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Power of Soul: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

Power of Soul: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

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While there's certainly no shortage of Jimi Hendrix tributes out there, this 19-song collection merits attention because it does more than merely present the late legend as a guitar hero. Yes, that element of Jimi's legacy is showcased here -- most notably by Prince, who turns in what might be the disc's most


While there's certainly no shortage of Jimi Hendrix tributes out there, this 19-song collection merits attention because it does more than merely present the late legend as a guitar hero. Yes, that element of Jimi's legacy is showcased here -- most notably by Prince, who turns in what might be the disc's most immediately grabbing moment when he tears into "Purple House," a sinewy revamp of Hendrix's "Red House." But as its title indicates, the disc's focus is on Hendrix's roots in soul and rhythm-and-blues. To that end, Musiq taps into the sensual core of "Are You Experienced?," turning the song into virtual foreplay, while Chaka Khan wrings plenty of emotion from "Little Wing." Bootsy Collins and the P-Funk All Stars bring their trademark surrealism to the disc's title track, though they allow Hendrix's sense of rhythm, rather than the more typical Mothership groove, to dominate. Similarly, Eric Clapton's take on "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" exudes an earthiness that belies Slowhand's refined recent playing. Six-string fanatics will savor a previously unreleased live medley from the late Stevie Ray Vaughan -- taking in "Little Wing" and "Third Stone from the Sun" -- but passion, not virtuosity, is the be-all and end-all of Power of Soul.

