Poseidon (World Mythology Series)

Poseidon (World Mythology Series)

by Blake A. Hoena

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Provides an introduction to the character of Poseidon and his roles in Greek mythology.


Provides an introduction to the character of Poseidon and his roles in Greek mythology.

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Children's Literature
This book introduces young readers to the mythological figure Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Opening chapters offer some explanation of the role of the gods and explanation myths in Greek and Roman culture. A list of Greek and Roman names for the gods is provided, though it is not made explicit that they are different names for the same figures. Subsequent chapters cover Poseidon's birth to Rhea and Cronus; Zeus' freeing of Poseidon and his siblings from their father's stomach; Poseidon's decision to rule the seas; his marriage and his children; the stories of Medusa, Andromeda, and the Minotaur; and the influence of Greek and Roman mythology on our culture today. End matter includes a map of Italy and Greece, a glossary, a bibliography for further reading, an index, and directions for finding a publisher-sponsored website called FactHound which links to topic-related websites. Teachers or parents might wish to check out linked websites for age-appropriateness before allowing children to access them. Adults should be aware that although most unfamiliar words are given clear phonetic pronunciation guides, the given pronunciation of Amphitrite's name contradicts most other sources (probably a typesetting error) and the given pronunciation for the word "sacrifice" is unclear. The other titles in the "World Mythology" series include books about Athena, the Cyclopes, and Odysseus. 2004, Capstone Press, Ages 7 to 10.
—Anne Marie Pace

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Capstone Press
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World Mythology Series
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8.13(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.20(d)
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7 - 9 Years

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Blake A. Hoena grew up in central Wisconsin, where he wrote stories about robots conquering the moon and trolls lumbering around the woods behind his parents house. He now lives in Minnesota and continues to write about fun things like space aliens and superheroes. Blake has written more than fifty chapter books and graphic novels for children.

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