Post-translational Modifications in Plants

Post-translational Modifications in Plants

by N. H. Battey

This book is about what happens to proteins once they have been synthesised within the plant cell.See more details below


This book is about what happens to proteins once they have been synthesised within the plant cell.

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Cambridge University Press
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Society for Experimental Biology Seminar Series, #53
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5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.87(d)

Table of Contents

1. Some roles of post-translational modifications in plants N. H. Battey; 2. Signal transduction and protein phosphorylation in bacteria R. A. Dixon; 3. Roles of protein phosphorylation in animal cells D. G. Hardie; 4. The significance of post-translational modification of proteins by phosphorylation in the regulation of plant development and metabolism K. M. Fallon and A. J. Trewavas; 5. Post-translational modification of chloroplast proteins and the regulation of protein turnover A. K. Mattoo; 6. Purification of a small phosphoprotein from chloroplasts and characterisation of its phosphoryl group J. Soll; 7. Use of synthetic peptides to study G-proteins and protein kinases within plant cells I. R. White; 8. Activation of membrane-associated protein kinase by lipids, its substrates, and its function in signal transduction G. F. E. Scherer; 9. Distribution and function of Ca2+-dependent, calmodulin-independent protein kinases N. H. Battey; 10. Phosphorylation of the plasma membrane proton pump M. R. Sussman; 11. The regulation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase by reversible phosphorylation H. G. Nimmo; 12. Protein phosphorylation and circadian rhythms L. Rensing; 13. Control of translation by phosphorylation of mRNP proteins in Fucus and Xenopus A. D. Shirras; 14. Regulation of plant metabolism by reversible protein (serine/threonine) phosphorylation R. W. Mackintosh and C. Mackintosh; 15. Detection, biosynthesis and some functions of glycans N-linked to plant secreted proteins L. Faye: 16. Biosynthesis, intracellular transport and processing of ricin J. M. Lord and L. M. Roberts; 17. Post-translational processing of concanavalin D. Bowles; 18. The role of cell surface glycoproteins in differentiation and morphogenesis J. P. Knox.

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