Politics in South Africa: From Mandela to Mbeki

Politics in South Africa: From Mandela to Mbeki

by Tom Lodge

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This well-informed and crisply written introduction will appeal to both students of contemporary politics and general readers interested in the new democracy.


This well-informed and crisply written introduction will appeal to both students of contemporary politics and general readers interested in the new democracy.

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Foreign Affairs
This highly informative collection of 13 thematic essays by a leading authority on South Africa is the most comprehensive and balanced book available on the country's contemporary politics. Following opening pieces on the Mandela presidency and an assessment of the diverse interests represented in the ruling African National Congress, Lodge reviews the performance of regional and local governments, the problems of land reform and corruption, the impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the role of nongovernmental organizations, the implications of a dominant party system for democratic consolidation, the evolving concept of an "African Renaissance," and the record of President Thabo Mbeki through 2001. He portrays the ANC as an alliance of competing social groups among which none is presently dominant and finds that democracy, although taking root in many ways, is still vulnerable to antidemocratic influences. The book skillfully synthesizes an enormous amount of material generated by academics and journalists, packaging it in an easily digestible form for readers who already know a fair amount about South Africa. Beginners looking for a general introduction to the country, however, will wish for fewer trees and more forest.
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The combination of detail and analysis makes this account a pleasure to read...it is an invaluable handbook to South African politics since 1994 - Richard Bourne in THE ROUND TABLE Since 1994 South Africa has undergone a period of rapid, profound and often bewildering change. Yet the thinking about South Africa has tended to change far more slowly, with writers reluctant to let go for the familiar old narratives, preconceptions and sympathies. This book is a valuable introduction to recent developments in South African politics and the debates, such as they are, around them...fair-minded and generally thorough account of recent political developments within South Africa. - James Myburgh in AFRICAN AFFAIRS Lodge provides a more critical scrutiny of the implementation problems that may dog many of the ambitious new schemes. ...informative and well-written. INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Review of the First Edition: '... an exciting text... the only up-to-date, general survey of South African politics... Given Lodge's empirical thoroughness, ability to integrate, analytical keeness and clear style there is no better candidate for the task (of introducing the country's politics).' - Professor Laurence Piper, University of Natal

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Tom Lodge is Professor in the Department of Political Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. A noted commentator on contemporary politics in Africa and South Africa, he is the author of many books, including Black Politics in South Africa since 1945.

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