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Power Of Vitamin D

Power Of Vitamin D

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by Sarfraz Zaidi M.D.
Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi, MD, FACP, FACE is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Zaidi, a leading expert on Vitamin D, is also director of the Jamila Diabetes and Endocrine Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, California.

In “POWER OF VITAMIN D” Dr. Zaidi clearly explains:

• The link between Vitamin D deficiency and cancer, heart


Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi, MD, FACP, FACE is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Zaidi, a leading expert on Vitamin D, is also director of the Jamila Diabetes and Endocrine Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, California.

In “POWER OF VITAMIN D” Dr. Zaidi clearly explains:

• The link between Vitamin D deficiency and cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, arthritis, lupus, M.S., asthma, thyroid diseases, dental problems and depression.

• The incredible health benefits of vitamin D.

• Why most people are low in vitamin D despite taking vitamins, going outdoors, living in sunny places and drinking milk.

• Doctors frequently miss the diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency because they often order the wrong test.

• The right test to diagnose vitamin D deficiency.

• The best way to prevent and treat vitamin D deficiency.

• Vitamin D toxicity and how to prevent it.

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Power Of Vitamin D 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
LiteraryLitter More than 1 year ago
I have to admit that I requested to review this book on a whim. To be honest, I don't review enough nonfiction and this one didn't sound too horribly boring. With the health revolution that's been going on the past few years, I was at least hoping to find something useful to say once I'd read the book. I so love it when I'm wrong!!! I love this book! It's knowledgeable yet written in a way that even the most rudimentary of readers will be able to understand. There are case studies included. Basically, it just makes sense. After reading the history of Vitamin D and learning what it actually is, how we obtain it and the uses it has in our body, I have to admit that I'm hooked. Even if you aren't a health nut this book has something for you. The information contained within is actually interesting. The boring book I was expecting just wasn't here. It didn't take me much time at all to breeze right through this book. Surprisingly, I found it more difficult to put down than several of the fiction books I've read lately. I have to admit, I'm a fiction junkie. However, if all nonfiction books were this interesting, I'd definitely read alot more of them. This book actually had a bit more impact on me than it might some readers. I found that several of the diseases that can be caused by low vitamin D levels are actually diseases that are prevalent in my family. Taking into account where we live and our lifestyles, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that my entire family could suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Yes, I can read your thoughts. This is like those commercials where you listen to all of the symptoms, realize you have them all, and you're probably dieing of testicular cancer (and you're a female!), and that could possibly be the case. I intend to find out. Starting next week I'm going to be putting Dr. Zaidi's theories into practice and seeing just how well they serve me. I've suffered (and I do mean suffered!) from psoriasis since the age of 6. I'll keep everything else the same as far as my lifestyle goes, but I'm going to attempt to intake the 'proper' amount of vitamin D daily and see what happens. I'll then come back and comment on here in a few weeks and we'll see if it makes any difference in my life at all. Of course, I'll be under my doctors care because anything less would be irresponsible. If Dr. Zaidi's theories are correct, as his research indicates, this could mean a medical breakthrough for those of us out there with popular health issues that don't want to be heavily medicated the rest of our lives. One last note: Vitamin D is not a vitamin!!! It's a hormone! I love when I read a book and actually learn something!
VWLP More than 1 year ago
If you have any interest in health and vitamins at all, you'll be delighted with this book. Dr. Zaidi provides the information we all need on vitamin D and why it's so important to our overall health. More than that, unlike many nonfiction authors, Dr. Zaidi writes beautifully, he's never dry, and he presents the information in a very comfortable and friendly way. We can sit down with this book and in one session, we'll understand what we should know as consumers, then we'll have the book for future reference. I absolutely recommend his book.
GloriaD More than 1 year ago
after 4 years of feeling ill, I found Dr. Zaidi, and have started on a wonderful road of good health. I am so grateful to his vitamin D therapy. I highly recommend his books for anyone who desires optimum wellness. Gloria D. ,
bridget3420 More than 1 year ago
As I grow older, I realize that all the things my parents told me to do as a child were right. As a kid and even a teen, I didn't really see the point in taking vitamins or making sure that I was getting enough in the food I was eating. I'm paying for it now. I never realized how much Vitamin D in itself did for the body. I suffer from fibromyalgia, depression and arthritis. Dr. Zaidi book is easy to understand and I felt like I was reading something a friend wrote, not a complete stranger. I recommend this book to everyone because we could all use a little more vitamin D.
bright_day More than 1 year ago
