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Pretend Mom

Pretend Mom

3.7 4
by Rita Hestand

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There’s always a price to pay for fame and fortune…

And no one knows this better than singing sensation, Dixie Kincaid. After years on the road as a successful singer/songwriter, Dixie returns to Texas for her mother’s wedding. Going home again is never easy, and Dixie just wants to continue doing what she loves most—writing,


There’s always a price to pay for fame and fortune…

And no one knows this better than singing sensation, Dixie Kincaid. After years on the road as a successful singer/songwriter, Dixie returns to Texas for her mother’s wedding. Going home again is never easy, and Dixie just wants to continue doing what she loves most—writing, top-charting songs.

But when handsome and charismatic, Mike Dalton picks her up at the airport, and she spends time with Mike and his daughter on his ranch, Dixie finds herself in the middle of a complicated love triangle that rivals any sappy country song.

After a marriage proposal from her shady agent, Ed Newton, and Mike’s shocking confession that he’s loved her for years, Dixie’s forced to make a tough decision between two very different men and her thriving career.
Torn between staying in Texas with Mike and his daughter or living a glamorous life in New York, Dixie must choose between love and ambition.

But is following her dreams worth losing the only man she’s ever truly loved?

Editorial Reviews

Roamnce Reviews Today
PRETEND MOM is a touching tale of two strong-willed, stubborn characters who just can't seem to figure out how to get together and stay together. As vulnerable as Dixie feels, her strength and determination shine through, making her a likeable heroine, with a good heart and sense of humor. Mike is a little rough around the edges, although he's always around to lend a hand to Dixie when the going gets rough, and he certainly has the dimensions and conflict of a true blue hero. The writing is crisp and fast paced - I especially enjoy the scenes where Dixie finds herself in trouble, and her inner dialogue as she faces adversity is especially enjoyable. For a fun story with sympathetic and interesting characters, PRETEND MOM is the perfect read. Don't miss it!"

--Astrid Kinn

Romance Reviews Today


A sweet story of two people who separated and were later brought back together for a second chance to know each other. I never stopped reading it until it ended. Amanda just stole my heart. Yes, I will gladly recommend this one to all!
Glenda Tudor
Rita Hestand, will make you laugh and cry and shout with joy in her novel "Pretend Mom." It's one of the best stories that I have ever read...and will read again and again and again . (Glenda Tudor author of COLORADO SPITFIRE)
Tracy Eastgate
PRETEND MOM isn't just another 'Romance' book. It is quite a bit more. Author Rita Hestand has given us issues that are real and added to it creating a wonderful story. PRETEND MOM is a story that reads quickly without leaving anything out. It keeps you turning the pages to find out what is going to happen next while providing you with laughter and at times tears. From a reviewer that doesn't care that much for Contemporary Romance books I will say that this has been an absolute delightful read and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

4 Stars!

www.geocities.com/t_eastgates_reviews/ (Tracy Eastgate of Tracy's Book Reviews

Ivy Quill Reviews
The characters in Pretend Mom are delightful - small-town, full of quirks and whimsy, and utterly loveable. Dixie, whose successful career somehow isn't all she dreamed it would be, is a down-to-earth and sweetly "girl-next-door" sort of heroine, and Mike is a hero practically any woman can dream about. The addition of a secondary romance, a few adorable children, and spiteful rumors that abound in any small town create a setting that compels the reader to grab a blanket and settle in until the end of the story. Rita Hestand's writing style is refreshing and fun. Lighthearted and enjoyable, Pretend Mom is a book I read in one sitting, and it left a smile

on my face when I finally put it down. This one is happily recommended, and I'll be eager for more stories from Ms. Hestand!"

(Sally Laturi of Ivy Quill Reviews,)

Scribes Reviews
PRETEND MOM is a lighthearted romance with likable characters in Dixie and Mike. They have an understandable fear of letting someone get close to their heart. Mandy is a lovable child and only in the story as necessary. There has been much criticism about picking up a romance and it being more about the children than the adults, but this book doesn't have that problem. I liked Mandy and the part about the pretend Mom."

