Power Politics California / Edition 6

Power Politics California / Edition 6

by Ken DeBow, John C. Syer, John C. Syer

ISBN-10: 0321070437

ISBN-13: 9780321070432

Pub. Date: 12/15/1999

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

Power and Politics in California
Ninth Edition

Ken DeBow
John C. Syer

Now in its ninth edition, Power and Politics in California continues its tradition of asking Californians to take a hard and systematic look at their state governance. It invites them to engage in a critical analysis of


Power and Politics in California
Ninth Edition

Ken DeBow
John C. Syer

Now in its ninth edition, Power and Politics in California continues its tradition of asking Californians to take a hard and systematic look at their state governance. It invites them to engage in a critical analysis of what is working, what is not, and what changes need to be made for the state to meet the increasingly formidable challenges it faces.

The “era of Arnold” is now in its mid-stages, and the rise of this very different political personality has had a significant impact on the state. The new edition offers an analysis of Governor Schwarzenegger in context and of how California’s fiscal condition, educational system, and response to the diversity of its residents will likely shape the state’s politics in the future.

New to the Ninth Edition

  • The ninth edition offers a comparative analysis of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state governors who preceded him, placing his election and policies in the context of the greater history of California politics.
  • Political and demographic comparisons among California, its neighboring states, and the rest of the nation enhance students’ understanding of “where they stand” in relation to the rest of the country.
  • A new concluding Part IV ties together three interrelated factors that will most crucially shape the state’s politics into the future: its fiscal condition, its educational system, and its response to the diversity of its residents.
  • Reorganized to better reflect the most commonteaching sequence of the course, the chapters on institutions and local government have been moved closer to the front of the text, while coverage of diversity (previously covered in Chapter 4) is now addressed throughout the book where appropriate.
  • Throughout the book, the authors have updated information related to the partisan leanings of California’s 58 counties.

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Table of Contents

Preface     ix
California Politics: The Immediate and Historic Backdrop
California's Wild Ride: A Very Different Kind of Governor     1
A Governorship "Terminated"     2
Is California Still Governable? Some Basic Long-Term Concerns     6
Politics By Initiative     7
Demographics     10
Economics     11
California Politics on the National and World Stage     14
Political Disunity     17
Limitless Demands and Limited Resources     19
Institutional Change     25
California in National and Western State Perspective     29
Summary     00
References     30
California's Political History     31
California Before the Gold Rush     31
California's First Constitution     33
The Big Four     33
California's Second Constitution     36
The California Progressives     37
Depression Era Politics     39
Earl Warren and the Politics of Nonpartisanship     41
The End of Republican Dominance     43
California Governorship: No Experience Necessary     43
California Governorship: Return of the Professionals     46
Summary     52
References     53
California Government's Constitutional Branches
The California Legislature     55
Legislative Districts     56
Legislative Functions     59
The Legislative Process     63
Powers of Leadership     65
Leadership Selection     69
Legislative Staff     72
Term Limits     74
Is An Amateur Legislation the Solution?     77
Are There Other Feasible Reforms Out There?     79
California Legislature in National and Western State Perspective     00
Summary     80
References     81
Executive Branch     83
Statewide Elected Officials     85
Appointed Executives     92
The Governor's Powers     92
Gubernatorial Contrasts     96
Summary     105
References     105
The California Judiciary     107
A Changed Judicial System     109
Judicial Selection     115
The Judicial Bureaucracy     116
Lobbying the Judiciary     118
The Administration of Criminal Justice     120
Summary      123
References     123
Local Governments     125
County Governments     127
Municipal Governments     129
Special Districts     132
Regional Governments     133
The Structural Debates     135
The Local Fiscal Crunch     138
Summary     140
References     140
Linking the Public to the System
Interest Group Power in California     141
Influencing Strategies     142
Lobbying in California     145
Money and Power: The Sacramento Connection     153
Interest Group Power: Good for the Political System     154
Regulation of Lobbyists and Interest Groups     156
Summary     158
References     158
Political Parties and Media: Linking the Public to the Process     159
California as a Weak Party State     159
Tilting at Windmills? California's Minor Parties     165
Major-Party Voters: Who Are the Republicans and Democrats?     168
Electoral Activists     172
Strengthening the Parties: Could It and Should It Be Done?     174
The Power of Media-Then and Now     175
California 2004 Presidential Vote in National and Western State Perspective     180
Summary     180
References     181
Elections in California     183
The California Voter     183
California and Direct Democracy     188
Government by Initiative     194
Electioneering: California Style     202
The High Costs of Elections: Can Anything Be Done?     208
California Voting Turnout in National and Western State Perspective     211
Summary     212
References     213
California's Political Future: Fiscal and Human Challenges
Budgetary Politics in California: Trying to Make Ends Meet     215
The Budget Cycle     217
Revenue Sources     224
Where Does the Money Go?     226
An Era of Permanent Budget Crisis?     227
Budget Reform     233
California Budget in National and Western State Perspective     234
Summary     235
References     235
Big State, Big Challenges     237
Diversity     237
Education     243
References     249
Glossary of Key Terms     250
Index     254

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