitz   Track Performer
John Noll   Bass (Vocal),Background Vocals
Violet Snow   Track Performer
Shannon Ketch   Track Performer
Sparrow   Track Performer
Kendall Pigg   Bass (Vocal),Background Vocals

Technical Credits

John S. Hall   Composer
Dougie Bowne   Composer
Kevin Eggers   Producer
A.L. Lloyd   Composer
Jane Scarpantoni   Composer
Peter Miller   Composer
Dan Kincaid   Digital Editing
Jordan Trachtenberg   Producer,Executive Producer
Hoyt   Producer,Engineer,Soundscape
Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers   Composer
Sasha Forte   Composer
Johnny Larke   Composer
Mac McIntyre   Composer
Geoff Moss   Composer
Jordan N. Trachtenberg   Producer

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