Political Business Cycles

Political Business Cycles

by Bruno S. Frey

ISBN-10: 1858983991

ISBN-13: 9781858983998

Pub. Date: 04/01/1997

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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Table of Contents

Introduction by the editor
1Politico-economic Models of Macroeconomic Policy: A Review of the Empirical Evidence3
2Alternative Approaches to the Political Business Cycle40
3Democracy, Elections, and Macroeconomic Policy: Two Decades of Progress92
4Political Aspects of Full Employment119
5Political Economic Cycles129
6Towards a Mathematical Model of Government Behaviour140
7The Years of Plenty and the Years of Famine - A Political Business Cycle?169
8The Electoral-economic Cycle173
9Is there an Electional Cycle? A Comparative Study of National Accounts201
10The Political Economy of New Deal Spending: An Econometric Analysis223
11The Political Business Cycle232
12Political Parties and Macroeconomic Policy257
13Political Cycles in OECD Economies278
14Partisan Theory after Fifteen Years304
15An Empirical Study of Politico-economic Interaction in the United States319
16On the Theory of Optimal Government Behaviour329
17Political Models of the Business Cycle Should be Revived358
18Elections and Macroeconomic Policy Cycles385
19Evaluating Rational Partisan Business Cycle Theory401
20Presidential Elections and Federal Reserve Policy: An Empirical Test425
21Politico-economic Interdependence in a Direct Democracy: The Case of Switzerland437
22Empirical Analysis of Politico-economic Interaction in East European Countries455
23Stabilization Policy in Open Economies with Endogenous Politicians473
Name Index493

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