Politically Incoherent

Politically Incoherent

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by Rocky Mountain Mike

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Morada Music


  1. Constar
  2. It's My Party (and I'll Lie If I Want To)
  3. News Update 1
  4. Tea Party Harmony
  5. The Gay Agenda
  6. Motel Fox
  7. Rick Perry History Lesson/Mitch McConnell's Letter Home
  8. Obama Derangement Syndrome
  9. Drone City
  10. Redstatetta Stone
  11. Class Warfare
  12. News Update 2
  13. Gop and Say
  14. How They're Made
  15. Right Wing Troll Notification System Test
  16. Pat Robertson's Gay Abortion Tornado Color Weather Radar Report
  17. This is All Turning Into Some King of Bad Moviephone
  18. Norquill
  19. Let's All Vote With Our Lobbyists
  20. News Update 3
  21. What's My Comment?
  22. Unitelevisimundo
  23. Cpac Nationals Showdown
  24. Slime Life Video Presents the Tea Party
  25. Skeeker - It Gets Better
  26. Citizens United Airlines
  27. The Bandits of Medicine Gulch
  28. News Update 4
  29. Sarah Palin's Story of America

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Politically Incoherent 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This CD is a treasure for those who enjoy political humor.  Rocky Mountain Mike is an amazing talent who turns out funny, topical bits about the news of the day for the nationally syndicated Stephanie Miller Show.  It is all the most amazing when you find out that his stable of performers are scattered across the country.  I can only imagine the level of skill it takes to bring all of the tracks together into one seamless performance but clearly Mike has that skill.  Get your copy today - you won't regret it!