The Politics of Migration

The Politics of Migration

by Robin Cohen

ISBN-10: 1858980143

ISBN-13: 9781858980140

Pub. Date: 01/28/1998

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
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International Library of Studies on Migr, #5
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6.88(w) x 9.50(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

1Transnational Migration as a Small Window on the Diminished Autonomy of the Modern Democratic State1
2Migration and the Political Economy of the Welfare State15
3Immigrant Workers and Class Struggles in Advanced Capitalism: The Western European Experience28
4The Function of Labour Immigration in Western European Capitalism62
5Racism, Migration and the State in Western Europe: A Case for Comparative Analysis81
6Race, Class and the State: The Black Experience in Britain97
7Class, Race Ethnicity and Political Action119
8Nonwhite Minority Access to the Political Agenda in Britain136
9Right versus Right: Immigration and Refugee Policy in the United States157
10What Was the Profit in Following the Crowd? The Effectiveness of Party Strategies on Immigration and Devolution196
11Migration and Citizenship220
12Citizenship and the Right to Leave242
13The Dynamics of Racial Exclusion and Expulsion: Racist Politics in Western Europe260
14Immigration and Changes in the French Party System280
15Policy Voting in Britain: The Colored Immigration Issue in the 1964, 1966, and 1970 General Elections305
16The National Front Vote in the 1977 GLC Elections: An Aggregate Data Analysis324
Name Index335

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