Preflight and File Preparation / Edition 2

Preflight and File Preparation / Edition 2

by ATC Against The Clock, Erika Kendra, Ellenn Behoriam

ISBN-10: 0130941808

ISBN-13: 9780130941800

Pub. Date: 12/28/2001

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Part of the Against The Clock Series! Already popular in corporate training environments!

  • All books in this series are built with the same pedagogical structure, designed to be used separately or in sets.
  • Project-based instruction lets users learn the basics of the software programs while they complete real-world projects.
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Part of the Against The Clock Series! Already popular in corporate training environments!

  • All books in this series are built with the same pedagogical structure, designed to be used separately or in sets.
  • Project-based instruction lets users learn the basics of the software programs while they complete real-world projects.
  • All books are two-color & spiral bound for easy use and reference while working at the computer. All titles work for software across hardware platforms—both Mac and Windows.

With a focus on newly evolving and proven techniques for ensuring accurate and timely output from digital layout files, File Preparation and Preflight, 2/E begins with an exploration of workflow - the tasks and processes required to prepare, package and deliver efficient digital content to their graphic arts service providers. From the start, the authors focus on the specific roles that various people play in the process - from the designer, to the mechanical artist, to the customer service representative, imaging experts, and output specialists. Each chapter is aimed at providing real-world examples of output challenges, and the solutions that ensure proper output. Considering the number of pages that fail to output properly, and their impact on the cost and timeliness of the project, File Preparation and Preflight, 2/E will prove an invaluable aid for the design team, production house, or graphic arts service provider.
Ellenn Behoriam is the President and founder of Against The Clock, which has its roots in on-site training in many of the nation's leading publishing, design, prepress andprinting companies. Today, Ellenn and her staff, along with dozens of professional writers, educators, illustrators, and artists collaborate via a worldwide network to develop, illustrate, test, and publish courses for the Prentice Hall Against The Clock library. The group is dedicated to delivering the most helpful and well thought out series available for the graphic arts industry.

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Prentice Hall
Publication date:
Against the Clock Series
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
8.64(w) x 10.96(h) x 0.61(d)

