The Princess Sophia

The Princess Sophia

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by E. F. Benson

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The story of Princess Sophia, a world class gambler and hostess. Including a biography of the author.See more details below


The story of Princess Sophia, a world class gambler and hostess. Including a biography of the author.

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CHAPTER II A FOOL COMES TO RHODOPfi Till the time she was twenty-one Princess Sophia lived quietly enough at Amandos, paying visits occasionally abroad, but passing a full ten months of the year in Rhodope. Though she was often bored, she was usually employed, for Prince Demetrius's health had now for a year or two been failing, and many of the lesser cares of state devolved on his daughter. It must be confessed that during her father's lifetime she discharged these duties admirably, and has not always had the credit for this, for the complete neglect of all her duties when she herself was on the throne has effaced the memory of these earlier years. She presided over the National Assembly—except on the comparatively few occasions when her father was present—with a wonderful great dignity and grace, and while listening to their debates and considering their resolutions with all the care that they deserved, she never let the autocratic power wielded by the Crown seem to pass from her control or grow effete. More than once she used her power of veto, more than once she insisted on a measure thrown out only by a narrow number of votes being put into effect. But never—and in this she showed the true and rightunderstanding of autocratic government—did she reverse the decision of a substantial majority. But what the poor girl went through, what agonies of boredom, what screaming tortures of ennui, what clinching of jaws which ached for a yawn, what twitching of limbs which longed for the saddle, that august body never guessed. The language of Rhodop£ contains no such expression as " local jurisdiction" or " county council," and all questions which can be thoughtto bear in the minutest way upon the interests of the country are solemnly brought before the House. " My dear Blanch...

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