"Power of Vitamin D" contains in-depth knowledge about everything you need to know about vitamin D. It was an eye-opener for me. For example, I was surprised to find out that Vitamin D is not a vitamin, but actually a hormone. Wow! My doctor never told me that. I was so thrilled to learn how vitamin D can actually confer so many incedible health benefits and make a big difference in my health. This book empowers you to start taking charge of your Vitamin D needs immediately. For example, Dr. Zaidi makes it so clear that Vitamin D is extremely important for the health of pregnant women and their babies, but prenatal vitamins have only a small amount of Vitamin D. I was obviously shocked to learn about this. The very next day, I called my friend who is pregnant. I told her to buy this book right away and follow the instructions. Dr. Zaidi convincingly makes you realize that Vitamin D deficiency is a major risk factor for cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, bone pains, body aches, osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, thyroid diseases, lupus, M.S., problems during pregnancy and early infancy, dental problems and depression. Despite such comprehensive knowledge, this book is such an easy read. Dr. Zaidi illustrates important points by discussing actual case reports from his practice which makes things much clearer and also very interesting. The information in this book is amazingly practical. For example, on page 127, Dr. Zaidi lists the right versus wrong test to diagnose vitamin D deficiency. Then he explains in simple language why one test is right and the other one is wrong. I was shocked to read that many physicians don't know the difference between these two tests and often end up ordering the wrong test. Dr. Zaidi also explains that the normal ranges for vitamin D level are old and outdated, but laboratories continue to use these incorrect reference ranges. Most physicians don't know this fact and, as Dr. Zaidi points out, your physician may tell you that your vitamin D is normal when, in actuality, you may be low in vitamin D. Amazing! Dr. Zaidi describes a step by step approach to diagnose as well as treat Vitamin D deficiency without the risk of toxicity. I found this information extremely useful. For example, on page 143, he gives a table that clearly guides you on how much Vitamin D to take without the risk of toxicity. I did not find this kind of practical and useful information in any other book on Vitamin D. Therefore, I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about taking care of their vitamin D needs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dr. Zaidi's, "Power of Vitamin D," is a break though in terms of preventative care in a wide variery of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue and asthma. As a former asthma sufferer, I have personally benefitted from Vitamin D treatment to the point where I no longer have asthma and bronchial problems. On page 51-51, Dr. Zaidi states, "experts in the field of asthma speculate the epedimic of asthma to be linked to the epidemic of vitamin D deficiency, as both of these epidemics started in the last few decades." Once I began a rigerous vitamin D treatment a few years ago, I saw miraculous results where the drawer full of inhalers has been replaced with a bottle of vitamin D3. I have not had an attack in years and remain in excellent health. I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to get to the root of their health problems instead of covering up issues with drugs.
Sanjiv More than 1 year ago
This is one of the most authoritative account of Vitamin D and its effects on human health . The format here is real patient summaries that not only help public and health care providers, but also elucidate the seriousness of Vitamin D deficiency on human body. The impact on causation of human illness is well explained Dr Zaidi brings out the importance by illustrative case studies. This is very well written and patients with symptoms of vague aches,pains,depression,unexplained symptoms should read this book. Vitamin D deficiency is quite common and under diagnosed. This has helped me in my Medical practice to diagnose and treat patients.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm a patient of Dr. Zaidi's with multiple sclerosis. I have been on many MS drugs, and have seen many MS specialists. But my MS has gradually progressed over the years. The first I ever heard of vitamin D benefits was from Dr. Zaidi. For about the last two years now I've been taking vitamin D and now have had no new lesions, and my old lesions have decreased in size. Thank you Dr. Zaidi!!!! This is a must read book for so many health issues.
mind_your_mind More than 1 year ago
Vow! I had no idea that I had so many misconceptions about vitamin D and I thought I knew a lot about vitamin D. For me reading this book was an eye opening experience. Dr. Zaidi has blended his knowledge, experience and the published research in such a clear way that an average person can fully comprehend this important knowledge. I sure have started taking a good dose of vitamin D after reading this book. In a week, I am already feeling a difference in my body aches and pains. Thank you, Dr.Zaidi.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Finally an indepth yet easy to read book on Vitamin D! I have been reading about vitamin D in newspapers and magazines. Therefore, I was curious to learn more about vitamin D. I bought this recently released book, "Power of Vitamin D." I could not stop reading till I finished it. Vow! what a great book! Dr.Zaidi explains in an easy to understand manner what are the scientifically proven health benefits of vitamin D, why almost everyone is low in vitamin D despite taking vitamins and going out in the sun, what is the right test to diagnose vitamin D deficiency and what is the best way to treat vitamin D deficiency. To me it became quite clear that most physicians are not uptodate about vitamin D. What is even more impressive is the actual case studies that Dr. Zaidi has included from his own practice to illustrate how his patients are benefiting from his own unique strategy to treat vitamin D deficiency. He has also included scientific studies published in the respected medical journals. Yet he explains all this indepth knowledge about Vitamin D in an incredibly easy to understand language. I, for the first time realized that vitamin D is actually not a vitamin but a hormone. This book is certainly a landmark in the landscape of vitamin D. A must read for anyone who wants to take care of his /her vitamin D needs!