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Table of Contents

Getting Started1
Naming Conventions1
The CD-ROM and Initial Setup Considerations1
Resource Files1
Create a Project Folder2
System Requirements2
1.Preflighting and Digital Workflow5
Introducing the Preflight Concept6
Preflight Defined7
Where Does the Responsibility End?7
The Players8
Level 1The Designer8
Level 2The Customer Service Representative9
Level 3The Prepress Operator10
Understanding Prepress Workflows11
Traditional vs. Digital Workflow11
The Electronic Document13
Bridging the Communication Gap13
The Culture of Blame13
2.The Hardware15
The Computer16
Hard Disk18
Storage and Transportation19
Zip Disks19
Jaz Disks20
Compact Disks (CDs)20
Digital Image Capture20
Printing and Output21
Desktop Printers21
3.On the Desktop25
The Page Layout26
Adobe PageMaker28
Adobe InDesign29
Other Programs29
Type and Fonts30
DiamondSoft Font Reserve31
Extensis Suitcase32
Adobe Type Manager (ATM) Deluxe32
Vector Graphics (Illustrations)32
Properties of Vector Art34
Adobe Illustrator35
Macromedia FreeHand36
Other Programs36
Raster (Bitmap) Images37
Adobe Photoshop38
Other Programs38
Post-processing Software38
Adobe Acrobat39
Adobe PageMaker and InDesign42
Markzware FlightCheck Classic and FlightCheck Collect!44
Extensis Preflight Pro45
Enfocus PitStop46
4.Type and Fonts47
Some Basic Typesetting Terms49
Special Characters51
Types of Digital Fonts52
PostScript Fonts (Type 1 and Type 3)52
Mixing TrueType and Type 1 Fonts53
Different Versions and Varieties of Fonts55
Font Abuse55
Other Common Font Issues58
Fonts Across Platforms58
Installing and Managing Fonts59
Managing System Fonts59
Rogue Fonts60
Organizing Fonts60
Font Management Utilities60
Extensis Suitcase61
DiamondSoft Font Reserve (Macintosh Only)63
Level 1Preflighting66
Foreign Language Typesetting66
Type in Graphics67
Embedding Fonts into Vector Files71
Text in Images73
Determining the Necessary Fonts75
Checking Fonts with FlightCheck Classic78
Sending Fonts to the Service Bureau79
Level 2Preflighting80
Checking Job Fonts80
What to Do if Fonts Are Missing81
Fonts and Copyright82
Level 3Preflighting83
Font and Text Errors83
Shop Responsibilities Related to Type83
Making Certain That All Text Is Showing84
Finding and Correcting Damaged Fonts85
Level 1Preflighting89
Using the Proper Color Mode89
RGB Color Space89
CMYK Color89
Spot Color89
L*a*b* Color90
Color by Numbers90
Defining Spot Colors92
Mismatched Color Names95
Color Gradients96
Avoiding Misregister97
Rich Blacks100
Common Colors100
Level 2Preflighting102
Checking Incoming Files102
InDesign and PageMaker103
Using Preflight Software to Check Color104
Checking Image Color Space106
Level 3Preflighting109
Color Errors109
Color Definition Errors110
Mismatched Color Names112
Imported Images Containing Custom Colors112
Converting Images to CMYK115
Color Profiles115
Total Area Coverage116
Spot Color Screen Angles117
Correcting Blends for Banding118
Calculating Blends119
When Trapping Is Not Necessary120
Chokes and Spreads121
Trapping Terminology122
Spread Raster Images under Display Type122
Resizing Trapped EPS Files123
Trapping as a Value-Added Service123
Application-Specific Trapping123
High-End Trapping Solutions125
6.Graphics and Images127
Level 1Preflighting129
Using the Correct File Format129
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)129
Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)129
PICTs, Bitmaps, and Other Problem Formats129
Open Prepress Interface (OPI)130
Quark and Desktop Color Separations (DCS)131
Native Application Files132
Identifying File Formats on Windows133
File Resolution136
Resizing and Resampling Pixels138
Line Art142
Using Clipping Paths in Images142
Complex Vector Files146
Image Masks146
Digital Whiteout148
Cleaning up Extra Points149
Nested Files are Potential Disasters152
Collecting Images for Output155
Level 2Preflighting160
Checking Image Files160
Missing and Modified Images162
Manually Checking for Problem Images163
FlightCheck Image Ground Controls167
Level 3Preflighting171
Correcting Image Problems171
Resampling and Resizing171
Interchanging File Formats174
Monitoring File Size175
Checking Paths177
Simplifying Complex Vector Graphics178
Essentials of Color Correction179
Understand the Original179
Understand the Reproduction180
Working with the Three Control Points180
What's in a Neutral Color?181
Line Screens and Other Dot Problems182
7.Page Layout and Geometry185
Page Size186
Printers' Marks187
Bleed and Creep188
Printers' and Readers' Spreads189
Level 1Preflighting190
Building the Better Beast190
Single-Page Documents: Posters and Flyers190
Setting up a Page to Print with a Bleed191
Multiple-Up Imposition196
Single-Page Documents with Special Needs198
Multi-Panel Documents198
Trifold Brochures199
A Word about Master Pages and Templates202
Accordion Folds203
Gate Folds204
Double Parallel Fold206
Barrel or Roll Fold207
More Complex Folds and Binding Operations209
Bleed and Creep209
Got the Do-It-Yourself Bug?211
Do-It-Yourself Printer's Spreads211
Using Illustration Programs for Layout215
The Paper It's Printed On219
Paper Size219
Paper Weight and Bulk220
Grain and Porosity221
Some Final Thoughts221
Prepare your Checklist221
Submitting the Job222
The Output Request Form222
The Laser Proof222
Level 2Preflighting223
Checking Incoming Jobs223
Checking the Laser Proof223
Checking Page Geometry224
Checking for Extra Pages225
Level 3Preflighting227
Taming the Wild Beast227
Trim Marks227
Checking Spreads229
Document Construction Problems234
Layering and Placement Problems236
Boxes and Borders240
8.Putting It All Together243
Printer and Other Proofing Options244
Preliminary Proofs244
Contract Proofs244
Level 1Preflighting246
Submitting the Job246
Software Collecting and Reporting Features246
Differences in the Results265
Using Preflight Software to Prepare Job Package266
What's in a Proof?273
Printing Documents273
Chooser Setup (Macintosh)273
Composite Single Pages274
Separated Single Pages274
Create a Full-Size Proof274
The Output Request Form291
Level 2Preflighting292
What You Need from the Customer292
First Responsibility292
Completing the Job Inventory295
Output Request Form295
Customer-Provided Electronic Report295
Examining the Laser Proof296
Level 3Preflighting298
Finishing the Process298
What Errors Should Preflight Catch?298
Understanding PostScript299
Describing the Page in PostScript300
The PostScript Print File300
Document Structure Conventions301
PostScript Errors301
The Error Message302
Troubleshooting PostScript Errors303
Preflighting PDF Files306
Using EnFocus PitStop Professional307
The Level 3 Preflight Report314

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