Prison Masculinities / Edition 1

Prison Masculinities / Edition 1

by Don Sabo

ISBN-10: 1566398169

ISBN-13: 9781566398169

Pub. Date: 01/19/2001

Publisher: Temple University Press

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Temple University Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Pt. IIntroduction1
Gender and the Politics of Punishment3
Pt. IIHistorical Roots and Contemporary Trends19
Penitence for the Privileged: Manhood, Race, and Penitentiaries in Early America21
Race, Gender, and Prison History: From the Convict Lease System to the Supermax Prison35
Crime, Politics, and Community Since the 1990s46
The Elements of Crime54
A World without Softness56
Slave Ship57
Pt. IIIThe Social Construction of Prison Masculinities59
Doing Time, Doing Masculinity: Sports and Prison61
Masculinities, Crime, and Prison67
Grappling with Issues of Privilege: A Male Prison Worker's Perspective73
The Culture of Transgression: Initiations into the Homosociality of a Midwestern State Prison78
Male Prisoners: Privacy, Suffering, and the Legal Construction of Masculinity93
Boyz II Men103
Devil's Den104
My Mother Death105
Prison Friendships106
Pt. IVSexualities, Sexual Violence, and Intimacy in Prison109
Rape and the Prison Code111
A Million Jockers, Punks, and Queens118
The Story of a Black Punk127
The Wall of Silence: Prison Rape and Feminist Politics133
A Moment137
Caged and Celibate139
The Phone143
Be Not So Quick to Judge145
Skin Blind150
Once More I Dream153
Pt. VMen's Health in Prison155
Preventive Health Strategies for Men in Prison157
Sentence - Death by Lethal Infection: IV-Drug Use and Infectious Disease Transmission in North American Prisons173
Deliberate Indifference184
Mental Health in Men's Prisons192
Night Crier198
Pt. VIPrison Reform, Reforming Prison Masculinities201
Boys Are Not Men: Notes on Working with Adolescent Males in Juvenile Detention207
Support Groups for Men in Prison: The Fellowship of the King of Hearts218
The Anti-Exploits of Men Against Sexism, 1977-78224
Men Helping Men: Facilitating Therapy Groups for Sex Offenders230
Litigation, Advocacy, and Self-Respect239
Rehabilitating Prison Labor: The Uses of Imprisoned Masculinity247
Reentry: Prospects for Postrelease Success255
For Further Reading265
About the Contributors269

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