by Charles F. Gritzner, Douglas A. Phillips

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Children's Literature - Barbara L. Talcroft
This geographically oriented series for young adults, "Modern World Nations," is written from the perspective that world history and cultures are mainly influenced by geography rather than by famous people or battles. The authors describe Portugal's extensive Atlantic seacoast as the source of its previous world power, former colonies, and much of its culture. Bordering on only one country (Spain), with a small landmass and population, Portugal has, nonetheless, many rivers, a balmy Mediterranean climate, and an outstanding port, Lisbon; weather hazards include drought, possible earthquakes and tsunamis (as in 1755 when Lisbon was destroyed). Included are sections about Portugal's history (deeply influenced by Romans, Moors, and the Catholic Church), out-migration of Portuguese, in-migration of people from former colonies, and Portugal's present (since 1976) democratic government. After years of poverty and dictatorship, Portugal has joined the European Union and is diversifying its economy from fishing and traditional agriculture (olives, cork, wine) to include manufacturing, mining, and industries serving tourism—Portugal is a major world destination with its sunny beaches, fado music, and magnificent architecture. Though, like many European countries today, Portugal has a declining birth rate which may cause trouble for the future, the authors are optimistic about the country's increasing prosperity, believing that its homogeneous, well-nourished population (and almost universal language and religion) will help the Portuguese adapt successfully to urbanization and globalization, while they continue to celebrate their traditional heritage and culture. More maps and a glossary ofterms would be helpful for teen readers. Reviewer: Barbara L. Talcroft

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Modern World Nations Series
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12 - 17 Years

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