Prairie Storms

Prairie Storms

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by Darcy Pattison, Kathleen Rietz

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Cozy up for this great rainy day read! Prairie Storms gives you a front row seat to learn about a year of ever-changing prairie weather, and how the animals living in these grasslands adapt and survive in this harsh climate. Each month, read about a new animal, and learn about everything from how a prairie grouse can survive the January snows to how an earless lizards


Cozy up for this great rainy day read! Prairie Storms gives you a front row seat to learn about a year of ever-changing prairie weather, and how the animals living in these grasslands adapt and survive in this harsh climate. Each month, read about a new animal, and learn about everything from how a prairie grouse can survive the January snows to how an earless lizards escapes the harsh, unrelenting drought of August. Told in lyrical prose, this story is a celebration of the great American prairies.

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K-Gr 4—Pattison depicts a year of alternately harsh and glorious life in a prairie biome. Beginning with January, each month highlights a different animal and weather pattern. The vocabulary-rich text is in large type with three to five sentences to describe each; e.g., "One night, thunder echoes and autumn winds wail." Small bits of factual information are provided. In January, "The prairie chicken claws into a drift, digging a winter roost." Large, realistic watercolor illustrations convey the seasons with bright colors for May and drab gray-brown in November. Borders are cleverly used to further the mood for the month with illustrations extending into them. This book can be integrated into units on American grasslands, weather, seasons, and language. The text for each month could be used as a story-starter for creative writing. Extension activities found in the back matter and online provide lessons that educators would find useful and appropriate.—Nancy Baumann, University of Missouri-Columbia

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4 - 9 Years

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Prairie Storms 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
HomeSchoolBookReview More than 1 year ago
Have you ever sat outside to watch the dark clouds build up and a storm roll in? This book about the prairie or grassland habitat details the different kinds of storms that normally come in each month of the year on the prairies and what various sorts of animals in that habitat do when they occur, such as the prairie chicken in a January snowstorm, the sand crane in a March tornado, the red fox in a May rain shower, the striped skunk in a July dust storm, the burrowing owl in an August cloudburst, and the bald eagle in a November ice storm. Other animals mentioned include the ground hog, prairie dogs, white tailed deer, the earless lizard, the cougar, and the bison. Other weather phenomena discussed include fog, a flash flood, a thunderstorm, heat lightning during a drought, hail, and blizzards. By the way, do you know what grassland prairies are called in South America? The six "For Creative Minds" pages in the back feature more information about the grassland habitat, finding grasslands around the world, a weather and seasons matching activity, and questions about weather and seasonal changes relating to both animals and humans. The publisher's website offers even more online resources for parents and teachers with sixty to seventy pages of cross-curricular teaching activities and three interactive reading and math quizzes all related to Prairie Storms and aligned to state standards. There are so many benefits in a book like this-familiarizing children with the months and seasons of the year, introducing them to the different kinds of inclement weather, and helping them understand more about the various sorts of wildlife which inhabit the prairie. Darcy Pattison's lyrical prose text and Kathleen Rietz's realistic illustrations make this celebration of the great American prairies a real winner.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
A flash of lightening, a boom of thunder - it's a prairie storm. In this educational book from Sylvan Dell, the young reader learns all about storms on the great grasslands of North America. Beginning in January, this book has a two-page spread for each month of the year. We see how different the cold, wet storms in January are from the hot, rainless lightning storms of August. We also get a glimpse of how the prairie animals such as fox, mice, deer and bison, deal with the various weather conditions. The reader will meet adorable little prairie dogs hunkered down in their burrows to wait out the flash floods striking above ground in April as well as a cougar who takes cover to avoid the painful sting of hail stones that are hitting the ground in October. The illustrations in Prairie Storms are eye-catching and will draw readers into the story. There are also six pages in the back of the book "For Creative Minds" with activities to further the understanding of what prairies are and the weather conditions found in those areas. Additionally, there are activities (free!) online at the publisher's website. Quill says: Another winner from Sylvan Dell!
swainsrus More than 1 year ago
All four boys of my boys have enjoyed reading this book. We received it in the mail two days ago and we've read it at least twenty times since then. The artwork, illustrated by Kathleen Rietz, beautifully brings the author's lyrical prose to life, accurately delineates each animal in the story and captures the storms in detail as they wreak havoc on the prairie pages. I quickly noticed through our first read how this book covers the different elementary reading levels. This book would be great for primary teachers, homeschools, grandmas or any parent's home library. For younger children, Prairie Storms, helps reinforce the months of the year, the four seasons, various storms, introducing 12 new animals, the prairie region/grasslands of the United States (and much more). For emerging and established and readers the lyrical prose is fun to read, opens the door for discussions on poetry, prose, imagery, and introduces new vocabulary and comprehension. The lesson enhancements included in the back of the book under the For Creative Minds section are a wonderful addition to the book for both parents and teachers alike. The activities are fun, educational, and well planned sources of further learning. My boys have enjoyed discussing how these prairie animals prepare for the coming of these different storms. My favorite line from the book is in the month of December "The bison herd turns, facing into the teeth of the wind... The bison stand prairie-strong and defiant." Can't wait to incorporate this into our homeschool lessons this year!
skstiles612 More than 1 year ago
Darcy Pattison has taken the 12 mnths of the year and shown the cycle of life on the prairie, as well as the weather cycle. She didn't stop there. She has filled the end of her book with lessons and activities that covers habitats, math, science, geography, reading. She provides online activities and resources and for those of us who are teachers, this book is geared to state standards. I look forward to putting this on the shelf for my grandkids and recommending it to the parents of my students who have little ones at home.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received Darcy Pattison's nonfiction picture book Prairie Storms today (May 24) and read the book right away. It is well written and has lots of information about how different animals react to stormy weather. The educational supplement in the back gives children more details about weather patterns. Prairie Storms' illustrations depict the animals in action and in retreat from storms. The front cover has two deer, a lizard, a cougar, and a woodchuck looking out at the reader as a lightning bolt flashes in the sky. This design invites a child to open this book to explore the world of these animals. I recommend this book to other readers. Both parents and children will like this book. Janet Heller