Power of Bacterial Genetics: A Literature-Based Course / Edition 1

Power of Bacterial Genetics: A Literature-Based Course / Edition 1

by Jonathan R. Beckwith, Thomas J. Silhavy

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
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Table of Contents

Gene Technology: Views of Its Criminal Justice Applications1
Galton's Regret: Of Types and Individuals5
Reasons for Doubt: Legal Issues in the Use of DNA Identification Techniques19
Addendum: An Analysis of Decisional Law Governing the Use of DNA Evidence (As of January 1992)43
Forensic DNA in the Trial Court 1990-1992: A Brief History61
Reliability of Statistical Estimates in Forensic DNA Typing79
Statistical Issues in DNA Identification91
Public Policy for Forensic DNA Analysis: The Model of New York State109
The Impact of DNA-based Identification Systems on Civil Liberties119
Genetics, Race, and Crime: Recurring Seduction to a False Precision129
DNA Data Banking and the Public Interest141

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