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Practical Intuition for Success

Practical Intuition for Success

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by Laura Day

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She calls herself a "practicing intuitive," having harnessed the power of instinct in her own life. Laura Day believes that everyone can be "an intuitive," and having conducted workshops for more than 10 years, she has amassed a remarkable following of luminaries from across the business world who concur.

In Practical Intuition for Success, Day outlines a


She calls herself a "practicing intuitive," having harnessed the power of instinct in her own life. Laura Day believes that everyone can be "an intuitive," and having conducted workshops for more than 10 years, she has amassed a remarkable following of luminaries from across the business world who concur.

In Practical Intuition for Success, Day outlines a 10-day program for readers, showing how they too can develop their sixth sense to enhance their business decisions. In a powerful blend of exercises and examples of "intuition in action" from her own life and from the workplace and investment worlds, she shows readers how intuition can give them an edge to:

Make more money

Be happy in a career

Gain more insight into personal investments

Solve problems quickly

Unleash their inner financial genius

Choose winning business strategies

Beat the competition

Decide which business to start

Uncover enemies and hidden agendas in the workplace — and come out ahead

Day believes that intuition is like meditation or exercise; it requires practice and should be integrated into our daily lives. Practical Intuition for Success enables readers to find, release and enrich their intuitive capabilities, bringing them and their businesses to unprecedented levels of success.

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Day, who teaches private seminars on using your intuition, shares tips on becoming more intuitive to liberate your inner financial genius.

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How This Book Is Organized
This book has two distinct aims. First, it introduces you to a new way of looking at the business world. It also introduces you to a new way of looking at--and using--intuition. The challenge has been to present the material simultaneously since your understanding of the business concepts depends on your understanding of the intuitive ones, and at the same time, your understanding of the intuitive concepts will depend on your following the business ones.
The situation is not unlike that of the athlete who develops his strength through weight-training sessions in between sport-specific ones. A closer analogy might be learning a new subject in a new foreign language. Sometimes you have to pause for grammar or vocabulary lessons before learning the actual material.
As a result, we'll be moving simultaneously along two parallel tracks: developing your intuitive skills while creating and refining your own wealth plan. In the process, I will go back and forth between training your intuitive abilities and applying them practically to specific business situations. Like everything in this book, you should adapt it to your particular learning style and specific interests.
You can also dip into the book at random points as your spirit moves you. You may even want to try all the exercises in the book first--before reading any of the background text!
The Only Way to Develop Your Intuition Is to Practice
This is a practical book to teach you a set of skills and a new way of experiencing and relating to your world. Throughout this book you will be asked to do a variety of exercises. The point of all the exercises is to change your perspective and giveyour intuition a chance to tell you things you might not otherwise have recognized.
The exercises in my first book, Practical Intuition, were designed to help you answer three specific life questions of your own choosing. The exercises here are designed to help you and your company become in tune with your market so that you are insightful enough, and adaptable enough, to profit in any environment. Even if you've completed the intuitive exercises in my first book, I recommend that you not skip over the ones here.
Some Exercises May Even Seem Silly
The point of all the exercises is to change your perspective and give your intuition a chance to break out of traditional perspectives and view situations and the information they contain in new ways.
*Some exercises will help you develop your intuitive skills and habits; others provide regular, if not daily, "checks" to polish those skills once in place.
*Some exercises ask you to "become" the object of your attention (a product, a job, a competitor); others ask you to become a symbol of your "target."
*Some are designed to help you get in touch with your unconscious self; others will help you achieve detachment so you can view your situation objectively.
Even if you don't understand the point of a particular exercise, try to complete it conscientiously. I promise you that each one will help you improve your intuitive skills.
All the exercises in this book will give you information about your current career or business questions. You bought a business book because you are serious about your career. I'm sure you work hard and are busy, and I wouldn't dream of taking up your time with exercises that do not have a practical impact on your career success.
Introducing Blind Exercises
In school, our textbooks often provided the answers in "the back of the book." Here you'll provide the answers and find the questions later! Many of the exercises--including the very first one in the next chapter--will ask you to respond to questions "blindfolded": You won't know what you're being asked until after you've answered the question, and maybe not even then. For example, I might ask you to describe what the first person you speak to tomorrow will say. You won't know "whether you're right" until the next day.
These questions force you to rely on your intuition rather than your reasoning ability, though you may be tempted to "figure out" or "guess" the most likely answer. The point is to help you get in touch with your intuitive abilities, not to see how clever you are.
Some people find it awkward and even difficult doing exercises blindfolded. This response is natural. It's nothing more than the reasoning mind's frustration ("Give me some clues!") and its reluctance to relinquish control even momentarily.
If that happens, simply note your reactions and follow the instructions as best you can. Don't peek at the questions until you've completed the exercise! In a short while you'll overcome your resistance as you gain confidence with the feedback--and the surprising accuracy you'll discover. Eventually, even the most diehard skeptic will be won over.
Keep a Journal
It's important to record your responses to the exercises. Not only will this allow you to measure your progress, but it will also allow you to return to previous "readings" for review. You'll be amazed at how often an offhand statement proves remarkable relevant, if not prophetic.
What's more, history's most creative and productive individuals, from da Vinci to Edison, all kept journals to record their observations, and even minor thoughts. Journals are undeniably an excellent way for you to gain access to your intuitive and creative powers.
So use a journal devoted to your intuitive journey. Since many exercises ask you to give your immediate intuitive impressions without reflection or analysis, I strongly recommend that you use a tape recorder and transcribe your work. Unless you have superb shorthand skills, it will be almost impossible for your writing to keep up with the flow of your intuitive impressions. If a tape recorder isn't handy, jot down your responses to the exercises by using abbreviated notes and translate them later.
Personalize the Techniques and Exercises
This is a book about helping you in your business and professional career. In each chapter I'll show you how to apply your intuition to specific business situations of the sort you're likely to encounter.

What People are saying about this

Deepak Chopra
"Laura Day's insights are brilliant and practical."
Lillian Vernon
"Helpful, insightful, and fun to read. Practical Intuition for Success is a must-have self-help guide."
from the Foreword by Martin Edelston
"Intuition is not a dirty word, but too many successful people are afraid to acknowledge the power and value of intuition. Laura lays it all out here. Intuition is a system. It is much more than a feeling, much more than an idea."
Dr. James D. Watson
"Intuition isn't mystical. It's a sort of background sense of how things should work; it's facts hidden in the brain. Intuition is logic. Laura Day guides you step-by-step through a systematic approach to getting in touch with this important faculty."

Meet the Author

Laura Day is the author of the bestsellers Practical Intuition and Practical Intuition for Success. For the last 10 years she has been teaching Practical Intuition seminars and workshops which help people find power in themselves. Her clients include celebrities, business executives, scientists, and professionals in many fields. She lives in New York City.

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