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Poetry Memos

Poetry Memos

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by Denise Brown
Poetry Memos

Is a book of composed of poems form the heart and it touches the soul. I write because I love to write and it is a great passtime for me. The book contains not only poetry but short stories as well. some funny and some to make you think.


Poetry Memos

Is a book of composed of poems form the heart and it touches the soul. I write because I love to write and it is a great passtime for me. The book contains not only poetry but short stories as well. some funny and some to make you think.

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Poetry Memos & Short Stories

Volume One
By Denise Brown


Copyright © 2009 Denise Brown
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-0037-0

Chapter One

Poetry Memos

I write from the heart what's inside no less. I write about laughter and I write tears. I write about strengths and about fears. I write for me and I write for you. Let me tell you how I feel, let me tell you something enchanting to make your heart glad with laughter. Poetry makes the heart sing with joy and the thrill of laughter from within. I want to see the smile on your face as I thrill you with my writing. I write for enjoyment pleasure of it all I write for you.

Poetry in Motion

Poetry is meant to be free, free to write about what I feel and my deepest inner thoughts. Poetry in motion is what I call this poem because I am free to write until my heart desires as I pen down words that are real to me. So full of life this is what poetry is to me. Poetry is something special everyone has something special that he or she is good at. Poetry is my knack that stirs my very being to my brain and my bones. Poetry is rare as gold and fine silver hidden below. Let me write about poetry in motion freeness and free thoughts. Free thoughts free feelings free loveand free happiness. This is what poetry in motion is to me.

Unreachable Heights

Nothing is out of reach anything can be attainable if needed. Just look at what you have reached so far in life and say yeah I have done so much in such a short period of time. There is no unreachable height that can't be reached if you just believe it you can reach it. Nothing is where it should be and you know what that ok. Just keep trying! Try harder than before, and give it your all your almost there the unreachable height is near.

We just do

We just do whatever comes to the mind before ever realizing the consequences of our actions. We always reason I will be ok what the heck if we like doing it go ahead and just do it. We just do whatever comes into our heads and when it doesn't work out we say to our self's next time. Poor thing we don't realize what a fool we really are and trying to fool our self's into thinking we have fooled the one person who thinks he or she is the stuff. In reality we are fooling our own hearts mind and actions to believing that we can do whatever we want to. Again and again we just do and later on just maybe we finally figure out what we are doing wrong and we do better next time.

Stop looking and start living your life

Enjoy what you have when you have because it might not last for very long. Enjoy your family friends and most important life. Enjoy being around your grand children if you have any and let them know how much that you love them. Words unspoken are words that are unheard so say what is in your heart. Enjoy your animals because pets are precious too! Believe me they love you back as well. Enjoy every day as if it is your last day. One never knows what tomorrow will bring. Enjoy life now so take a deep breath and then let it all out slowly say out loud I enjoy life and I will make that best of each and every day and mean it.


I am not your puppet let me loose. I am not your puppet let me breath. I am not your puppet let me stand on my own two feet. I am not your puppet let me shine once in a while instead of you. I am not your puppet let me be myself and think my own thoughts, and say what I feel inside as a person a living breathing human being. I am not your puppet I am somebody real just pinch me and see if I react.

Broken Dreams

We all have our ups and our downs because we all go through what I like to call broken dreams. We wish and we dream yet it may happen and it may not. Broken dreams why do these things happen to us in the first place. We dream about how things can be, and we often wonder what could have been. We all go through it one time or another and we still come out whole. Broken dreams we all have we might have said as a child I want to be a doctor, lawyer and policeman and maybe it didn't turn out as plan. Broken dreams borrowed promises but don't worry there is always tomorrow Don't come knocking at my door when you're done me wrong

Here you are again knocking at my door and again I am still not letting you in. Don't come up my walk way or into my yard. Don't come into my walkway pleading just one more time. Don't come ringing my door bell because I won't hear you.

Here you come again crying your eyes out so I'll feel pity and let you in. It used to work so many years ago when we first started out but now I am so tire of you. All those chances I gave you and you still are untrue. I am leaving you baby what's this fool to do.

I am real to you

I try being what you want me to be. I try to talk walk and pretended whatever is pleasing to you is also pleasing to me. I am wondering I am real to you. I am wondering where I get out on this merry go round of a thing that you call love. Can I just jump off right now and never come back or do I continue to please you and only you. Will you catch if I jump into your arms or will you let me fall? I am what you expect in a friend, lover and wife. I use to be so full of life before I knew you. Now I don't know who I am of what so I asking you I am real to you?

Couple Therapy

We are a couple so why go to couple therapy? Because this is where we will find inner peace, and bring out things that are on our mind either good or bad we will talk about it together. We will talk about what got us to this place and see if it can be fixed. We hope to become even closer than before and much stronger than we ever were. We will cry shout and we will do what we have to do to keep this marriage or relationship open. We will each other and even those we don't know for our problems. We are here on time whenever session is open and we will progress towards recovering what will lost so long ok, because baby back then you were my everything and you still are.

Make me fall in love with you

Do you love me or even like me? What do you find attractive about me? Is it my smile my grin my hair that whispers in the wind? Do you like my walk as I walk away from you or do you stare at my back as I leave your presence? Do you think of me often or do I ever cross your mind at all? Do you dare hold my hand or keep me warm at night? Do you dream of me when you're asleep at night or does someone have your thoughts and desires? Make me fall in love with you one more time or is it too late for me? Make me feel like I used to all those years ago that seem like yesterday yet they are so far away. Make all my wishes come true for both me and you, make me fall in love with you.

