Poetry For The Mind, Spirit And Soul

Poetry For The Mind, Spirit And Soul

by Debra D. Johnson

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This book is a special project, a compilation of already published poems, as well as some new ones, and some words of wisdom and background on how some of these poems evolved. Additionally there are pages for you to write your own comments and reflections and it is her hope, that these poems encourage, heal, deliver and draw you even closer to God.


This book is a special project, a compilation of already published poems, as well as some new ones, and some words of wisdom and background on how some of these poems evolved. Additionally there are pages for you to write your own comments and reflections and it is her hope, that these poems encourage, heal, deliver and draw you even closer to God.

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Poetry for the Mind, Spirit and Soul

Poems to Uplift, Encourage and Inspire
By Debra D. Johnson


Copyright © 2009 Debra D. Johnson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4389-9665-3

Chapter One


Worship is state of reverence unto God and thanking Him for just Who He is. God is beauty, life and light. He is whatever we need Him to be at any given time. True worship allows you to forget about your circumstances and tap into that Holy place with the Heavenly Father. It allows you to be replenished after the cares of this world have beaten you down.

In my state of depression, it was sometimes very difficult for me to tap into the state of worship, especially between the tears and the negative thoughts that were running through my mind. I had questions that I wanted answered from God and I knew the only way I could get those answers, was if I pressed, prayed, praised and worshipped God. It wasn't easy, because many times my intent was to get up to pray and worship, but it felt like the enemy was too strong for me to do battle with. Then I remembered the scripture in Daniel 10:12: Then he said to me, Fear not, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your mind and heart to understand and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come as a consequence of [and in response to] your words. Thatscripture truly blessed me and it reminded me that God knew what I was going through because I told him so many times. He had already heard me the first time.

God began to gradually heal me from the things that I was allowing to depress me and keep me bound up. I made a personal plan to try and worship God at least 10 minutes a day and then work my way up. How many of you know you can't put a time on worship? Some days I would just stand with my arms outstretched, with tears streaming down my cheeks. I wanted to say something but it was if I had a frog in my throat. During that time of silence, God began to speak to me and remind me of how He would never forsake me or leave me. He reminded me of the prayers that I had sent up of how he sent men and women to prophecy and confirm what He had already promised me and what I am supposed to do for His glory. All I could think about was doing His will and the people that needed the gifts that God had blessed me with.

In the weeks to come, my worship time with God grew stronger and stronger. That was my personal time with Him, my time to just listen and talk and thank Him for not giving up on me. Worship isn't just an act. Worship is a commandment. It's like tithes, it's due. The Word says we are to worship Him in the beauty of holiness. (1Chronicles 16:29).

Worship is now another tool that I use often to get out of challenging situations. It reminds me of how God brought me out of the last situation and it is a constant reminder of who God is. He is the Almighty and all Knowing One. My time of worship with God is very personal. It gives me an opportunity to thank Him and just feel His very presence. I know in my knower, that afterwards, everything is alright and He continues to have His Mighty Hand over me. God is awesome!

If any of you are going through tough situations, remember the PPPW, Press, Prayer, Praise and Worship!

Scripture References:

1 Samuel 1:19

And they rose up in the morning early, and worshipped before the LORD, and returned, and came to their house to Ramah: and Elkanah knew Hannah his wife; and the LORD remembered her. (AMP)

1 Chronicles 16:29

Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness. (KJV)

2 Chronicles 7:3

And when all the children of Israel saw how the fire came down, and the glory of the LORD upon the house, they bowed themselves with their faces to the ground upon the pavement, and worshipped, and praised the LORD, saying, For he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever. (KJV)

Psalm 22:27

All the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the LORD: and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before thee. (KJV)

Worship Me!

Worship Me, Worship Me! In spirit and in truth; For this is the very thing I command you to do!

Worship Me, Worship Me! With your hands extended in the air; Worship Me, Worship Me! With your whole heart ... if you dare!

Worship Me, Worship Me, I say! Worship Me until you make your way! Worship Me until the sun comes up! Worship Me until I fill your cup!

Worship Me, Worship Me! Without any doubt; Worship until I bring you completely out!

Worship Me, Worship Me! With your whole heart; Worship Me for your life is about to get a brand new start!

Worship Me, My people! Worship Me so you will be able to minister to the weak and feeble! Worship Me, Worship Me on bended knees! Worship Me until I am well pleased!

