Precision : A Reference Handbook for Writers

Precision : A Reference Handbook for Writers

by Robert J. Gula

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Originally published in 1980 by Little, Brown and Company.


Originally published in 1980 by Little, Brown and Company.

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Michael S. Gerrard
I have used Precision for four years and require that all English classes in our upper school use it. It is the best handbook that I have come across. Its arrangement is simple, easy to follow, and so fully cross-referenced that any rule or special case can be located immediately. More important, the explanations are clear and easily understood, and the examples are exactly the sort of thing students in fact write. It is especially good on finer points of grammar....The instructions on style and on technical aspects of letter writing, footnoting and bibliography are equally sound, clear, and well balanced. The book packs in an amazing amount of careful and effective instruction, obviously the fruit of a master teacher's long experience.

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Robert J. Gula was Instructor of English and Classical Languages at the Groton School in Groton, Massachusetts.

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