3 Stars! (Hattie Boyd of Scribes World Reviews)


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2017 is here now and we authors are now being effected by the Vat taxes on books. So my prices have changed on a number of books. This has nothing to do with you or me, it has to do with Taxes and how they make a difference. So I did reduce some prices and raise others, so take a look. And I wanted to share a few things with you about my writing. I write multi genre works. In case you haven't noticed. I write thrillers, children's, westerns, contemporary romance. I'm starting a Stalker series this next year that I hope you'll check out. I enjoy writing them all, and I hope you'll enjoy them. I might have to move the release dates of a few this year, as I'm writing a bit slower now. Come on guys, and girls, I'm seventy, but please don't forget me. I'm still writing, just taking a little longer now. I feel like when an author writes so long, which I've been writing a long time, decades actually, that to keep from going sour or uninterested they have to try something new. I studied children's writing and graduated from the Children's Institute of Literature. So I dabble with children's stories. My series on Willy deals with a hard of hearing duck. I wrote that to make parents and children more aware that this can be a problem that if nicked in time will save children a lot of heartache. My mid grade short stories have a moral twist to them, uplifting and I hope beneficial to children and parents. I've also gone into teen and New Adult short stories of romance. So try some and see if you like them. I hope you enjoy the covers, but if there is some you don't like drop me a line at ritahestand@gmail.com and let me know. I love new covers and I love to experiment and see what you readers do like. This year I am putting out Christmas books Let It Snow. and Silver Bells and Santa Hats, along with Surprise Under the MIstletoe. and a children Christmas story, Nancy Mae and the Sad Christmas Tree. I hope you'll all enjoy it. Let it Snow was a hit, Silver Bells and Santa Hats was a hit. Nancy Mae and the Sad Christmas Tree was a hit. The little girl on the cover of Nancy Mae and the Sad Christmas Tree stole my heart and I named the girl after my mother. Also there are a lot of New Adult and Young Adult short stories that I truly hope you enjoy. If you're looking for a quick read and yet fulfilling romance, check them out. I'm adding a few children's stories too. I have fourteen books in the Brides of the West Collection, all stories stand alone so if you are only interested in certain ones, you won't miss something from another book. I'm enlarging my Dream Catcher series, and working on the Connor Series too. Guarding Red Riding Hood is on pre-order too. Afraid in the Dark is my first Stalker book. I'm writing it as we speak and I hope it send real chills down your back when you read it. There's already several books in this series to come. The Brides of the West, and Red River Valley Brides Series are complete now. I'm going to try to finish the Dream Catcher series this year, and get busy on the Stalker series, along with some New Adult stories and children's stories for you. So try them you might really like them. My books are growing over at Audible.com. I'll be adding more as time allows. And I hand pick the narrators. You'll find some really good work there and I hope you'll check them out. If you want to listen to one free, I can send coupons, let me know, but I'd sure appreciate you reviewing it, if you listen for free. Not for me, but for the marvelous job these narrators do on there. I am so very proud of them. So please give a listen. Send me an e-mail if you want a free coupon to listen to the whole story. My e-mail is ritahestand@gmail.com. I'd like to say that fatasticfiction.com has a nice display of our books, please visit. If you want a print book I'd appreciate you buying directly from Createspace. This helps all authors. My site is looking very good and I hope you'll visit me there. http://www.ritaphestand.rocks That's all the news for now. Stay tuned though! Blessing to all! Other places to see my books https://www.ritaphestand.rocks https://www.fantasticfiction.com/h/rita-hestand/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/author/rita-hestand/id365799219?mt=11 www.scriptsforschools.com/rita-hestand https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/search?query=rita%20hestand&fcsearchfield=author

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