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Politically Correct Hunter

Politically Correct Hunter

by M.J. Goodbush
Humourous stories and words of wisdom for the politically correct hunter.


Humourous stories and words of wisdom for the politically correct hunter.

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Trafford Publishing
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Meet the Author

M. J. Goodbush is The Politically Correct Hunter.

Relentlessly seeking to elevate the sport of hunting to the heights of correctness and good behaviour, M. J. uses the pen, that most perfect of arms, to achieve this objective.

Born and reared close to nature, in Northern Ontario, Canada, yet having academic and life experiences useful in the pursuit of self-expression, M. J. now shares a fascinating accumulation of stories, facts and wisdom with those of like mind. A powerful cloak of secrecy surrounds M. J., enabling the master advisor to glean important data and reports from the field.

M. J. Goodbush's self-image is that of a crusader for Political Correctness in the art of hunting. Goodbush holds fast to the princple that all individuals of both sexes have a right and a duty to be good and wise sports persons, and to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of the animals we have the priviledge to interact with. Should some silliness and good clean fun occur in the process, so be it.

Readers may contact the author via email at gg2035@isys.ca

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