Beautiful Woman

My husband steps into the house he has been out all day you see he works for a living. He is soft spoken when he wants to be a free caring sort of man. He always smiles as he comes into the house throwing his things around. He walks straight into the living room and he asks give me a beer in his sort of manly demanding way. He always lets me know how his day was by shouting it out to me. I had a hard day and hurry up and bring me that beer will you I am thirsty. Inside I am screaming at him saying what about me why don't you ask about my day? He leans back and scratches his belly and burps out loud never saying excuse me at all. Someone must have hurt his feeling at work said the wrong thing because when he is upset he always blame me for all of his problems. As the day draws on and on he is still in his mood and I just go along with the flow. His favorite show is American Idol and he bet he doesn't even know that mine is Lost. All of a sudden he complements me on my shoes, and says that he loves the color red. I do not tell him that I had these shoes for almost three shoes I notice that he is in a good mood, and I don't want to be the one to destroy the mood. What he says next took me back some because he hasn't said this in quite some time I love the dress that you're wearing and your hair seems to be the bomb. I repeat what he just said as if to re-sure myself about what was just said. I say it again did you just say my hair was the bomb. Again he repeats it and it register and before he could finish I am into his lap as he hugs me and plants a wet one on my lips. Baby I am so sorry for the way I've behaved forgive me? This is what a relationship is all about and that's why it's worth it.


Grief is something that we all experience at one time or another. Grief can be hard or it can be easy to go through. It all depends on the person who goes though it and their emotions at the time. Grief is something that we all hate because it is not something that we want to think about because we want to best to last forever. Grief is something that we all survive, and we wonder should I have said something different. Should I have done something different? Grief is something that doesn't last forever it only seems that way and in time grief does go away.


When I look into a mirror I step back and examine what I have become. I am a woman who sees the big picture. I am a woman who never gives up on her dreams. I am a woman who gives 100% and get 69% in return. When I look into the mirror I try not to be to over critical of who I am or what I have become. I am a woman who grabs life by the horns and take it for a ride, and get back on again. Who I am in looking at in the mirror? Who I am and who is staring back at me? What is this woman like, this woman staring back at me? This woman is me a strong black woman who always knows what to do and when to it!

Poetry Memos Short Stories The player get's played

There once was a man who lived in a high rise. He had so much money but little time for the finer things in life. Such as responsibilities with his family he had let this go the way side. The thing that was important to him at the moment was his job, and did he have a good job. He worked for a well known manufactory company he had been there for almost forty years. He never missed one day at work he always arrives on time. He was missing one thing one important thing and he didn't have a clue. He had another lover on the side besides his wife of thirty one years. She had stuck beside him when all others had forsaken him. He didn't have a clue what her love meant to him and one day it nearly cost him everything that he had. You see he never thought that she would snoop though his things, his pants to be exact. What she found was big it was huge, and it got her to an address and phone number. She drove as fast as the speed limit would take her without breaking the law. So what if she had she had something important to take of something that needed attention at this very moment. As she approached the hotel room where she knew they would be she opened the door and through it back with such force that he door could have broken into two. She had them right where she wanted them and this time she had caught them both together. She let them both have it she swaged kicked and she gave it her all as she let out all the anger that she had inside her. She thought all these years and all my time and all my effort all my years given to this man. He shouted we're though and she said well but you know what? She said as she was leaving. The player just got played.

Poetry Memos Short Stories Long time no see

I hadn't seen him in such a long time it has been about over sixteen years since the last time we had spoken. He seemed to be still the same old man that I once had known so long ago. He still smelled of the same cologne that I had remembered. This was his scent and it was a good one at that. He still remembered me, and I hadn't forgotten him not by a long shot. We seemed to click when we first meet. I liked the way he smiled and he liked my laughter. We seemed to be a perfect match made in heaven sort of speak. We always knew one day our path would cross and we could rekindle what we once had. He told me no time no see, and I said the same. Again for the second time we made a connection. I wondered how long would this relationship last. I hoped longer than the last one. Over time I realized that this was the same old road that I had taken once before. It was the same old things and the same old guy that I had once courted before. Why did I once leave this town, these people who I had once known? Why did I leave the one place that felt like home to me? Why did I leave the one man who ever loved me so unconditionally? This time I was ready. I was ready for whatever came my way, this time I was going to grab the bull by the horns. I was not going to let it go until I was satisfied. I was about to go for the ride of my life and it all began by a simple long time no see.

Poetry Memos Short Stories Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

People think that beauty is important. It is don't get me wrong. It's just that it shouldn't be the main course on the menu. We come in all packages some tightly wrapped then others. I know what you're saying I want someone who has the look the body of a goddess and voice to match too! Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the old saying goes. People are what they let you see just a shell and sometime that shell can be hollow. All I am saying is look before you leap. Look deeper under the skin and see what's really there because baby beauty is only skin deep.

Poetry Memos Short Stories Keeping it real

I try to keep it real by always doing more than expected of me. I try to keep it real and tell the truth about it. I try to keep it real and sometimes it might hurt someone else's feeling in the long run and for this I am sorry. I try to keep it real by listening before I speak to someone. Why act like your listening and really your not. I try to keep it real by being there for others more so than I am for myself. I try to keep it real by being a fun person if at all possible. I try to keep it real and stay away from drama it only gets you in trouble. I try to keep it real by always learning something new. I try to keep it real by being the best I can, and always asking questions if I am insure about something that is puzzling me. It's hard just keeping it real it's a hard just to live up to I hope to keep it up.


Excerpted from Poetry Memos & Short Stories by Denise Brown Copyright © 2009 by Denise Brown. Excerpted by permission.
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