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Politics, Governance and Technology: A Postmodern Narrative on the Virtual State

Politics, Governance and Technology: A Postmodern Narrative on the Virtual State

by Paul H. A. Frissen

ISBN-10: 1858988772

ISBN-13: 9781858988771

Pub. Date: 01/01/2000

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

Product Details

Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date:
New Horizons in Public Policy Series
Product dimensions:
6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

List of Tablesx
People, Places, Activities: an Acknowledgementxi
1.1Politics, Administration, Technology: Connections1
1.2Postmodernisation and Postmodernism4
1.3The Narrative6
2Public Administration9
2.1Change, Experiment, Innovation: an Impression9
2.2The New Governance: Characteristics11
2.3The Antipode: Classical Governance13
2.4The Tradition: Sovereignty, Subsidiarity, Corporatism14
2.5A Case: Independent Agencies16
2.6Case 220
2.7Amendments to Bureaucracy23
2.8Differentiating the Bureaucracy28
2.9Reversing Bureaucracy30
3.1Informatisation: an Outline36
3.2Informatisation: Developments38
3.3Informatisation: Characteristics40
3.4The Technological Debate: Positions42
3.5Advanced Constructivism or Determinism?44
3.6Networks, Connectivity and Virtual Reality46
3.7Organisational Meaning50
3.8Cultural Meaning56
3.9Digital Ambiguities I61
4Public Administration and Technology64
4.1Informatised Bureaucracy: an Impression64
4.2Characteristics of Informatisation70
4.3Bureaucratisation and Technocratisation: the Perspective of Modernisation73
4.4Informatisation, Change, Experiment and Innovation78
4.6Case 388
4.7The Primacy of Politics91
4.8Digital Ambiguities 292
5.1Crisis and Continuity: Introduction95
5.2Debate and Self-Reflection96
5.3Restored Values101
5.4Bureaucracy and Technocracy: the New Politics110
5.5The Empty Place of Power I117
5.6Political Strategies121
5.7And yet ... the Great Silence126
6The Social Decor: Modernisation and Postmodernisation128
6.1Economic Transformations129
6.2Organisational Changes132
6.3Cultural Patterns136
6.5Advanced Modernisation144
6.6Nuances and Discontinuities151
7Theoretical Intermezzo160
7.1Postmodernisation, Postmodernity, Postmodernism161
7.2We Postmodern Bourgeois Liberals164
7.3Yuppies, Ephemera and Kitsch169
7.4Hyperdifferentiation and Fragmentation175
7.5Centre and Linearity180
8Administration and Politics in Postmodern Cyberspace190
8.3Governance: Intelligence and Aesthetics202
8.4Politics: Primacy or the End?207
8.5Politics, Governance and Technology: Fragmentation and Connections213
9Fragmenting and Connecting Governance219
9.1Fragmentation and Contingency220
9.2Autonomy and Horizontalisation224
9.3Once again: Infrastructure229
9.4Forms and Styles235
9.5Postmodern Administrative Theory238
10Politics without Properties244
10.1Political Theory: a Modern Project245
10.2Fragmentation, Contingency, Indifference249
10.3The Apolitical Public Domain255
10.4Postmodern Politics259
10.5Political Postmodernism264
10.6Digital Ambiguities 4: the Virtual State268

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