Practical Unix & Internet Security

Practical Unix & Internet Security

by Simson Garfinkel, Gene Spafford PH.D., Alan Schwartz PH.D.

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The definitive book on UNIX security, this volume covers every aspect of computer security on UNIX machines and the Internet.See more details below


The definitive book on UNIX security, this volume covers every aspect of computer security on UNIX machines and the Internet.

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Library Journal
Open-source, UNIX-like operating systems such as Linux (Computer Media, LJ 5/1/03) and FreeBSD (Computer Media, LJ 9/1/03) have been growing in popularity, adding to UNIX's reputation as an undeniable standard. For beginning users (with little geared toward administrators), Visual QuickStart provides step-by-step instructions to common commands, from logging in to recording login sessions-with typical tips, tables, sidebars, and screenshots. Appendixes contain a UNIX reference, typical file and directory locations, and command flags. A gentle introduction to the seemingly intimidating UNIX environment; recommended for all libraries. Webmin covers the core uses of this popular open-source, web-based graphical system administration tool, from installation to configuring DNS with BIND to setting up Sendmail. Notes, cautions, and tips add OS-specific and other useful information, the use of each Webmin option is clearly explained, and strategic screen shots illustrate concepts. Especially useful for beginning to intermediate administrators, this will find an audience in larger libraries. (The text is also freely available online.) Security updates and revises this comprehensive classic for beginning to advanced administrators, with hands-on, applicable advice for securing UNIX and UNIX-like networks. While all examples are UNIX-specific, the underlying explanations of network security issues are useful overall. Its logical organization and clear explanations make it a good reference for larger libraries. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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Third Edition
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