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PR 2.0: New Media, New Tools, New Audiences
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PR 2.0: New Media, New Tools, New Audiences

by Deirdre K. Breakenridge

ISBN-10: 0321510070

ISBN-13: 9780321510075

Pub. Date: 04/08/2008

Publisher: FT Press

Praise for PR 2.0

“An ‘easy read’ filled with practical examples of how marketing professionals can leverage these new tools to enhance PR activities. The ‘Interviews with the Experts’ sections were especially useful in helping to highlight how companies have benefited from PR2.0.”

Maura Mahoney, Senior Director


Praise for PR 2.0

“An ‘easy read’ filled with practical examples of how marketing professionals can leverage these new tools to enhance PR activities. The ‘Interviews with the Experts’ sections were especially useful in helping to highlight how companies have benefited from PR2.0.”

Maura Mahoney, Senior Director, RCN Metro Optical Networks

P.R. 2.0 is a must-read for any marketing or PR professional. It is filled with expert advice, real-world examples, and practical guidance to help us better understand the new media tools and social networking concepts available and how we can use them for our specific branding needs. This book is excellent for someone who is trying to understand the new web-based media and social networking concepts, as well those who are experienced in applying the new media tools and are curious about what everyone else is doing and what tools are producing the best ROI. This isn’t a book filled with simple tips and tricks—it’s an essential guidebook for the marketing/PR professional to better understand the new media options and how to apply them effectively to achieve results.”

Jenny Fisher, Director Sales and Marketing Operations, Catalent Pharma Solutions

“Wading through the thicket of expanding Internet tools—from MySpace to Facebook, from Twitter to Flickr—is no easy challenge. And once you finally understand these strange new art forms, how the heck do you harness them? Answer: You buy this book. Deirdre Breakenridge knows the Net—how to measure it, monitor it, and use it to maximize public relations performance. Best of all, she explains it in a style that even a Luddite can comprehend.”

Fraser P. Seitel, author of The Practice of Public Relations and coauthor of IdeaWise

The New Future of Public Relations!

In today’s Web 2.0 world, traditional methods of communication won’t reach your audiences, much less convince them. Here’s the good news: Powerful new tools offer you an unprecedented opportunity to start a meaningful two-way conversation with everyone who matters to you. In PR 2.0, Deirdre Breakenridge helps you master these tools and use them to the fullest possible advantage in all your public relations work.

You’ll learn the best ways to utilize blogs, social networking, online newswires, RSS technology, podcasts, and the rest of today’s Web 2.0 tools. Breakenridge shows how to choose the right strategies for each PR scenario and environment, keep the best Web 1.0 tools, and stop using outmoded tactics that have rapidly become counterproductive.

Breakenridge introduces an extraordinary array of new PR best practices, including setting up online newsrooms, using visual and social media in releases, and leveraging new online research and analytics tools. She offers powerful new ways to think about PR, plan for it, and react to the new PR challenges the Web presents. Breakenridge also includes interviews with today’s leading PR 2.0 practitioners.

PR 1.0 vs. PR 2.0

Identify the needs of companies and clients, and how to integrate them for greatest effectiveness

Reaching today’s crucial wired media

Powerful new strategies for pitching and media distribution

Best uses of traditional PR tactics

Better ways to use viral marketing, online newsletters, e-blasts, VNRs, and webcasts

