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The Politics of Nuclear Power: A History of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant / Edition 1

The Politics of Nuclear Power: A History of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant / Edition 1

by D.P. McCaffrey, D. P. McCaffrey

ISBN-10: 0792310357

ISBN-13: 9780792310358

Pub. Date: 12/21/1990

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Risk, Governance and Society Series , #5
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6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.24(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.- Technological Factors: Discoveries, Uncertainties, and Limits on Safety Strategies.- Discoveries and Uncertainties.- Limits on Safety Strategies.- Economic Factors: Shifting Electricity Demand and Financing Problems.- Shifting Electricity Demand.- Financing Problems.- Managerial Factors.- Political Attitudes.- Differences in Scientific and Broader Public Attitudes.- The Decline in Public Support for Nuclear Power.- Summary and Outline of the Book.- 2. Shoreham’s Beginnings.- The Early Development of Nuclear Power.- Early Federal Support for Nuclear Power.- Developmental Problems.- Liabilities from Nuclear Accidents.- Economic Problems.- The Surge in Orders.- The Decision to Build Shoreham.- Basic Design of the Plant.- Key Early Decisions.- LILCO’s Selection of a Reactor and Containment System.- The Decision to Use Stone and Webster as Construction Manager and Architect/Engineer.- The Decision to Increase Shoreham’s Generating Capacity.- Summary.- Appendix to Chapter 2.- 3. The early Politics of Shoreham.- The Contrasting Reactions to Shoreham and Lloyd Harbor.- The Purpose of AEC/NRC Hearings.- The Licensing Process.- Shoreham’s Hearings.- Two Views of the Hearings.- Appendix to Chapter 3.- 4. Shoreham’s Contruction.- The Review of Construction.- Oversight by LILCO’s Board of Directors and Others.- LILCO’s Management of the Regulatory System.- New Piping Standards.- Pipe Break Outside Containment.- The Pressure Suppression Issue.- The Size of the Reactor Building.- LILCO’s Relations with the NRC.- The Failure of Engineering to Support Construction.- The Decision to Suspend Engineering.- The Dispersion of the Stone and Webster Site Team.- The Effects of the Engineering Lag: Two Examples.- Metal Embedments.- Field-Generated Engineering Changes.- LILCO’s Relationship with Stone and Webster.- Labor Productivity.- The Failure of the Diesel Generators.- Disallowance of Costs.- Appendix to Chapter 4.- 5. The Emergency Planning Controversy.- The Strengthening of Planning Requirements.- The County’s Split with LILCO.- Early Cooperation.- The County’s Withdrawal from Planning.- The Marburger Panel.- The Issue of Plant Safety.- Radiation Risk.- The Likelihood of Major Radiation Release.- Panel’s Conclusions Regarding Low-Level Radiation.- Panel’s Conclusions Regarding LILCO’s Ability to Manage the Plant Safely.- Panel’s Conclusions Regarding Construction Quality.- The Issue of Shoreham’s Economic Value.- The Issue of State Intervention in Emergency Planning.- Impact of the Fact-Finding Panel.- LILCO’s Tax Maneuver and Cohalan’s Switch.- The Federal Test of Emergency Planning.- The Federal Response to State and Local Opposition.- Appendix to Chapter 5.- 6. Takeover, Settlement, or Shoreham?.- The Establishment of the Long Island Power Authority.- Takeover or Negotiated Settlement?.- Negotiations.- The Settlement.- Projected Costs of the Settlement and Alternatives.- Appendix to Chapter 6.- 7. The Politics of Settling Shoreham.- The Reactions to the Settlement.- LILCO’s Progress in Licensing Shoreham.- Legislative Action on the Settlement.- The RICO Suit.- The Initial Verdict and Attempts to Settle the Suit.- Judge Weinstein’s Dismissal of the RICO Case.- The Revised Shoreham Settlement.- The Federal Government’s Opposition to the Settlement.- The Administration’s Opposition to the Settlement.- The Congressional Reaction to the Settlement.- The Economic Evaluation of the Settlement.- Planning Horizon and Financing.- Planning Horizon.- Financing.- Reliability.- Maintenance, Oil, and Other Costs.- Operating and Maintenance Cost.- Future Price of Oil.- Cost of Settlement’s Conservation Programs.- Book Life of Investments and Decommissioning.- The Revised Comparison of the Settlement and Shoreham.- The Denouement at Shoreham.- Conclusion.- Appendix to Chapter 7.- 8. Conclusion.- LILCO’S Problems and Changes.- LILCO Managed Its Way into Much of the Crisis.- Electricity Demand Softened as Shoreham Neared Completion.- LlLCO’s High Electricity Rates Damaged Its Credibility.- The Movement to Eliminate LILCO.- LILCO’s Organizational Performance Improved in the Mid-1980s.- State and Local Opposition.- Policy, Personal Stakes, and Decision Momentum.- References.- Appendix: Chronology of Significant Events in the Shoreham Project.

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