Principles of Animal Communication / Edition 1

Principles of Animal Communication / Edition 1

by Jack W. Bradbury, Sandra L. Vehrencamp

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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introduction1
Ch. 2The Properties of Sound15
Ch. 3Fourier Analysis41
Ch. 4Sound Production75
Ch. 5Sound Propagation113
Ch. 6Sound Reception141
Ch. 7Properties of Light175
Ch. 8Production and Transmission of Light Signals207
Ch. 9Light Signal Reception239
Ch. 10Chemical Signals279
Ch. 11Electroreception319
Ch. 12Optimizing Communication353
Ch. 13The Amount of Information387
Ch. 14The Value of Information419
Ch. 15Coding455
Ch. 16Signal Evolution497
Ch. 17Costs and Constraints on Signal Evolution537
Ch. 18Signal Design Rules571
Ch. 19Evolutionary Game Theory619
Ch. 20Signal Honesty649
Ch. 21Conflict Resolution[s.n.]
Ch. 22Territorial Signaling Games711
Ch. 23Mating Games and Signaling743
Ch. 24Social Integration783
Ch. 25Environmental Signals817
Ch. 26Autocommunication851
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