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Point Deception

Point Deception

by Victoria McKernan

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Set on the eve of Desert Storm, this improbable thriller centers around a U.S. senator who is blackmailed into helping provide the Iraqis with the necessary chemicals for poison gas warfare. The plan begins when Senator Wattles's teenage daughter, who is being held in seclusion at a Caribbean hideaway in order to protect her from his enemies, is reported drowned and half-consumed by sharks. Ex-secret agent Alex Sandars, now a pilot, is hired to fly the corpse--actually the unidentifiable body of another young woman--to Miami, where he reunites with his former lover, professional diver Chicago Nordejoong (last seen in Osprey Reef ). Abetted by an ambitious TV reporter, they tumble to the truth. Enter Sophie von Brauer, an Amazonian assassin working for a German chemical empire thriving in the nerve gas business, and death and violence quickly become the order of the day. Several diving scenes (reflecting the author's background as a scuba instructor), one unlikely escape in a bullet-riddled small plane and a wild confrontation in a Mexican airport ensue before the good guys triumph. Like a bad horror movie, this story would have collapsed immediately had any of its characters acted with simple logic. (July)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Ex-government agent Alex Sanders gets caught up in a web of intrigue after he innocently transports a dead body on his private plane in the Caribbean. Trying to ascertain the corpse's true identity, he becomes increasingly involved in a scheme whose principal participants seem to be a senator, a journalist, the U.S. government, the chemical weapons industry, and his old girlfriend. Point Deception keeps the reader interested and turning the pages. McKernan ( Osprey Reef , Carroll & Graf, 1990), a former scuba instructor obviously familiar with the subject matter, beautifully describes diving in numerous sequences scattered throughout the book. While the story's romantic aspects seem somewhat contrived, the plot is suspenseful and the book difficult to put down. Recommended for public libraries.-- Jim Cunningham, Northern Illinois Univ. Lib., DeKalb

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