Private Confessions (Harlequin Blaze #308)

Private Confessions (Harlequin Blaze #308)

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by Lori Borrill

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Pisces "Career and love will intersect—are you ready to play?"

Experience has taught ad exec Logan Moore that office affairs always end in disaster. Which is why his online romance with Scorpio63 is exactly what he needs right now—the anonymous, steamy encounters help him forget the secret urge for Trisha he gets every day.…


Pisces "Career and love will intersect—are you ready to play?"

Experience has taught ad exec Logan Moore that office affairs always end in disaster. Which is why his online romance with Scorpio63 is exactly what he needs right now—the anonymous, steamy encounters help him forget the secret urge for Trisha he gets every day.…

Scorpio "Today you'll clear up the mystery shrouding your love life, but will you like what you find?"

Virtual sex with Pisces47 is so sinfully good it leaves Trisha Bains hungrier for the good, old-fashioned kind with Mr. Moore, her unattainable boss. But a chance remark of his makes her think the unthinkable: could the private sex fantasies she's been indulging in now become her reality?

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Harlequin Blaze Series , #308
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"You're wearing a navy-blue skirt. It's tasteful. The hem stops just above the knee. Very professional on the outside, but I know you're naked underneath.You enjoy the silky feel of the fabric against your skin, don't you, Scorpio?"

Trisha Bain gulped as she read the words on her computer screen.

"I do," she typed, then hit Send.

"You step into my office and close the door behind you. Those gorgeous lips curve into a smile that makes everything else disappear. You lean against the door and look at me with those big blue eyes, eyes that reveal your innermost thoughts. Today, your eyes tell me you want me.

"Do you want me, Scorpio?"

"Yes," she typed. Oh, yes.

"I want you, too, baby. I've always wanted you." She shivered.

"I pat my hand on the desk and you stroll over, swaying those hips that have been driving me crazy since the day we met. You're taking your time, teasing me, making me wait.

"You prop up on my desk and lift your feet to the arms of my chair, spreading those long, sexy legs for me. So many times, I've wanted to reach out and touch them. Can I touch them, Scorpio?"

"Please," she typed.

"I place my hands on your ankles and slide my fingers up to your thighs. Your skin is smooth. I always knew it would be. I've been waiting for you. All day, I've been waiting for our meeting, watching the hours tick by. I can feel you trembling. You've been waiting, too, haven't you?"

"Yes," she typed, noticing how even the word looked breathy on the screen.

"I brush my fingers through your curls and groan when I feel the heat between your legs. You're wet. You've been thinking about me. Your scentis driving me to the edge and I can't resist a taste."

Oh, my. "I slide my tongue over you and glide it around in circles. You like that, don't you, Scorpio?"

A bead of sweat moistened her upper lip and she squirmed as the sensation tingled in her most sensitive spot.

"Yes," she typed.

"You're so slick, so ready. Your breath goes heavy and you tilt your head back, thrusting your breasts in the air. I raise my eyes and watch them as they rise and fall with each breath you take, slowly at first then faster as the pressure builds.

"Your nipples pierce your shirt and their hardness fills me with need. You're about to slide over the edge. You want to go over, don't you?"

Trisha's hands trembled. Her toes curled inside her fuzzy blue slippers. Pisces was coming on strong tonight, and after a busy day at the agency, she could use the extra heat.

With fingers stiff and shaken, she forced them to the keyboard and typed, "Yes."

"It's better if I tease you."

Oh, no, don't tease.

"My tongue is barely touching you. You arch your back and pull yourself toward me, whimpering, begging for more. You try to get closer, but I dig my fingers in your thighs and hold you steady, making you wait. Your sex is so plump, so ready. You ache for me to move to that spot, that special place I know so well. Through long, ragged breaths, I hear you whisper, ‘Please.'You want that spot, don't you?"

"Please," she typed, barely able to move her fingers over the keyboard. She swallowed hard, her body pulsed. She ached to be touched, but she knew Pisces47 was far from the end.

