Potential Flows of Viscous and Viscoelastic Liquids

Potential Flows of Viscous and Viscoelastic Liquids

by Daniel Joseph, Jing Wang, Toshio Funada

This book illustrates how potential flows enter into all problems of fluid mechanics.See more details below


This book illustrates how potential flows enter into all problems of fluid mechanics.

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Cambridge University Press
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Cambridge Aerospace Series, #21
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6.97(w) x 9.96(h) x 1.14(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction; 2. Historical notes; 3. Boundary conditions for viscous fluids; 4. Helmholtz decomposition coupling rotational to irrotational flow; 5. Harmonic functions which give rise to vorticity; 6. Radial motions of a spherical gas bubble in a viscous liquid; 7. Rise velocity of a spherical cap bubble; 8. Ellipsoidal model of the rise of a Taylor bubble in a round tube; 9. Rayleigh-Taylor instability of viscous fluids; 10. The force on a cylinder near a wall in viscous potential flows; 11. Kelvin-Helmholtz instability; 12. Irrotational theories of gas-liquid flow: viscous potential flow (VPF), viscous potential flow with pressure correction (VCVPF) and dissipation method (DM); 13. Rising bubbles; 14. Purely irrotational theories of the effect of the viscosity on the decay of waves; 15. Irrotational Faraday waves on a viscous fluid; 16. Stability of a liquid jet into incompressible gases and liquids; 17. Stress induced cavitation; 18. Viscous effects of the irrotational flow outside boundary layers on rigid solids; 19. Irrotational flows which satisfy the compressible Navier-Stokes equations; 20. Irrotational flows of viscoelastic fluids; 21. Purely irrotational theories of stability of viscoelastic fluids; 22. Numerical methods for irrotational flows of viscous fluid; Appendices; References; List of illustrations; List of tables.

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