PR 2.0: Making the most of the newest tools

Interactive online newsrooms, visual media, blogs, RSS, podcasts, and beyond

Social media: Your new 24/7 focus panel

Powerful new ways to capture emerging customer desires and needs

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     xiii
About the Author     xv
Foreword   Brian Solis     xvii
Introduction to PR 2.0     1
Are You Ready to Be 2.0 Ready?     2
The Big Bang     4
About This Book     5
The Transition to PR 2.0     11
PR 2.0 Is Here     13
You Can Discover a Better Way     15
Go Ahead, Let the Good Times Roll     17
Your Best and Most Remembered Communications Resources     19
Endnotes     26
Getting Started with 2.0 Research     27
The Best Commitment You'll Ever Make     28
Are You Ready for Research?     30
New Research Methods to Reach the Influencers     32
An Interview with the Cision Experts     33
2.0 Changes for the Better     37
Research with Expert Resources     41
The Internet Meets Your Budgetary Requirements     41
Gurus Need Not Apply Here     42
Find the Right Research Partner     44
What the Experts Have to Say     46
Endnotes     55
Reaching the Wired Media for Better Coverage     57
How Far You Go for the Relationship     58
Give Your Influencers What They Want     59
Help Is on the Way     61
The Human Element Gives You an Edge     62
Resources for Relationships and Better Coverage     63
Better Monitoring for PR 2.0     71
Social Media and What/Who to Monitor     72
Your Advanced Tools for Monitoring     74
Evaluating the Conversations     77
An Expert's Perspective on Blog Monitoring and Measurement     78
A New Direction in PR     85
Interactive Newsrooms: How to Attract the Media     87
You've Got the Basics Covered     87
Newsrooms Serving a Wide Range of Needs     89
Interview with an Expert     90
You Can Manage the Newsroom Yourself     94
The Leaders of Online Newsrooms     95
Online Newsroom Leader #1     95
Online Newsroom Leader #2     97
Online Newsroom Leader #3     98
Endnotes     101
The Social Media News Release: An Overdue Facelift     103
A New Format to Spark Conversations     103
Be Prepared for Social Media     104
Getting Started with Social Media     106
You Don't Have to Be a Web Developer to Create 2.0 Tools      108
When to Rely on the Experts     110
Interview with an Expert     111
Social Media Template: A PR Pro's Opinion     117
Endnotes     120
Social Networking: A Revolution Has Begun     123
The Start of the Revolution     123
Reaching Audiences Through Social Networking     124
The Leaders of Blogging     126
How Does Social Networking Change Your Brand?     128
Identifying Trends in Social Networking     129
Social Networks Go Far Beyond Friendships     130
How to Measure Social Networks-An Expert's Point of View     131
Moving Forward with Social Networking     141
Endnotes     142
RSS Technology: A Really Simple Tool to Broaden Your Reach     143
You Can Cut Through the Clutter     144
Increase Your Marketing Arsenal     145
What It Means to Be in Charge     147
The Pros Take a Stance     148
A Publisher's Point of View     152
Moving Ahead with RSS     159
Video and Audio for Enhanced Web Communications     161
More Than a Fad     161
Web 2.0 Competition Is Heating Up     162
An Expert's Top 10 Reasons to Use Video     163
Lessons from a Thought Leader     167
An Agency's Perspective     174
Using Video/Audio for PR 2.0 Communication Success     182
Endnotes     184
Embracing PR 2.0     185
Social Media: Immerse Yourself and Your Brand     187
Be a Social Media Consumer     187
Rethinking Communication Based on Consumer Behavior     188
Giving Power to the People     191
Get Your Audience in Your Backyard     191
An Expert's Perspective on Social Media Tools     196
Moving Forward Through Understanding and Experience     203
Endnotes     205
The Pro's Use of PR 2.0     207
Social Media for the Start-Up     208
Engaging the Large Corporation     208
The Consultant/Guru's Point of View     211
Best Practices from the Technology Evangelist     213
Q&A with a Social Media Innovator     217
Go Ahead, Get Passionate over Social Media     224
The Mindset of the PR 2.0 Journalist     227
How to Reach PR Greatness     227
Advice from the Influencers     228
Q&A with a Top-Tier Journalist     233
PR 2.0 Means Great PR      240
A PR 2.0 Plan     243
The Best PR 2.0 Planning Approach     243
Creative PR 2.0 Planning and Strategy     244
Adverb Media     244
TOMY International     246
Quality Technology Services     249
ASCO Power Technologies     253
Moving Forward with Your PR 2.0 Planning     256
Endnotes     257
The Future of 2.0     259
The Path to Great PR     261
Your Path to Great Communication     261
You've Come a Long Way     262
PR 2.0 Hot Topics     266
More Expert 2.0 Advice     268
Your Brand and PR 2.0     269
PR Has Changed for the Better     271
Don't Just Go with It-Go for It!     272
Endnotes     274
Index     275

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