Praise the Lord: The Gospel Collection [Nu-Sound]

Praise the Lord: The Gospel Collection [Nu-Sound]


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Disc 1

  1. I've Got a Testimony
  2. Walk in the Light
  3. Heavy Load
  4. It's All Over
  5. God Will Open Up a Window
  6. Packing Up
  7. So Much to Shout About
  8. I Don't Know Why
  9. Sit at His Feet
  10. Keep Me Every Day
  11. I'll Rise Again
  12. By His Grace
  13. Yes Jesus Loves Me
  14. Stood on the Banks
  15. What Kind of Love Is This
  16. Praise Him
  17. Born Again

Disc 2

  1. So God Can Use Me
  2. City Called Heaven
  3. So Glad He Saved Me
  4. God Is Still in Charge
  5. The Lord Is Blessing Me
  6. Peace Be Still
  7. He's a Battle Axe
  8. The Time Is Now
  9. How I Got Over
  10. Resting Easy
  11. Oh Happy Day
  12. Jesus
  13. Don't Forget the Family Prayer
  14. One More Chance
  15. Where Could I Go
  16. What God Can Do
  17. Come to Jesus

Disc 3

  1. Time to Make a Change
  2. Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
  3. On the Rock
  4. Tell Jesus
  5. Peace in the Valley
  6. I Made a Step
  7. Same God
  8. I Need a Blessing
  9. He Is My Joy
  10. Imoni Is Faith
  11. He Did It for Me
  12. Two Wings
  13. Come and Go to That Land
  14. Don't You Want to Go
  15. The Power of Your Amazing Grace
  16. Down by the River

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