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Popsicles: A Collection Of Healthy Recipe Treats For Your Enjoyment

Popsicles: A Collection Of Healthy Recipe Treats For Your Enjoyment

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by Stephen Williams
Have some healthy and delicious treat today!

The secret of popsicles treat is here!

Would you like to have the best and most popular popsicle recipes?

‘Haha, these look great especially the three colored ones!’ – Jasmin Y.Popsicles are considered a treat by almost everybody specially the kids. Some even eat them during


Have some healthy and delicious treat today!

The secret of popsicles treat is here!

Would you like to have the best and most popular popsicle recipes?

‘Haha, these look great especially the three colored ones!’ – Jasmin Y.Popsicles are considered a treat by almost everybody specially the kids. Some even eat them during breakfast!
This book shows you how to get the best popsicle treats. The best part of this is, they are healthy and good for weight loss!

Below are some of the popsicle treats that you can find inside:

Vanilla Popsicles
Tri-colored popsicles
Hawaiian Popsicles
And a lot more!

The book has the most lovely popsicle recipes that are good for health. Get this book if you want to have some popsicle treats for you and your family at the same time be healthy!

And lastly, you can obtain answers to questions such as:
"How can I use the recipes in this book better?"
"Are the recipes and food content in this book not hard to do?"
"Are the tips in here worthy enough to tell others?"

