The Post-Colonial Studies Reader / Edition 2

The Post-Colonial Studies Reader / Edition 2

by Bill Ashcroft

ISBN-10: 0415345642

ISBN-13: 9780415345644

Pub. Date: 01/13/2006

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

The essential introduction to the most important texts in post-colonial theory and criticism, this second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to include 121 extracts from key works in the field.

Leading, as well as lesser known figures in the fields of writing, theory and criticism contribute to this inspiring body of work that includes sections on

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The essential introduction to the most important texts in post-colonial theory and criticism, this second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to include 121 extracts from key works in the field.

Leading, as well as lesser known figures in the fields of writing, theory and criticism contribute to this inspiring body of work that includes sections on nationalism, hybridity, diaspora and globalization. The Reader’s wide-ranging approach reflects the remarkable diversity of work in the discipline along with the vibrancy of anti-imperialist writing both within and without the metropolitan centres. Covering more debates, topics and critics than any comparable book in its field, The Post-Colonial Studies Reader is the ideal starting point for students and issues a potent challenge to the ways in which we think and write about literature and culture.

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Table of Contents

General introduction1
Introduction to the second edition5
Pt. 1Issues and debates
Introduction to part one9
1The occasion for speaking14
2The economy of Manichean allegory19
4Can the subaltern speak?28
5Signs taken for wonders38
6Problems in current theories of colonial discourse44
7The scramble for post-colonialism51
8Colonialism and culture57
9The nature of things : arrested decolonization and critical theory62
10The intimacy of tyranny66
Pt. 2Universality and difference
Introduction to part two71
11Colonialist criticism73
12Heroic ethnocentrism : the idea of universality in literature77
13Western mathematics : the secret weapon of cultural imperialism80
14Jameson's rhetoric of otherness and the 'national allergory'84
15The critique of Eurocentrism89
Pt. 3Representation and resistance
Introduction to part three93
16Resistance, opposition and representation95
17Post-colonial literatures and counter-discourse99
18Unsettling the empire : resistance theory for the second world102
19The rhetoric of English India107
20Colonialism, racism and representation109
21Networks of resistance113
Pt. 4Nationalism
Introduction to part four117
22National culture119
23Imagined communities123
24Nationalism as a problem126
25The national longing for form128
26Dissemination : time, narrative, and the margins of the modern nation132
27What ish my nation?134
Pt. 5Hybridity
Introduction to part five137
28Fossil and psyche139
29Named for Victoria, Queen of England143
30Of the marvellous realism of the Haitians146
31Marvellous realism : the way out of negritude150
32Creolization in Jamaica152
33Cultural diversity and cultural differences155
34The cultural politics of hybridity158
Pt. 6Indigenity
Introduction to part six163
35The myth of authenticity165
36Who can write as other?169
37The representation of the indigene172
38Postcolonialism, ideology, and native American literature176
39Indigenous articulations180
40The white inuit speaks : contamination as literary strategy184
Pt. 7Ethnicity
Introduction to part seven189
41Who is ethnic?191
42Identifying identity194
43No master territories196
44New ethnicities199
45After whiteness203
46Towards a new consciousness208
Pt. 8Race
Introduction to part eight211
47Race and racism213
48Writing race216
49Race, time and the revision of modernity219
50The illusions of race224
51There ain't no black in the union jack227
52Negritude and nativism230
Pt. 9Feminism
Introduction to part nine233
53First things first : problems of a feminist approach to African literature235
54Decolonizing culture : toward a theory for postcolonial women's texts239
55Under western eyes : feminist scholarship and colonial discourses242
56Writing postcoloniality and feminism246
57Woman skin deep : feminism and the postcolonial condition250
58Colonizing bodies and minds256
Pt. 10Language
Introduction to part ten261
59The language of African literature263
60The politics of language268
61The alchemy of English272
62Language and spirit276
63Language and transformation277
64Nation language281
Pt. 11The body and performance
Introduction eleven289
66The fact of blackness291
67In search of the lost body : redefining the subject in Caribbean literature295
68The body as cultural signifier298
69Dance, movement and resistance politics302
70Outlaws of the text306
71Resistant performance309
72On veiling, vision and voyage313
Pt. 12History
Introduction to part 12
Bill Ashcroft317
73Allegories of Atlas319
74Columbus and the Cannibals325
75The muse of history329
76Spatial history333
77The limbo gateway336
78Postcoloniality and the artifice of history340
Pt. 13Place
Introduction to part thirteen345
79Writing in colonial space347
80Naming place351
81Decolonizing the map355
82Aboriginal place359
83Indigenous map making364
84The other side of the mountain367
Pt. 14Education
Introduction to part fourteen371
85Minute on Indian education374
86The beginnings of English literary study in British India376
87Education and neocolonialism381
88Ideology in the classroom : a case study in the teaching of English literature in Canadian universities385
89Borders and bridges389
90Entrenching English in Trinidad and Tobago393
Pt. 15Production and consumption
Introduction to part fifteen397
91The historiography of African literature written in English399
92The book today in Africa404
93Literary colonialism : books in the third world408
94Soft-soaping empire413
95Commodities and the politics of value417
96The postcolonial exotic421
Pt. 16Diaspora
Introduction to part sixteen425
97Imaginary homelands428
98Cultural identity and diaspora435
99The mind of winter439
100Thinking through the concept of diaspora443
101The diasporic imaginary : theorizing the Indian diaspora447
103Passport photos455
Pt. 17Globalization
Introduction part seventeen461
104The global in the local463
105Disjunction and difference468
106Globalization and the claims of postcoloniality473
108Imperial sovereignty481
109Feminist solidarity through anticapitalist struggles485
Pt. 18Environment
Introduction to part eighteen491
110Ecological imperialism494
111Green imperialism498
112Trial statement501
113Decolonizing relationships with nature503
114The beaver as native and as colonist507
115Old orders for new511
Pt. 19The sacred
Introduction to part nineteen517
116Conversion, 'tradition' and national consolidation519
117God, gold, and gender522
118Reclaiming our histories528
119Orientalism and religion531
120Global conversions534
121Postcolonializing Biblical interpretation537

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