Prince Valiant, Volume 2: 1939-1940

Prince Valiant, Volume 2: 1939-1940

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by Hal Foster

Swords and sorcery at their grandest as the classic adventure strip continues in second volume!See more details below


Swords and sorcery at their grandest as the classic adventure strip continues in second volume!

Editorial Reviews

Alan Scherstuhl - SF Weekly
“The star of what is arguably the twentieth century's best-drawn newspaper comic strip, Hal Foster's Prince Valiant is all hero, through and through, for his age and ours. The first four volumes of Fantagraphics' collected Prince Valiant reveal young Foster's creation as both the sum total of the heroic ideals that preceded his debut in 1937 as well as a source of serious inspiration for all the heroes that have followed him, in all media formats, in the decades since.”
Vanity Fair
“A witch named Horrit once prophesied that Val would never know contentment, but fans of the strip will find it here.”
James Henry - Mid-Ohio-Con
“Whether you love the swords and sorcery genre, high adventure, romance, or any or all of the above, Hal Foster’s early work on Prince Valiant is well worth reading. ... Fantagraphics has done a remarkable job remastering these strips, which, thanks to the use of original proof sheets and advances in printing technology, are even brighter and crisper than when they were first published 70 years ago.”
Dan Nadel - Comics Comics
“Sure I’d read Foster before, but I’d never found a way in. Fortunately, Fantagraphics recently released Prince Valiant Vol. 1: 1937-38, and I was able to absorb the material in a wholly new way.... Prince Valiant opens up a world that I wanted to stay in—a wide-eyed early 20th century approach to fantasy with a now-vanished sincerity and wholesomeness. It’s an all too rare pleasure in comics.”
Steve Duin - The Oregonian
“In following Prince Valiant through the third and fourth year of his four-color adventures, it is fascinating to watch Hal Foster shape his hero's personality and his reader's expectations. ... These lessons in how a prince and an adventure strip should conduct themselves are gloriously drawn and gloriously packaged.”
Michael Giltz - The Huffington Post
“One of the greatest comic strips of all time and a peak in visual splendor and breath-taking adventure, the story of Prince Valiant's 30+ year odyssey is getting a marvelous presentation in Fantagraphics' series of books... The strip is violent, sexy, serious, droll and above all eye-catching.... It's a worthy presentation for one of the most important and entertaining works in comic strip history.”
Rich Clabaugh - The Christian Science Monitor
“There’s more derring-do than you can shake a sword at! Foster’s stories are filled with vivid, colorful characters, none more engaging than the aptly named Valiant and his never-ending quest for adventure. The artwork is breathtaking.”

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Fantagraphics Books
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Prince Valiant Series, #2
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Product dimensions:
10.40(w) x 14.10(h) x 0.70(d)
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15 - 18 Years

Meet the Author

Hal Foster (1892-1982) created Prince Valiant in 1937. Though remaining involved with the strip until his death in 1982, Foster handed the bulk of the scripting and art chores over to his longtime assistant, John Cullen Murphy, in 1971.

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