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Popsicles: Healthy Snack In An Instant 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
TheresaJohnson More than 1 year ago
Great family idea for a frozen treat! When someone is part of a family that has Popsicle addicts, this is the perfect solution.  It is a way to be able to make healthy and delicious snacks for the family.   It allows them to be able to eat foods that are healthy for them, plus it saves money in the long run, because there is no more buying the store purchased popsicles from the store.    This makes life a lot easier for busy families.  It also gives the family a chance to bond, when it comes to making the popsicles. There are many books that can be read for recipes to make homemade popsicles that were delicious yet healthy, but most of them lack on one of the two criteria.  The ones that delicious usually are not that good for you, while the ones that are good for you taste like dirt.  One downfall of this book is the variety of ingredients that are used for flavoring the popsicles.  There are not enough exotic choices, as there are many healthier exotic flavors.   The different ideas that are in this book offer a chance for the family to be able to bond and make something that will make the whole family happy.  This is a great idea for anyone who loves to have fresh foods and also for those that are fans of popsicles.  This is also a good way for a busy parent to be able to bond with their children for a little while, without putting too much extra strain on their schedules.
Writergrl11 More than 1 year ago
Getting your kids to choose healthy snacks is really hard. They always want candy or junk food. And these things taste great so no wonder. But you want to try getting your kids to eat more healthy foods because this is what helps them to actually be healthy. That's what this book is about. Finding a great food that's actually healthy for your child that they will love eating. This book is about teaching you a very simple recipe that anyone in your family can actually do or at least help out with. Making popsicles is a simple task after all. So don’t be afraid to get in the kitchen with your kids. When you teach them to make their own snacks, they'll be able to have fun and feel more proud of their accomplishment. If you have a child, you should definitely read this book because getting children to eat healthy is practically impossible. Getting children to eat popsicles? Is very simple. So just, take the extra bit of time that it takes for you to read through this book and learn how to make that amazing treat for your children that's going to have them choosing the healthy option for once. I really liked that this book outlined the specific steps involved so you could see exactly what you needed to do. It made the entire process pretty much idiot proof so you could know what you were going to be doing before you brought the kids out to help. That's definitely not when you want to be trying to figure out some complex instructions. This book will help you to get your family eating healthy. And isn't that the goal for most people? You want to be sure that you are getting everyone to eat things that are good for them instead of all those things full of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Those things are definitely not good for your kids. So don't feed it to them. Feed them healthy things like popsicles made of pure fruit instead of sugar and corn syrup. The great thing about this is that making popsicles the healthy way keeps the same amazing flavor. That's good because it means that your kids won't really even notice the difference. The only way they will is by you letting them help with the making process and they'll realize they taste so great they won't even care. I would recommend this book to any one of the people I know that has a child. Of course, popsicles aren't just for children so it's important to note that even if you don't have them you can still get a lot out of this book. Don't be afraid to try new things.
CatherinePeters More than 1 year ago
Treat yourself to a popsicle today I always thought popsicles and healthy snacks as an oxymoron until I came upon this book. Images of popsicles were always of this sugary syrupy concoction with the liquid dripping down one’s elbows if you dilly dallied in finishing it. Guess that was part of the thrill of eating a popsicle. Childhood whims which somehow stuck around never wanting to leave. All good things  must come to an end with the wellness train chugging into town,  seems to be the popular conception. Anything healthy must be awful. But that idea can be dispelled after going through this book. Williams have conjured up a list of recipes which are not only healthy but will be well received by lovers of popsicles, which by the way must account for most of humankind.  A popsicle made according to the ideas presented in this book is worth a try in keeping the kids preoccupied. There are lots of ideas for popsicles, even more so with exotic flavors. Most of the recipes are easy enough for children to prepare themselves which can be  one method of in calculating the value of eating right added to the value of self-reliance by creating and making food for  consumption instead of running to the store.  It will be a good idea to present this book to your children and let them try out the recipes.
Anna_Parchment More than 1 year ago
Want to save money on buying those addictive popsicles at the supermarket? Want to find a healthier solution, yet one that does not sacrifice you actually eating ‘lots of popsicles’? Then look no further! Popsicles: Healthy Snacks In An Instant by Stephen Williams shows that ‘healthy’ doesn’t always result in punishment for your taste buds. Healthy can be indeed tasty! If you want evidence of that this book stacks it all up taking the Popsicle and making it healthy and accessible to make. Anyone can follow the instructions, meaning, ANYONE can be enjoying these healthy recipes in no time! Most of us love Popsicles, it really isn’t just the young ones. But that said, bringing a smile to those little angles of yours is a great feeling. We all know most kids love Popsicles and now as parents you know that you can give healthy alternatives that will love all the same! The only real issue I have with this book is the range of Popsicles recipes. It could do with a few more contrasting recipes and a larger range of ingredients to use. But in honesty I really am knit picking here. It has enough variety to keep one occupied making Popsicles for quite some time.
RLeigh More than 1 year ago
Tutti Frutti Expressions like ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ exist for very good reason because the healthier your body is, the better you feel and the more you can gain out of life because you will have more energy and enthusiasm to face each new day ahead of you. Stephen Williams is well known for writing books that focus on self-improvement and this includes both emotional and physical health.   I personally feel that the two are both closely correlated and need to each be in sync with the other. This book focuses on a way to make healthy eating fun… by eating popsicles!  I love popsicles… not only because I love being healthy, but mostly because they are so convenient.  If you have enough popsicle containers then in one sitting you can make enough for the whole week or even the month if you have enough space.  There is also no limit to how creative you can be with popsicle and Stephen has the great suggestion of serving popsicles instead of dessert when you are hosting dinner parties.   This book is well-written and is written in a very conversational style and with Stephen’s motivational energy to motivate you to improve your life.   In this instance, it doesn’t even require a lot of work to make the changes he suggests and it is a delicious way to make change in your life.   I personally have quite an expansive knowledge on food and exotic food so I  felt that he could have used a bigger variety of ingredients and provided a bit more variety in general but I still gleaned some useful ideas from him.   This book is suitable for adults and children and is definitely a fun project to get your kids involved in so that they can incorporate healthy decisions in their life from a young age.   
Lucky120 More than 1 year ago
I have to say that this is a great big help when it comes to Popsicles, because I know my kids love them and I would not mind making them healthy ones. I think that having healthy snakes is a great way to keep the kids on track and teach them about their health. This is a great book to read and here is why. There are a lot of books out there that claim to help with certain things, but many miss some of the criteria that we are looking for as healthy families. The ones that are made are usually delicious, but have some type of ingredient in it that is not good for you and the ones that are good for you may have something that needs to be added to make it taste better. There are a lot of different ideas in the books that will help you make a nice little healthy Popsicle for you and your family without the hassle. This is a good idea especially if you have kids that love frozen treats. I am a huge fan of Popsicles when it comes to summer, so I think that it would be something that I would make for my kids and myself. The book is filled with a lot of great ideas and I love the fact that I can read it with ease and tell others to read it as well. This is a great book and I think that you should add it to your read list and keep it for a long time.
Lizzy81 More than 1 year ago
GOOD SNACKS Entering a supermarket can be a great experience for food-lovers, or I'd rather say for all-sweets lovers: they look for candies, cookies... but the real protagonist  is the ice-cream, with its tasteful flavors. But Stephen Williams in his book "Popsicles" teaches us how to prepare delicious popsicles at home, wothout spending a lot of money. I personally believe that it can be a very good idea, to try new flavors, using fresh ingredients, like for example, fruits, to obtain a new and healthy way to have popsicles. Healthy food is one of Stephen Williams'  main concern,and "Popsicles" contains different recipes to make our popsicles so good, for every family member.  I guess that this book can also be addressed to children, whose food habits are really hard to change (mothers'd agree to me!), but with Williams' recipes everything will surely start changing for them: they will learn to appreciate the taste of healthy snacks, withour ruining their teeth anymore, making their parents happy! Writing "Popsicles" , Williams shows he can help us making a difference through food, and this time we can make it with healthy snacks.  According to me, he's just had a very interesting and good idea about all this, because he can also help women preparing something new, that can be eaten in the street... yes, Williams' popsicles can become the new street-food or we'd better say, the new healthy street-food, to share with joy , during a walk with relatives or friends. If you are looking for a new kind of cooking to make everybody happy, choose "Popsicles" by Stephen Williams then.