Poisonous Creatures

Poisonous Creatures

by Nathan Aaseng

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Gr 5-9-An introduction discusses the nature of animal poisons, their purpose and composition, followed by separate chapters that examine various groups of vertebrates and invertebrates with venom-bearing members. The text briefly describes some of each group's general characteristics but concentrates on the special physical and behavioral characteristics of individual species. Sea wasps, blue-ringed octopi, brown recluse spiders, African killer bees, bushmasters, taipans, and marine toads are among the species included. For most of the animals, the text cites geographical range, average size, method of attack, and type and potency of poison employed. The last chapter surveys the medical uses of venom in treating disease. Clear, full-color photos appear on about every other page. The writing is lucid and the material is well organized. Indeed, intriguing information is offered here that is not available elsewhere. For instance, Aaseng mentions the recent discovery of the world's only poisonous bird, the pitohui, found in Papua, New Guinea, in 1991. An excellent overview and a welcome resource.-Karey Wehner, San Francisco Public Library

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