For it will be your worship that will lead you to Me, But I will be the One who will set you completely free!

So Worship Me, Worship Me! In spirit and in truth! For this is the command I have of each and every one of you!

September 25, 2003

Worship Me, In Spirit and Truth!

Worship Me in spirit and in truth. Worship Me, for this is what I command of you!

Worship Me with a pure heart So that I may give you a brand new start!

Worship Me, My child, through all those tears So I may be able to restore those years; The years the enemy took, The years that you couldn't lift your eyes to read My Book!

Worship Me when you are all alone So I may give water to those dry bones.

Worship Me when the cancer sets in; When the doctors tell you there's nothing they can do. Worship Me, for I am the One who is going to bring you through!

Worship Me when your heart is heavy So I may give you peace and longevity!

Worship Me when you have no money and the bills are due, So I may cause men to give unto you!

Worship Me in the difficult times So I may remind you that you are Mine!

Worship Me when there's no one around So I may keep you from falling to the ground!

Worship Me on bended knees So that I may get rid of all those bees; Yes, the bees that keep corrupting your mind And causing you to forget that you are truly Mine!

So, Worship Me like never before So you will be able to receive and walk through all closed doors!

For your worship is the key to your breakthrough, But I am the One who will carry you through; I am the One who will unlock every door for you!

September 26, 2003


I will praise You in and out of season. I will praise You without reason.

You are my Rock and my Fortress. You are the God that shall give the devil no rest.

I praise You for who You are. I praise You near and far.

For You have arrested my enemies. You have kept his hand when I could no longer stand.

I praise You for loving me so much. I praise You when times are tough. I praise You just because I love you so much. I praise You in my spare time. I praise You because I'm Yours. I praise You with my whole heart, spirit, mind and body.

For when my enemies come at me, I will have no fear because You are with me.

You are my protector, my God, in You I shall put all my trust. For in these last and evil days.... praising You is a must!

So, I will praise You morning, noon and night. I will praise You with all of my might.

I want to be closer and closer to You, For I know this is what You command and expect me to do! In Your Name I shall always trust!

December 8, 2004

To the Pastors, Ministers, Leaders and Counselors

I would like to encourage you all to continue to walk in the call and the directive that the Heavenly Father has given each of you. I know that the road can sometimes be hard, long and even lonely. Sometimes you feel like you are the only ones doing God's work and the only ones that have the passion for the church. That may be true at times, but you can always count on God to be on your side no matter what! These are the last and evil days and God is soon to come back for His churches and He doesn't care to see a spot or a wrinkle. These are the days that you need to speak and teach what the Holy Spirit is telling you and not be caught up on how people "feel." I'm sure a lot of people felt like they were going to Heaven, only to get there and God not identify with them. It's time to give the root destroying, devil removing, soul searching and accountability messages. It's okay to step on toes as long as you don't mind yours being stepped on if you are not doing what God is telling you to do. I'm not saying to judge people, but give them the word as God gives it to you. Don't try to befriend everyone. It can cloud your judgment and cause you to hold back the hard teaching and/or counseling. Just remember what happened to Jesus. Jesus had many followers until it came time to crucify Him. Judas swore he wouldn't betray Him. We all know how that story ended. These are the days you must seek God like never before and be obedient to Him. No one else will be standing in your place at the time of judgment. Be one that hears "well done my faithful servant."

Scripture References:

Psalm 95:7

For he is our God; and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. To day if ye will hear his voice. (KJV)

John 10:4

When he has brought his own sheep outside, he walks on before them, and the sheep follow him because they know his voice. (AMP)

1 Timothy 4:6

If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained. (KJV)

Now Heavenly Father, I thank You that I am equipped and ready to do Your will all the days of my healthy life. I give You the Glory and Honor, for everything that I do, shall be done in Your name. I thank You for decreasing me everyday, so I can be more like You. For You are my shield, my buckler and my Guiding light when darkness tries to cover me. For this day and the days to follow are Your days and I count it a privilege to be able to live another day for You. I ask that You continue to use and guide me for Your glory Lord. I will speak, teach and counsel with the wisdom, boldness and the authority that You have given me. I thank You for Your covering over me and my family and I will continue to take care of Your house all the days of my long and healthy life. In Your Holy, Unmovable Name. Amen!

