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The Princess and Her Pirate

The Princess and Her Pirate

4.2 14
by Lois Greiman

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Princess Tatiana needs a groom to help her rule her vulnerable country. So she embarks on a desperate mission -- traveling in disguise to a neighboring land to forge an alliance with the dashing Cairn MacTavish, the fabled "Pirate Lord." But instead of a marriage, a rude welcome awaits the brave, beautiful royal when she is accused of being a common thief -- and


Princess Tatiana needs a groom to help her rule her vulnerable country. So she embarks on a desperate mission -- traveling in disguise to a neighboring land to forge an alliance with the dashing Cairn MacTavish, the fabled "Pirate Lord." But instead of a marriage, a rude welcome awaits the brave, beautiful royal when she is accused of being a common thief -- and is taken captive by the rogue she had meant to wed!

Not since his adventurous days on the high seas has MacTavish felt the sort of excitement this gorgeous hellion inspires. He knows she is hiding something -- and each claim of innocence that comes from her lush, inviting lips only inflames his desire for a kiss...and for the passionate night that will inevitably follow. Yet a past betrayal is still fresh in MacTavish's memory, and he dares not trust his heart. Now he vows to learn this mystery woman's secrets...even if he has to seduce her to do it.

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HarperCollins Publishers
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Sedonia , #1
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Chapter One

Portshaven, Teleere
In the year of our Lord 1817

"Look there. Ain't that the biggest ass you ever seen?" Ralph asked, and pointed gleefully over the heads of his shipmates.

Not daring to glance right or left lest her stomach spew forth its dubious contents, Tatiana Octavia Linnet Rocheneau, crown princess of Sedonia, kept her eyes strictly on the balding head of the passenger ahead of her. She could not help but wonder, however, if some Teleerian maid should be mightily offended or if, perchance, there was a prize-winning donkey upon the blessed terra firma they had almost reached. 'Twas impossible to guess with the giant called Ralph. Indeed, hiring him was near the pinnacle of folly. But boarding this leaky tub was surely the worst mistake of all. She hated the sea. When she returned to Sedonia, she would ride astride for a week and never board a ship again.

The waves slapped hard against the ship's weathered sides. Beneath her feet, the Melody heaved and groaned. Tatiana's stomach did the same.

"Ahh." Ralph sighed and shook his oversized head, apparently oblivious to the sickening roll of the ship. "Makes me 'appy just to think of the things I could do with an ass like that."

Behind her, a plump woman with two whining children jostled her. The mother smelled of garlic, the children of things Tatiana dared not consider. Her stomach heaved again, but she controlled it as she controlled all things, with a stiffened backbone and dogged determination. They would be disembarking in a moment, leaving the wretched vessel behind forever. She focused on that thought and that thought alone. Not the gilded gifts hidden in her deceptively worn leather bag, not the milling docks of Portshaven, and not the man she had traveled nearly two hundred leagues to meet. Just now all she needed was to reach a place of privacy before her stomach betrayed her, plummeting her to the level of her strong-smelling shipmates.

The Melody bucked. Tatiana swallowed hard and closed her eyes against the roiling misery.

"Aye, she was the finest ass I ever 'ad, she was." Ralph sighed, and Tatiana realized somewhat belatedly that her hired bodyguard may well have been waxing nostalgic about his long-lost burro for quite some time, but in that moment he noticed her expression. "You unwell, missus?" he asked. He'd called her that from the first, though she'd ordered him more than once to refer to her as Mrs. Mulgrave, or Widow Mulgrave. Or even Linnet, if he must. But Ralph was something like an upset boulder. Once he was set on a path it was difficult to change his course. Still, "missus" was better than some things he might call her if he knew the truth. If he knew she was a crown princess incognito, with a paid impostor on the throne.

"Yer lookin' a mite green about the gills there, missus. If'n yer gonna vomit, 'twould be best if you made yer way to the rail."

She gritted her teeth. "I am not about to -- " She paused to swallow and squeeze her eyes closed again.

"'Tis naught to be ashamed of, missus, and you'd feel the better for it."

She didn't respond. Didn't dare.

Ralph elbowed her with a chuckle. She bounced off his arm, ricocheting into a stout man holding a speckled chicken. It squawked its offense and fluttered wildly while its owner cuddled it to his chest and glared at her from beneath his frayed cloth cap.

"Yer a tough little acorn despite yer wee size, ain't you, missus?" Ralph asked.

She suppressed a groan and reminded herself that while Viscount Nicol might be one of the few advisors she trusted without question, he had not chosen this particular guard for either his wit or his charm. Ralph had fists the size of draught-horse shoes and shoulders like battering rams. He'd been hired to stave off trouble, but thus far he'd not managed to do a thing about the battle that roiled like a summer storm between her breast and her pelvis.

