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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

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by Amy Armstrong

The Classics Exposed…

When the highly eligible and overtly handsome Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy first arrives in Hertfordshire, Elizabeth Bennet is instantly captivated, but his proud and arrogant manner is at odds with the heated glances he throws her way. Electrifying sexual tension soon leads to an unexpected kiss and Elizabeth's world is


The Classics Exposed…

When the highly eligible and overtly handsome Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy first arrives in Hertfordshire, Elizabeth Bennet is instantly captivated, but his proud and arrogant manner is at odds with the heated glances he throws her way. Electrifying sexual tension soon leads to an unexpected kiss and Elizabeth's world is turned upside down.

Misconceptions ensue and judgements abound but the attraction between the young couple endures. Can Elizabeth overlook social convention and give in to her desires for Darcy or will their Pride and Prejudice tear them apart?

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“Hate you! I was angry perhaps at first, but my anger soon began to take a proper direction.”

“I am almost afraid of asking what you thought of me, when we met at Pemberley. You blamed me for coming?”

“No indeed; I felt nothing but surprise.”

“Your surprise could not be greater than mine in being noticed by you. My conscience told me that I deserved no extraordinary politeness, and I confess that I did not expect to receive more than my due.”

“My object then,” replied Darcy, “was to show you, by every civility in my power, that I was not so mean as to resent the past; and I hoped to obtain your forgiveness, to lessen your ill opinion, by letting you see that your reproofs had been attended to. How soon any other wishes introduced themselves I can hardly tell, but I believe in about half an hour after I had seen you.”

He then told her of Georgiana’s delight in her acquaintance, and of her disappointment at its sudden interruption; which naturally leading to the cause of that interruption, she soon learnt that his resolution of following her from Derbyshire in quest of her sister had been formed before he quitted the inn, and that his gravity and thoughtfulness there had arisen from no other struggles than what such a purpose must comprehend.

She expressed her gratitude again, but it was too painful a subject to each, to be dwelt on farther.

After walking several miles in a leisurely manner, and too busy to know anything about it, they found at last, on examining their watches, that it was time to be at home.

“What could become of Mr. Bingley and Jane!” was a wonder which introduced the discussion of their affairs. Darcy was delighted with their engagement; his friend had given him the earliest information of it.

“I must ask whether you were surprised?” said Elizabeth.

“Not at all. When I went away, I felt that it would soon happen.”

“That is to say, you had given your permission. I guessed as much.” And though he exclaimed at the term, she found that it had been pretty much the case.

“On the evening before my going to London,” said he, “I made a confession to him, which I believe I ought to have made long ago. I told him of all that had occurred to make my former interference in his affairs absurd and impertinent. His surprise was great. He had never had the slightest suspicion. I told him, moreover, that I believed myself mistaken in supposing, as I had done, that your sister was indifferent to him; and as I could easily perceive that his attachment to her was unabated, I felt no doubt of their happiness together.”

Elizabeth could not help smiling at his easy manner of directing his friend.

“Did you speak from your own observation,” said she, “when you told him that my sister loved him, or merely from my information last spring?”

“From the former. I had narrowly observed her during the two visits which I had lately made here; and I was convinced of her affection.”

“And your assurance of it, I suppose, carried immediate conviction to him.”

“It did. Bingley is most unaffectedly modest. His diffidence had prevented his depending on his own judegment in so anxious a case, but his reliance on mine made every thing easy. I was obliged to confess one thing, which for a time, and not unjustly, offended him. I could not allow myself to conceal that your sister had been in town three months last winter, that I had known it, and purposely kept it from him. He was angry. But his anger, I am persuaded, lasted no longer than he remained in any doubt of your sister’s sentiments. He has heartily forgiven me now.”

Elizabeth longed to observe that Mr. Bingley had been a most delightful friend; so easily guided that his worth was invaluable; but she checked herself. She remembered that he had yet to learn to be laughed at, and it was rather too early to begin. In anticipating the happiness of Bingley, which of course was to be inferior only to his own, he continued the conversation for a little while. When he was convinced they were in no danger of being interrupted by the lovers he turned to Elizabeth and said; “As we now, I believe, are very much alone, would you consent to honouring me with a kiss?”

Elizabeth had no objections. It had been some time that she had wished for the same thing herself and she agreed eagerly with a nod of her head, words having failed her. Mr. Darcy placed his hands on her upper arms and leaned in slowly, his eyes intent on her mouth.

“You have no idea how much I’ve dreamed of your lips against mine,” said he. “The memory of your kiss often kept me awake at night and well into the morning hours and I have long since desired to be inside you again, to feel your heat engulfing me, to have your soft, beautiful body writhing in ecstasy beneath mine own.”

Darcy’s words set Elizabeth alight and when his lips finally descended on hers, she murmured her approval and opened for him willingly, her body becoming pliant in his arms. His tongue slid effortlessly into her mouth and teased her own into his. They kissed passionately for long moments and Elizabeth soon became aware of the wetness between her legs, of her fervent desire to have his sex buried to the hilt inside of her. The kiss deepened and Darcy crushed Elizabeth into his body, allowing her to feel the hardness of his manhood, to understand that his desire for her was as strong as it had ever been. When their mouths finally parted, Elizabeth trailed kisses along his throat and neck until she reached his earlobe and took it between her teeth.

“Please take me,” she whispered. “I need it. I ache for it.”

Her words were met with only a grunt of approval by Darcy. He pulled back from her and checked their surroundings, partly to assure they were alone, but also to discover a hiding place for them that was away from the road. He took hold of Elizabeth’s hand and pulled her away from the lane to the trees beyond. They walked on for a short time until they came to a small clearing and without another word, he pulled her to the ground, laying her down on the grass and covering her body with his. He thrust his hips against hers frantically, emphasising the urgency of his need to be buried inside her depths.