"Here's the spot, sweetheart, the spot that sends you over. My tongue slides along it with light, quick strokes, then harder, faster, until you burst in my mouth. You want to scream, but you've got to be quiet. People might hear. You bite your lip and hold your groan as the climax takes you.

"You quiver against my tongue. It feels so good, baby. I'm so hard for you. Every cell in my body cries to get inside, now, while you're still clamped tight. I need to take you in my arms, feel those sexy breasts against my chest and plunge inside until you beg for me to come."

Trisha's mouth went dry. She shifted in her seat, trying to relieve the pressure that swelled between her thighs. She wanted to reach down and relieve the throbbing, but it wasn't time. She needed Pisces inside.

"Can I take you now, Scorpio?"

With lightning-quick strokes, she typed, "Yes."

"I rise from my chair. You're open for me, so beautiful. Your eyes are heavy and sated, but the bulge between my legs starts the climb all over again."

She clasped her hands to the chair and held the breath in her lungs, unable to move until she saw what happened next.

"I unzip my trousers and you gasp at my length." She gasped.

"I hold it at your entrance, brushing the tip against you, teasing you, swelling your already throbbing clit. You bite down on your lip some more and wait as your eyes plead for me to enter. You're ready for me, aren't you, Scorpio?"

She raised her hands to the keyboard. "Please," she typed, amazed by the quickness of her fingers.

"I slide my hands up under your skirt and place them on your hips, holding you firmly. My hands are hot to the touch. You feel me probing at your entrance and your breath comes out in pants. You're waiting, aching for the moment when I drive my shaft inside."

She dropped her hands from the keyboard and clasped them to the chair, digging her fingers into the rough woven fabric of the cushion. It was almost time, the pressure was nearly unbearable.

"In one quick stroke, I thrust inside and you clamp your jaw shut, holding the groan in your throat."

She sucked in a sharp breath and closed her eyes to seal the image in her mind. It was time to give Pisces full control. Sliding a hand between her thighs, she began a slow stroke.

"I'm big, harder than I've ever been before, and you're still tight from the climax. Your eyes roll back and close as a quick breath escapes your chest. Your smile tells me you like it. You need more. We've both wanted this for so long."

Forever, she thought as she swept her finger between her folds.

"I clasp my hands to your spine and push deeper while I nibble at your neck.You're salty from sweat.You smell like lavender. It's turning me on and I have to go deeper."

Yes. "I fill you in one final thrust. You're so tight and slick. Your groan tells me I've found that spot and I begin to stroke as another climax builds."

Trisha gulped in air as she formed an image from the words on the screen. The room was hot, her breath shortened as she neared the edge of climax.

"My heart's beating fast. You place your hands on my chest. It's hard, damp and hot. You feel me growing inside. I'm about to lose control, Scorpio. You feel good, baby, and I need it all. I need to feel every inch of your body against mine. I thrust deeper and sink my face in the warm curve of your neck. And while I'm stroking inside you, you tell me your dreams."

My dreams?

"What are your dreams, Scorpio?"

Trisha stared at the words on the screen. She was flustered, eager and ready for the climax, and Pisces47 wanted to know her dreams?

No man had ever asked her a question like that. None had ever cared, but then again, she'd never been so selective about a partner in the past.

Even if this was just a cyberpartner. had promised something different in cybersex. They used astrology to match partners, which had brought Scorpio63 and Pisces47 together in the first place. According to their birthdates, she and her cybermate were perfect sex partners.

And based on how she felt right now, she had to give them a grateful nod.

Pisces47 was good.

Really good.

The words repeated on the screen. "What are your dreams, Scorpio?" She lifted a hand to the keyboard. "I want," she typed, then clicked Send, unsure how to finish the sentence.

"Scorpio, there isn't much time. I'm aching for release. I'm going, honey. I need it now. Tell me your dreams, baby. I want to know your dreams."

Oh, jeez. "I want love," she typed and sent. "Then love is what I'll give you, sweetheart. A fantasy love that only we can share.