"I am not" -- she gritted her teeth and swallowed again -- "little."

The deck of the Melody shifted wildly. She focused on the horizon, but not a soothing blade of grass could be seen. Indeed, nothing but lumbering crowds and tilting buildings met her gaze.

"'Ey," he exclaimed. "There's that ass again. I can see 'er ears." He laughed happily. "P'raps I could 'ire 'er so as you could ride in style to yonder abbey." He sighed. "I bet she'd give you a 'ell of a fine ..." he began, but at that moment the man ahead of her stepped onto the plank, leaving a bit of space between them and drawing all her attention to a lovely wisp of air that feathered with blessed gentleness across her face. She gulped it in, but in a second it was gone, stifled by the host of bodies jostling toward shore.

"Me uncle Toddle 'ad 'im an ass once, though 'e weren't near so big as that lady's -- "

"Cease!" she gritted. "Cease talking about the lady's ass." Perhaps her words were a bit louder than necessary, but Ralph's expression was as placidly mild as ever. She sensed the other passengers turning toward her, however, and felt certain their hideous odors increased with their misplaced attention. Remembering her intention of remaining unnoticed, she forced a smile and lowered her voice. "Please."

"Poor little missus," Ralph said, and chuckled to the crowd that pressed in on them like so much spoiled barley. "Not her usual jolly self, she ain't."

Perhaps he was mocking her, for she was not inclined toward jolliness even on her best of days. And perhaps Nicol was correct, she might not be as patient with others as she should be ...

The Princess and Her Pirate. Copyright © by Lois Greiman. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Meet the Author

Lois Greiman is the award-winning author of more than twenty novels, including romantic comedy, historical romance, and mystery. She lives in Minnesota with her family and an ever-increasing number of horses.

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Princess and Her Pirate 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story focuses on chapter after chapter of some man or other attempting rape of the heroine...including the hero. If you can get past that the story itself is ok. It is too long, tries weaving a second romance in there and it takes too long for the truth to come out. The author also over uses words. Bonny, lassie, laddie...got old real fast Neither the hero nor the heroine are particularly likeable. The title is also misleading. The hero is not a pirate but the laird of an island.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lynz_in_Love More than 1 year ago
This was a really good story. My reason for giving it four stars has to with the ending which was a little lackluster for my liking (especially after everything that had happen thus far). However, up until that point I really enjoyed the romantic tension shared between the two main characters; a perfect princess for the proud pirate.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read hundreds of historical romances and this one is my favorite, I read it in one day! Can anyone tell me if there is a sequal? There is two unfinished romances in the novel that I really want to know what happens with them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book¿s twists and turns will force you to be so infatuated in the story that you will be bringing the book everywhere with you. Lois Greiman creates a setting that pulls you in and makes you beg for more! You will find yourself drawn to read her book no matter where you are and who you¿re with. Reading suddenly becomes more important than visiting with family members that you haven¿t seen in years, finishing important tasks, or even sleeping. Turning each page of Lois Greiman¿s PRINCESS AND HER PIRATE, is like watching a suspenseful movie. You ache for the characters to listen to your silent thoughts. As soon as you think you know what is going to happen next, a whirlwind of passion, romance, deception, and distrust overburdens your emotions and sucks you into each turning page. I invite you to read Lois Greiman¿s PRINCESS AND HER PIRATE if you want a captivating, sweet Scottish story about a couple trying to find love and the struggles they go through.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1817 Princess Tatiana Rocheneau will do anything for the good of her people so she sets forth from Sedonia in disguise to meet Cairn MacTavish, pirate captain of Teleere in order to obtain his services to protect her beloved island kingdom. To insure her safety, a look alike is left behind sitting on the throne.

However, nothing goes right from the start, as she hates traveling by sea. Looking forward to land, the moment she sets foot on Teleere, Tatiana is arrested and is accused of being super thief Magical Megs. In spite of her insistence that she is not Meg, but a neighboring princess, Cairn rejects her plea of innocence. Desperate, Tatiana escapes though her heart remains captive. Cairn follows knowing that this woman stole his heart too.

Though there has been a recent influx of Regency tales involving island kingdoms, readers will enjoy this delightful novel. The lead couple is charming, but it is the master thief Meg who steals the show, as readers will want to know more about this magical robber. Early nineteenth century romance fans will want to read the pleasing THE PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE, as the story is simple fun.

Harriet Klausner

JSKA4EVR More than 1 year ago
Truth or lie? Truth or lie? I loved this book.