The Power of Story: Teaching Through Storytelling / Edition 2

The Power of Story: Teaching Through Storytelling / Edition 2

by Rives Collins, Pamela J. Cooper, Pamela J. Cooper

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ISBN-10: 0137767099

ISBN-13: 9780137767090

Pub. Date: 09/15/1996

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

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Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
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Table of Contents

1. Storytelling Is . . .
Meet the Storyteller: Caitlin Collins.
Meet the Storyteller: Jamie Hoel.

2. This Is Why I Tell It: The Value Of Telling Stories.
Meet the Storyteller: Anne Shimojima.

3. We All Have Stories: Discovering Personal Narratives.
Meet the Storyteller: Nancy Donoval.

4. Going To The Well: Choosing Stories For Telling.
Meet the Storyteller: Syd Lieberman.

5. Taming Stories For Telling: How To Prepare A Story.
Meet the Storyteller: Donna Washington.

6. The Story Is In The Telling: Finding Your Own Voice.
Meet the Storyteller: Betty Weeks.

7. Bringing A Story To Life: Story Dramatization With Listeners.
Meet the Storyteller: Ernie Love.

8. Happily Ever After: Exploring Storytelling Through Activities.
Meet the Storyteller: Kathy Phipps.


References and Resources.

Appendix A: Short Lists Of Essentials For Good Stories And Storytellers.

Appendix B: Storytelling Resources On The Internet.

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