Much to Elizabeth’s relief and pleasure, Darcy lifted her skirts quickly and removed her undergarments, then fumbled to free himself from the confines of his own clothing. When his large manhood was revealed, it sat firm and proud against his stomach and though she had seen it before, the length and girth of it still surprised her, making her wonder again how it was possible it could fit. As he held it in his palm, his hand moving steadily up and down, a bead of moisture appeared on the tip and Elizabeth had the most curious desire to taste it. She remembered Darcy with his mouth on her sex and how wonderful it had felt, how much pleasure she had derived from the act, so, while he was still kneeling, she sat up, leaned forward and took it into her mouth.

The pained moan that tore from Darcy’s lips caused Elizabeth to pull back and look up at him in alarm.

“Oh God, did I hurt you?”

Darcy’s eyes were wild, unbridled, his lips parted as he drew in deep breaths. “Heavens no. Your mouth is...perfection. But I fear I may not be able to hold back if you do that for very much longer.”

Reassured she had not harmed him, Elizabeth’s smile returned and, while holding his gaze, she leant forward again and swept her tongue across the tip of his sex, capturing the drops that were leaking there and savouring them. Darcy squeezed his eyes shut, let out a low moan and placed his hands on her head, his fingers tangling in the soft strands of hair as he held her in place. With nothing to guide her but instinct, Elizabeth closed her mouth and slid it down his length, but the tip of him nudged the back of her throat and she had to pull back or choke. The action drew a primal grunt of pleasure from Darcy’s lips and so Elizabeth repeated the action, moving up and down on him, letting his wordless moans and contented sighs direct her. She was only permitted the pleasure of the act for a few short moments before she felt a tug on her hair and heard Darcy’s breathless words.

“Elizabeth, please stop. I beg of you.”

Reluctantly conceding to his request, she let his manhood slip from her mouth and she sat back, looking up at him for direction. He grabbed her face and kissed her furiously, devouring her lips and laying her down on the ground in one fluid motion. When he came atop her, his sex rubbed against her thigh and she parted her legs to allow him entrance to her body. He pressed against her, but instead of pushing his way inside, he lifted his head and met her gaze.

“Tell me you want me,” he demanded. His voice was a deep rumble, husky and full of the promise of what was to come. “Tell me what you want from me.”

Elizabeth brushed aside all lingering reticence and held his gaze as she replied. “I’ve never desired anything in my entire life as I desire you now. I want you inside me. I need it more than I need air.”

His breath left him in a rush and without preamble he did as she asked, pushing his way inside, filling her so beautifully and so completely that she cried out at the sheer delight of it. Relief mixed with anticipation as he took her, sliding in and out of her body over and over again, gaining speed and intensity with each thrust of his hips. Fire blazed in his eyes as he looked down at her and she felt overwhelmed by the possession she saw in their depths—astounded, but perfectly at ease as though she were right were she needed to be. Her heart pounded as she breathed in the scents around her. The fresh, earthy smell of the forest, the pine trees, the grass beneath their bodies combined with the delicious scent of Darcy. Hot, spicy and all man. She tilted her hips and met him thrust for thrust, her back arched, her feet digging into his hips. His mouth trailed hot, wet kisses down her throat as he penetrated her deeply, stretching her wide and Elizabeth loved every glorious second of it. Their coupling became fast and furious and the harder he drove into her, the harder she wanted it.

Deep inside her body she could feel the build up to the earth-shattering release she had experienced before and she chased it, pleaded for it, her fingers digging into his buttocks as she gripped him tightly and tried to pull him deeper inside. He was close too. She could tell by the irregular, somewhat frantic movement of his hips that had previously been in perfect rhythm with her own. The tingle started in her core and the base of her spine and she cried out as it reached a crescendo, blanketing her entire body with ecstasy which left her blind to everything but its power over her. At some time during her pleasure she was aware of Darcy calling out her name, his fingers digging bruisingly into her hips as he held her to him and emptied his seed into her body.

When they had both stopped trembling, Darcy slipped out of her body and rolled her onto her side, his arms coming around her shoulders and holding her close. They lay like that for some time until the realisation that they would soon be missed came to them both.

“I wish we could stay here all day,” said Elizabeth as she pulled on her undergarments and righted her dress.

“When you become Mrs. Darcy we will,” replied he.

Elizabeth smile was bright. Mrs. Darcy. She liked the sound of that very much. When their clothing was in order, they retraced their path through the trees and made their way back to the house. Darcy kept hold of Elizabeth’s hand until they were nearly in sight of it. When they reached the house offered him a secret smile and in the hall they parted. Elizabeth had never been as happy.

Meet the Author

Amy Armstrong is a Brit that loves chocolate, prosecco, and sunshine. She lives and breathes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but is also a fan of the classics and pretty much anything else she can get her hands on, including but not limited to contemporary romance, thrillers, horror, dark fantasy and young adult fiction.

Amy writes stories filled with heart, heat and passion. She loves to read about strong woman, but believes heroes come in all different shapes and sizes. She is happiest when writing or soaking up the sun with a pina colada in one hand and her kindle in the other. Her family and friends are an important part of her life and she loves meeting new people with similar interests. She is a full time, multi—published author and loves to hear from readers. She writes M/M romance under the pen name Lavinia Lewis.

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Pride and Prejudice 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This ebook is Pride and Prejudice with extra excerpts. If I would have known,I would not have purchased it.