Politics and Society in Contemporary Africa / Edition 2

Politics and Society in Contemporary Africa / Edition 2

by Naomi Chazan, John Ravenhill, Donald Rothchild, Robert Mortimer

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Map of Africa
1The Diversity of African Politics: Trends and Approaches5
2State Institutions and the Organization of the Public Arena37
3Social Groupings75
4Ethnicity, Class, and the State107
5Regimes in Independent Africa137
6High Politics: The Procedures and Practices of Government159
7Deep Politics: Political Response, Protest, and Conflict197
8Political Transitions and Patterns of Change221
9Coping with Transformation: Approaches to Development239
10Coping with Change: Crisis and Attempted Reform305
11Inter-African Relations361
12Africa in World Politics421
13South Africa: The Possibilities and Limits of Transforming State and Society465
14Africa in the Twenty-First Century491
App. 1: Acronyms499
App. 2Changes in Country Names503
App. 3Basic Political Data505
About the Book545

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