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Primal Creatures

Primal Creatures

4.4 5
by Eric Wilder

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Though only forty miles south of New Orleans, Goose Island may as well be in another world. Five feet out of the shallow waters of south Louisiana's wetlands, the secluded island is home of the Tracists Monastery. It's also a resort frequented by actors, screenwriters, and powerful people in the burgeoning Louisiana film industry. When a heinous death occurs on the


Though only forty miles south of New Orleans, Goose Island may as well be in another world. Five feet out of the shallow waters of south Louisiana's wetlands, the secluded island is home of the Tracists Monastery. It's also a resort frequented by actors, screenwriters, and powerful people in the burgeoning Louisiana film industry. When a heinous death occurs on the island, a movie producer hires Wyatt Thomas, the French Quarter's favorite sleuth, to find out whom or what killed the victim. Was it wild dogs or a rougarou (Cajun werewolf) as the local voodoo woman tells Wyatt? His own life threatened, he must first survive the killer (or maybe killers), and the deadly hurricane taking direct aim at the monastery. Primal Creatures is the third novel in the Wyatt Thomas French Quarter Mystery Series that includes Big Easy, and City of Spirits.

Editorial Reviews

Top of the Heap Reviews - Joe Hempel
"The story is fast paced, the characters pop out of the page in a lively manner, the locations are familiar enough to get a clear image, but exotic enough that you don't feel like you've been there and done that. This book is good."
Edge of Insanity Blogspot - Angela Kinder
"Primal Creatures is an excellent book filled with New Orleans, werewolves, voodoo, and new beginnings. This is a keeper!"
Books, Reviews, Etc. - Gayle Pace
"Take a quiet, peaceful evening and start reading this book and you'll not put it down. Just Fantastic, that's all to say."

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Meet the Author

Eric Wilder was born in Louisiana, about a mile from mysterious Black Bayou. He grew up listening to his grandmothers' tales of ghosts, voodoo, and political corruption. Author of seven novels, four cookbooks and many short stories, Wilder lives and writes in Edmond, Oklahoma, about a mile from historic Route 66, along with wife Marilyn, four dogs, and two cats.