As You Minister

As you minister today, Don't be concerned about what people say. Be concerned about what My Word says.

As you minister today, Don't be caught up as to who is in the crowd. Be caught up with those who cry aloud.

As you minister today, I will direct every word you say. I will move in such a mighty way.

As you minister today, The chains will be broken And every eye and ear shall be opened.

As you minister today, Always remember what My Word says:

You can do all things through Me Who strengthens you day by day!

April 4, 2003

A Minister's Confession

Lord, I thank You for waking me up today. I pray that You would guide each word I say.

As I go on my journey to save the lost souls, I pray that every broken vessel will be made whole.

As I minister to the deaf and the blind, I pray that it would be done with You in mind.

As I minister to the broken-hearted, I pray that Your Word will not be discarded.

As I walk the troubled streets, I pray that at the end, we will meet.

As my day comes to an end, I thank You Lord, for the new lives that will begin.

For it was Your touch, Your soft word that was spoken, So that every stronghold could be broken.

I thank You Lord, for using and trusting me To set Your people free!

Now, as I lay down to be refreshed, I thank You Lord, for giving me a peaceful rest.

May 7, 2003

The Innkeeper's Confession

As I sit at the door, Watching and waiting for Your women to come, I began to pray for peace and restoration For those that come here out of desperation.

I bind the spirit of humiliation So that there will be some healthy communication.

I bind the spirit of suffering and grief So that when they enter in, they will have instant relief.

I bind the attack of the enemy in every way So that they can make it another day.

I bind all type of addictions and afflictions So that they may be able to pay attention.

I bind all fear and doubt So that they may be able to come completely out.

I know You have a plan for them, To help them heal and to mend.

I will feed, clothe and encourage them. I will tell them about my Friend...... Jesus.

So, as the day goes by and comes to an end, I thank You, Lord, for sending them in.

For I am the Innkeeper of Your women, But You are the Innkeeper of all of Your children!

September 4, 2003

The Call

I lay in my bed half awake, Wondering how much more of this life I can take.

I stare at the ceiling and the walls, Wondering if I was truly called, Called to minister to the brokenhearted, To those that society has discarded.

I feel overwhelmed with the responsibility Of so many people depending on me, Or should I say depending on Thee, the Heavenly Father, Who works through me.

Sometimes I feel like throwing the towel in. Then I'm reminded of those that need help to mend. I'm reminded how Jesus never quit, Even in the midst of Him being whipped.

He waited until His mission was complete, Then slowly closed His eyes while many wept In hopes that His promises would be kept.

I must go on in spite of how I feel. I must make sure that His people get healed.

I must shake off this thing called doubt So I can help His people come completely out, Completely out of sin, sickness and disease, So they can live healthy and free, with their minds at ease!

I love You Lord, more each day and I thank You for helping me make my way!

January 28, 2004

Watch Over Your People

As You watch over Your people, Lord, Give them perfect rest and let them be on one accord.

Teach them Your ways So they may have peace for the rest of their days.

Guide their eyes toward the hills For which their help comes from To help them heal.

Pierce their hearts and minds And remind them That You are with them till the end of time.

Send Your Angels to keep them out of harms way. Let them know You are the same God today and yesterday.

Show them Your Glorious light, For You are with them through the night.

Bless them with Your healing touch. Let them know that they are loved by You, so much.

Show them a glimpse of Your grace and mercy, For they must see time is of much urgency.

Force their eyes to open and their ears to hear So they can recognize that the end of time is near.

God, please have mercy on their lost souls, For the enemy has them in such a strong hold. I know You are the God over all things So bondage cannot and will not remain!

I thank You in advance for breaking their chains And letting the world know, that You shall remain King of Kings!

April 8, 2004

Lord, Have Mercy

Lord, have mercy on their souls, The souls that the enemy tricked and stole.

For they sit behind bars, Full of battle wounds and hidden scars.

For they are old and gray, Surprised that they ended up this way.

They look around to see that life has passed them by, While they sit, dazed and confused, with sadness in their eyes.

Each time they hear the gate slam shut, They crawl to the corner in a terrible rut.

I can't imagine what's going on in their minds, But I know they are soon running out of time.

Lord, I ask that You have mercy on them, For You are the God who can truly heal them.

The souls that the devil stole Must be released from the strong holds.

Lord, have mercy on their souls!

July 16, 2004


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