Precision Plastic Optics for Optical Storage, Displays, Imaging and Communications

Precision Plastic Optics for Optical Storage, Displays, Imaging and Communications

by Werner F. Frank

ISBN-10: 0819425575

ISBN-13: 9780819425577

Pub. Date: 09/28/1997

Publisher: SPIE Press

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Table of Contents

Conference Committee
Precision molding techniques for optical waveguide devices2
Plastic integrated optical components made by molding, liquid jet delineation, and photoprocessing12
Hot embossing and injection molding for micro-optical components24
Exploiting plastic optical elements in display systems30
Properties of fluorinated polyimide optical waveguides38
Birefringence-free acrylic resin for precision plastic optics42
Enhanced performance of polymer waveguides by replication and UV patterning in ORMOCER53
Observation of nonmonotone relaxation of photoexcited D2 azo-dye-doped polymers64
Linear and second-order nonlinear optical properties of novel photochromic materials71
Erbium-doped polymer waveguide amplifiers79
Switching characteristics of polymer-dispersed LC devices having polymer-made transparent electrodes86
Refractive microlens arrays made by contactless embossing96
Novel micro-optical components made from optical adhesives106
Plastic rod-lens with excellent optical performance112
Current status of commercially available plastic optical fiber126
Coupling and waveguiding in photopolymers136
Fiber-chip coupling and refractive index profile of UV-generated waveguides in PMMA144
Directional couplers in PMMA working as wavelength and polarization splitters154
Optical detection of organic vapors using gratings in photopolymers160
Recording grooves for fiber-chip coupling in PMMA using KrF excimer laser radiation: experiment and simulation169
Self-developing photopolymer system with ultraviolet sensitivity179
Fabrication and testing of a blazed holographic optical element188
Photothermoplastic medium as a hologram recorder for optical storage applications197
Optical computer motherboards206
Feasibility of optical filters and switches using plastic photonic bandgap structures219
Proposal for polymer photonic bandgap materials fabricated by dry etching and diffusion230
Author Index238

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