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All Music Guide - Sean Westergaard
There have been a large number of tributes to the great Jimi Hendrix, generally ranging from spotty to awful, but here's one that actually works. Power of Soul: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix is the first to appear under the auspices of Experience Hendrix, the Hendrix family's umbrella company for all things Jimi Hendrix, and despite a couple misfires and hints of nepotism, it's very well done. Many of the artists stick pretty close to the originals with success, like Chaka Khan's reading of "Little Wing" featuring Kenny Olson (Kid Rock) on guitar, or Lenny Kravitz's version of "Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)." Eric Clapton's take on "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" is a bit stiff, but features some great guitar work, and the all-star group Carlos Santana put together for "Spanish Castle Magic" (Stanley Clarke, Tony Williams, Corey Glover) is good, but a bit lackluster. Earth, Wind & Fire turn "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" into a Little Axe tune, featuring some nice guitar from Sheldon Reynolds. Reynolds is co-producer on the album, along with his wife, Janie Hendrix, and here's where the nepotism creeps in. Reynolds is the only individual involved in more than one track, and a couple of them are probably the weakest tracks on the album. There is a brief snippet (43 seconds) of Hendrix's friend Velvert Turner playing guitar, with organ and vocal overdubs by Sheldon Reynolds. It's a nice thought to include Turner in the comp, but the track is a throwaway. Devoted Spirits, which features George Duke, is another Reynolds project that does a decent instrumental version of "Who Knows," but the canned applause added to this studio track is completely unnecessary. Sounds of Blackness make an attempt at updating "Castles Made of Sand" with a contemporary R&B sound and some added African lyrics, but they only use the chorus of the song, leaving behind Hendrix's achingly beautiful lyrics and then incorporating part of the chorus to "Angel." Reynolds solo is nice, but the arrangement of the tune just doesn't really work. Ultimately, those are minor quibbles because the tracks that really work are so good that some CD programming makes for a fine album. Prince reinterprets "Red House" with great gospel-esque backing vocals and a monstrous guitar solo. Bootsy Collins and members of the P-Funk crew also take a few liberties and add some new lyrics to "Power of Soul" to great effect, making the tune their own. Sting does an absolutely fantastic job with "The Wind Cries Mary," but it's John McLaughlin who steals the spotlight on that track. "May This Be Love" by Eric Gales is beautifully handled (with Gales playing all the instruments), and Musiq's take on "Are You Experienced" is equally well done, with two turntablists using Are You Experienced on vinyl to substitute for guitar. The album ends on another definite highlight, with a blistering live medley of "Little Wing" and "Third Stone from the Sun" performed by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Hendrix himself never even attempted to perform "Third Stone from the Sun" live, and Vaughan absolutely nails it. There are some flubs in his performance, but the amount of feeling he plays with easily overcomes them. Overall, Power of Soul: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix is a keeper for Hendrix fans, and one of the few various artist tributes that actually succeeds much more than it fails.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Lee Hooker   Guitar,Vocals
Sounds of Blackness   Vocals
Eric Gales   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Vocals
Lenny Kravitz   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Hammond Organ,Tambourine,Vocals
Prince   Guitar,Vocals
Maurice White   Vocals
George Duke   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Soloist
John McLaughlin   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Tony Williams   Drums
John Allair   Guitar,Vocals
Bernard Edwards   Bass
Larry Graham   Bass
Nile Rodgers   Guitar
Penny Ford   Background Vocals
Velvert Turner Group   Guitar
Tawatha Agee   Vocals
Gary Bias   Saxophone,Group Member
Dinky Bingham   Keyboards
Victor Bisetti   Drums
Bootsy Collins   Percussion,Drums,Vocals,Noise,Space Bass
Ray Brown   Trumpet,Group Member
Danny Caron   Guitar
Chaka Khan   Vocals
Eric Clapton   Guitar,Vocals
Stanley Clarke   Bass
John Clay   Background Vocals
George Clinton   Vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta   Drums
Phelps "Catfish" Collins   Rhythm Guitar
Larry Dunn   Keyboards,Moog Synthesizer,Soloist
Corey Glover   Vocals
Richard Hilton   Keyboards
Ron Jennings   Guitar
George Laks   Piano
John Lawson   Drums
Ricky Lawson   Drums
Chris Layton   Drums
Dominic Miller   Rhythm Guitar
Daniel Moore   Keyboards
Kenny Olson   Guitar
Morris Pleasure   Bass
John Powe   Background Vocals
Sheldon Reynolds   Organ,Bass,Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Synthesizer Bass
Tommy Shannon   Bass
Garry Shider   Background Vocals
Stevie Ray Vaughan   Guitar
Verdine White   Bass
Belita Woods   Background Vocals
Demetrius Peete   Background Vocals
Daniel Morgan   Bass
Carlos Santana   Guitar
Melvin Parker   Drums
Sheldon M. Reynolds   Guitar,Keyboards,Synthesizer Bass
Charles Pettaway   Guitar
Derek Clark   Electric Piano
Aaron Clay   Bass
Tony Thompson   Drums
Jack Daly   Bass
James "Jockey" Young   Percussion
Steven Wolf   Drums
Marcus Randolph   Drums
Jason Crosby   Violin,Keyboards
DJ Aktive   Turntables
Thomas Callaway   Vocals,Background Vocals
William Hagan   Vocals,Background Vocals
Caspar Dah-Holy Ghost   Percussion,Noise,Space Bass
Toby "Animal Crackers" Donahue   Turntables
P-Funk Mob   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Lenny Kravitz   Producer
Prince   Producer
Nile Rodgers   Producer
Bootsy Collins   Sound Effects,Producer,Engineer
Mario Caldato   Producer
Jimi Hendrix   Composer
Henry Hirsch   Engineer
Paul Klingberg   Engineer
Eddie Kramer   Producer,Engineer
Michael Landau   Producer
Sheldon Reynolds   Producer,Engineer,drum programming
Jim Stern   Engineer
Ed Thacker   Engineer
Gary Tole   Engineer
Erik Zobler   Engineer
Gary Hines   Producer
Simon Osborne   Engineer
Terry Donovan   Cover Photo
Sheldon M. Reynolds   Arranger,Producer,drum programming
Janie Hendrix   Producer
Derek Clark   Arranger
Ira Schick   Producer,Engineer
Ben H. Allen   Engineer
Ivan "Orthodox" Barias   Producer
Dan Certa   Engineer
Robert Randolph & the Family Band   Producer
Caspar Dah-Holy Ghost   Sound Effects
Karl Demer   Engineer
John McDermott   Producer

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