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Primal Creatures 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
wiccawitch4 More than 1 year ago
This was a really awesome book! It is really what I would normally read as I am not much into P.I stories but this one caught my attention right away as well as the fantastic cover. Eric Wilder is a superb writer I felt like I was immersed inside the story and my heart pumped right along with the characters. My favorite Characters would have to be Jean Pierre and Landry their witty banter made me laugh even when things were at their worst for the characters and they were defiantly people who I would like as friends. the Story starts out with a P.I. named Wyatt whose pretty much down on his luck when the case of a life time falls in his lap, 50 miles South of New Orleans on Goose Island is a Monastery the home of Tracists Monks. The Monastery also doubles as a resort and spa for Actors, Writers, etc. in the Hollywood Industry. When one of these people turn up dead and torn apart P.I Wyatt Thomas is hired to find out who did it and why, only he finds a lot more then he bargains for as the local Voodoo woman tells Wyatt that he is up against a rougarou, a Cajun werewolf, and there is no way to kill one. Are the locals just a little loopy and wild animals kill the man instead? or is there really a rougarou on Goose Island? Wyatt doesn't know but with the help of his friends he is going to find out cause no one else is going to die on his watch. This was the third book I believe that Eric has written about the P.I Wyatt Thomas and I admit now that I have read this one I am curious about the others and will have to get them as well....lol....fantastic book and a definite read for one and all!
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Book exchanged for an honest review~ Anthony "Tony" Nicosia finds himself out of a job and the house none of these things help his frame of mind either. Tony's wife Lil won't forgive him for his lies and affair. Tony is looking for a break wherever he can get it. Meanwhile Wyatt Thomas has gone a two week bender and finally strolling home to learn he's got a job waiting for him thanks to Bertram. Wyatt's new job is for movie producer Quinlan Moore. Moore wants to prove the cause of Rance Parker's death. Moore believes that Parker's death is tied to Goose Island somehow. Wyatt needs all the help he can get and offers Tony a job helping him with the investigation. Goose Island is host to a monastery and bird watching outpost. Wyatt meets Sierra while doing his investigation. He asks Sierra to teach him how to work a computer. Wyatt is giving plenty of information but doesn't know what to do with it all. Will Tony like his new work? Will Tony get his life in order? What does Wyatt learn during his investigation? Your answers await you in Primal Creatures. This series just keeps getting better with each book. I'm alittle mad at Tony for how he treated his wife. Poor Wyatt can't seem to catch a break. The story and characters are real, down to earth, honest, compelling, complex, and fascinating too. Look forward to my next adventure in this series.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Goose Island is in Louisiana’s bayou. It is an island that has the Tracists Monastery and a resort for movie stars and producers. While on a stay, movie star Rance Parker dies. At first it sounds like she has had a heart attack. But Wyatt Thomas is called in for further investigation when it is learned that she was torn limb from limb. Having some experience with the occult, Wyatt has an advantage to figuring out what really happened to Rance. After talking to the monks, he hears about the rougarou, a Cajun werewolf. He doesn’t really believe them to be real until he takes shelter at a voodoo village and learns the truth. Now he has to stay alive as a hurricane is planning on hitting Goose Island. I have not read Big Easy or City of Spirits so I was hesitant to read Primal Creatures. This book could be a stand alone novel. It was a great story with lots of detail. I loved how Wyatt could tell that something was amiss but just couldn’t put his finger on it. But when things start coming to the light, that’s when the book starts taking off at a break neck pace. This is a great mystery. I have added Eric Wilder to my list of great mystery authors and I will definitely be getting the other books in this series. This is one author that you don’t want to miss. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
coziecorner More than 1 year ago
Eric pens "Primal Creatures" in a plot filled with werewolves, voodoo and well...supernatural creatures. I loved the variety of characters as they were fun and interesting to read. A fun, quick read that will keep you turning the pages right to the end. A must read for all supernatural and mystery fans. This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
Primal Creatures By Eric Wilder is a fiction novel which blends a detective mystery with a horror story involving werewolves to create an entirely new genre. This mystery takes place in the unique, beloved setting of Louisiana on a secluded island. Authentic local details and description transport the reader to New Orleans with its colorful traditions and local folklore. The reader is introduced to local tales of Werewolves otherwise known as rougarou- also known as the Cajun wear wolf. Also in this tale are the superstitious religious beliefs and traditions of voodoo. In this classic battle of good vs evil, the concept of a specific "god" is irrelevant and vague. In the voodoo belief, a specific belief in a specific diety does not matter and is not specifically defined. Nevertheless the characters find they must defeat an undefined evil that is embodied in the physical form of the rougarou. The author's talented writing brings the reader face to face with the horrific transformations of murderous werewolf -like creatures who masquerade under the guise of solitary monks. The book features well developed yet eccentric characters. The main character, is a private investigator named Wyatt Thomas who finds himself investigating a very suspicious death that occurs in a strange monastery- exclusive scenic resort. Everything about this story represents a contrasting enigma starting with its unusual setting- an isolated island that is the home to a suspicious band of young mysterious monks yet shared by wealthy vacationing members of the entertainment industry. The hero himself is quite unusual- despite his educated background and financial stability, it does not seem plausible that he never used a cell phone, sent an e-mail nor has he ever used a computer in this modern age. With his extensive resume that includes law enforcement and his legal education, it is difficult to believe that he is entirely ignorant of technology and computers. In a role reversal, Wyatt finds himself learning the basics of computers and technology from the uneducated, homeless young woman he finds hiding in his quarters - who does not even have a high school degree. He befriends the young sidekick, Sierra, who seems more like a homeless puppy than a woman capable of landing a government job or attending a university. Ironically, this unruly, uneducated former prostitute is immediately tamed and finds herself paired with an aging, reclusive bird watching, professor- mentor, as well as a paying government job, and subsidized college enrollment with Wyatt's help. As with many modern detective novels, this book includes some adult content and suggestive themes that make it unsuitable for some readers. In this day and age, many readers expect this type of material in order to hold their attention, hence it is commonplace especially in detective fiction. Those readers who normally enjoy detective novels and the element of the supernatural will enjoy this detective novel by Eric Wilder. The unique setting and werewolf element makes this story unique. The surprise ending and supernatural horror twist will grab the reader's attention and make this story memorable. As a blogger I received this book for the purpose of writing this review from the author. This book is published by Gondwana press.