Political Writings / Edition 1

Political Writings / Edition 1

by John Dewey

ISBN-10: 0872201902

ISBN-13: 9780872201903

Pub. Date: 10/01/1993

Publisher: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.

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Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date:
Hackett Classics Series
Edition description:
New Edition
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5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Note on Sources and Editions
Editor's Introduction
IPhilosophical Method
The Need for a Recovery of Philosophy (1917)1
The Problem of Truth (1911)10
Our Guilt in Fascism (1940)20
Anti-Naturalism in Extremis (1943)25
IIPragmatism and Democracy
Philosophy and Civilization (1927)32
Philosophy and Democracy (1919)38
Freedom and Culture
Science and Free Culture (1939)48
IIIArt, Science, and Moral Progress
The Ethics of Democracy (1888)59
Intelligence and Morals (1910)66
Individuality, Equality and Superiority (1922)77
Individualism, Old and New
Individuality in Our Day (1929)81
Art as Experience
Art and Civilization (1934)89
IVEducation for Social Change
Ethical Principles Underlying Education (1897)97
Democracy and Education
The Democratic Conception in Education (1916)110
The Need of an Industrial Education in an Industrial Democracy (1916)121
Can Education Share in Social Reconstruction? (1934)125
How Much Freedom in New Schools? (1930)129
VPragmatism and the New Deal
Philosophies of Freedom (1928)133
Liberalism and Social Action
Renascent Liberalism (1935)142
The Pathos of Liberalism (1935)
Liberty and Social Control (1935)158
The Need for a New Party (1931)161
The Economic Basis of the New Society (1939)169
VIFrom Absolutism to Experimentalism: The Democratic Public and the War Question
The Public and Its Problems
The Democratic State (1927)173
The Problem of Method (1927)184
Conscience and Compulsion (1917)192
The Future of Pacifism (1917)195
Conscience and Intelligence in War (1917)198
Morals and the Conduct of States (1918)202
Democratic Ends Need Democratic Methods for Their Realization (1939)205
The Basic Values and Loyalties of Democracy (1941)207
VIIReaffirming Democratic Individualism: The Rejection of Communism
Freedom and Culture
Culture and Human Nature (1939)210
Democracy and Human Nature (1939)219
Means and Ends: Their Interdependence, and Leon Trotsky's Essay on 'Their Morals and Ours' (1938)230
I Believe (1939)234
Creative Democracy - The Task Before Us (1939)240
John Dewey Responds (1950)246

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