Principles of Petroleum Geology / Edition 1

Principles of Petroleum Geology / Edition 1

by Robert C. Laudon

ISBN-10: 0136494684

ISBN-13: 9780136494683

Pub. Date: 09/26/1995

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Prentice Hall
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Prentice Hall Petroleum Engineering Series
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New Edition
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5.90(w) x 8.97(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.

What is Development Geology. Synergism. Developing Geology in the Major Petroleum Company.

2. Traps.

Anticlinal Theory of Traps. Fault Traps. Mapping of Faults. Stratigraphic Traps. Combination Traps. Salt Domes. Other Trap Types.

3. Reserve Estimates.

Four Basic Methods. Volumetrics. Uncertainty. Isopach Maps. Trapezoidal Rule. Measuring Areas.

4. Electric Logs.

Datum and Depths. Scales. Invasion. Correlation Logs. Resistivity Devices. Sandstone-shale Sequences. Porosity Logs. Cased Hole Logs. Archie Equation and Water Saturation. Electromagnetic Propogation (Dialectric) Logs. Oil-Water Contact. Digitized Well Logs. Dipmeter. Vertical Sequences. Some Commonly Asked Questions.

5. Drill Time Logs, Mud Logs, Cuttings, and Cores.

Drill Time Log. Cuttings and Cores. As They Come Out of the Hole. Cuttings and Core Descriptions. References for Sample Descriptions.

6. Pressure and Temperature in the Subsurface.

Hydraulic Pressure in a Wellbore. Formation Pressure in the Subsurface. Casing Design and Lost Returns. Temperature Gradients. Origin of Subsurface Pressure and Overpressures. Underpressures. Pressure Testing.

7. Porosity, Permeability, and Relative Permeability.

Some Important Definitions. Discussion. Migration from Source Rock to Reservoir Rock.

8. Oil and Gas Chemistry.

Definitions. Classification of Hydrocarbons. Origin of Hydrocarbons. Phase Relationships. Formation Volume Factors.

9. Drive Mechanisms, Recovery Efficiencies, and Well Spacing.

Drive Mechanisms. Drive Mechanisms and Recovery Efficiencies. Recovery Efficiencies. Well Spacing Design Criteria. Fractured Reservoirs. Horizontal Drilling.

10. Summary Remarks About Volumetrics.

Reliability of Data. Predevelopment Studies.

11. Economic Projections and Decline Curves.

Part 1: Definitions. Part 2: Time Value of Money. Part 3: Decline Curves. Part 4: Examples.

12. Clastic Depositional Systems.

Depositional Systems. Alluvial Fans. Braided Streams. Meandering Streams. Lakes. Deltas. Transgressive Sandstone. Transgressive Valley Fills. Tidal Flats. Barrier Islands. Sandstone Geometries and Internal Configurations. Submarine Fans.

13. Carbonate Depositional Systems.

Carbonate Ramps. Reefs and Banks. Carbonate Slopes. Carbonate Submarine Fans. Example of Combined Carbonate Sequence.

14. Geophysics.

Introduction — What is Geophysics?. Reflection Seismology.

15. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

Secondary Recovery. Principles. Chemical Floods. Thermal Recovery Processes. Miscible Recovery Processes. Microbial EOR. Comments. Reservoir Modelling.

16. Some Concluding Remarks.

Computers. Future of Development Geology.


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