Poetics of Jesus: The Search for Christ through Writing in the Nineteenth Century

Poetics of Jesus: The Search for Christ through Writing in the Nineteenth Century

by Jeffrey F. Keuss

ISBN-10: 0754606279

ISBN-13: 9780754606277

Pub. Date: 04/01/2002

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Theology and Biblical Studies
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Writing and Jesus - An Elective Affinity1
Chapter Summaries12
1Christology as Writing into Rupture19
2Augustine and the Form of the Subject in/of the Imago Dei37
3Poetics of the Subject and the Sacred into the Nineteenth Century45
Friedrich Schiller and the Mythos of the Human Spirit47
Friedrich Holderlin and Empedokles49
Goethe and the Morphological Bildung in Wilhelm Meister's Lehrjahre52
Hegel and the Unwriting of the Self63
4Theological Poetics of Jesus Amidst Nineteenth Century Higher Criticism71
F.C. Baur and the "Universal yet Particular" Christ of Church History72
Ludwig Feuerbach and The Essence of Christianity75
David Friedrich Strauss and Mythi in Das Leben Jesu79
5Victorian Poetics and (Re)Writing Jesus91
Figuring Jesus in the Victorian Novel94
J.A. Froude - The Nemesis of Faith102
Walter Pater - Marius the Epicurean112
Mrs. Humphrey Ward - Robert Elsmere119
6Scenes of Clerical Life - Images under Erasure131
Heidegger Reads Eliot - the "Possible" of Poetics137
7Adam Bede - Poetics of the Possible and Learning to "See"151
Iconographic Reading - Chapter XVII and Dutch Realism153
(Wo)men in the Garden160
A Poetics of Jesus in Adam Bede164
8The Mill on the Floss - Transfigurational Writing as Incarnation173
The Bildung of Organicism and a Poetics of Jesus175
Imitatio Jesus/Imitatio Maggie - Writing into Transfigurational Flowing183
Conclusion: A Poetic Cartography of Grace197
Index of Names217

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