Pritikin: The Man Who Healed America's Heart

Pritikin: The Man Who Healed America's Heart

by Tom Monte

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Monte and Nathan Pritikin's widow here collaborate on a biography of a remarkable man who campaigned for sensible nutrition as a weapon against heart diease and other maladies. Born in Chicago in 1915, Pritikin early distinguished himself as a successful businessman and inventor of photographic devices. During his middle years, living in California as a family man, he set out to research why heart failures rarely occurred in people on so-called ``poor'' diets. The malady was increasing among affluent citizens who ate abundantly of ``rich'' red meat, creamy desserts, etc. Convinced that these folk were killing themselves, Pritikin published a diet that made him famous and controversial to the medical establishment. But by the time of his death in 1985, he had been vindicated, his accomplishments recognized by his opponents. Many doctors now recommend the low-fat, low-cholestrol menus Pritikin introduced in 1976. Photos not seen by PW. Film rights to CBS/TV; author tour. (November 17)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Nathan Pritikin, neither physician nor nutritionist, developed a nutritional theory that changed many lives. This biography details the methods Pritikin used to design his low-fat, low-cholesterol diet. The authors (a health writer and Pritikin's widow) recount his years of theory development and diet modification that led to the first Pritikin Longevity Center and his books (e.g., The Pritikin Promise ). This account should be of interest to those following his diet or concerned with nutritional theories but of lesser interest to general readers. Susan E. Holmer, Peninsula Lib. System, San Mateo, Cal.

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