"I whisper the words in your ear as we near the edge. I'm hard, Scorpio, so hard. I'm trying to hold on, trying to last longer, but you're so warm and tight. I can't look at your beauty without losing control. I have to close my eyes, but your flowery scent is driving me closer. Come with me. Are you ready?"

"Yes," she typed.

"Your body clamps hard around me, fisting my shaft in another searing climax. You begin to cry out, but we have to be quiet. I close my mouth over yours and drink in your cries as I lose myself inside you."

And with that, she lost control. Her legs stiffened, her back coiled and a soft cry escaped her throat. The climax ripped through her, constricting every muscle from her jaw to her toes, pulsing between her legs, until the soft wave crashed over in soothing warmth.

"You collapse in my arms. Your skin is damp and those heavenly breasts are pressed against my chest. I reach down and take a bite through your shirt. Your dark, silky hair hangs down against my desk. I'm holding you in my arms, admiring the sleepy, sated smile on your face. You're so beautiful, Scorpio. I press my lips between the folds of your blouse and taste the sweet skin between your breasts. I can feel your heart beating wildly against my lips, then it slows as we rest in each other's arms."

Oh, yeah.

There was a long pause. Trisha's limp hands could barely make contact with the keyboard, and she wondered if Pisces47 felt the same way. She waited, allowing her heartbeat to slow when a message finally popped up on the screen.

"How do you feel, Scorpio?"

Her weakened fingers could only type, "Good." "Me, too."

There was another long pause as Trisha tried to recover. She needed to return something, anything other than a few shaky pleas.

"I!" she typed, letting him know she'd be answering in a moment.

"No, Scorpio. Tonight's for you. Crawl into bed. Curl up and think of me. Think of your dreams as you rest in peaceful sleep."

She stared at the screen, the session still echoing through her mind.

"I will," she typed.

"Good night, Scorpio. And remember, honey, whenever you need me I'm just a click away."

Unable to move, she studied the words while the message popped up saying Pisces47 had logged off. She glanced around her bedroom suddenly realizing she had no idea what time it was. It had been light when they began tonight's chat, but the sun had gone down somewhere during the first climax and now the room was dark, lit only by the white screen of the chat room.

She shook herself and pressed the keys to download the chat. She'd saved all of Pisces47's chats. They were too good to toss into cyberspace, so she held them as memories of the man on the other end of the line.

Whoever he was.

Trisha's brain told her he was probably either a pudgy old married man, or a sex-starved, geeky college kid. But in her fantasies, she knew exactly who he was.

Logan Moore.

Logan had been the object of her fantasies since she'd taken her job at the Moore Agency two years ago. And for two years he'd ruined her for every man that crossed her path. In Trisha's mind, no one could stand up to Logan Moore and his dark, midnight eyes. She'd often wondered what secrets he kept in those bottomless pools.

But she'd never be the one to find out. Not only was Logan her boss, but rumor had it, the man went through women like a long-haul trucker went through diesel fuel. He was a consummate playboy with a preference toward wealthy supermodels and aspiring actresses. At least, that was the general consensus around the office, and if true, Trisha Bain was clearly out of the running.

For more than a year she'd tried to ignore her infatuation with Logan. She'd continued dating, hoping somewhere along the line Mr. Right would come along and help her forget the tall, chiseled man who filled her dreams. But she'd quickly discovered the effort was pointless. No man would be a worthy substitute for Logan Moore.

At least, not in the flesh.

That was when she happened upon and found the perfect solution. She could meet the ideal partner and carry out her sexual fantasies online, with no physical contact to remind her that the man feeding them to her was someone other than Logan Moore. She could put one man's words with another man's image and come up with the ideal mate.

For the time being.

Meet the Author

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lori Borrill moved to the Bay Area shortly after high school and has been a transplant Californian ever since. By day, she's a data analyst and when she's not working or writing, she's at the baseball field playing proud parent to her teenage son with her husband of more than 20 years.  She's also the collector of hobbies and loves gardening, photography, scrapbooking and cooking.  For more information, visit her website at

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Private Confessions (Harlequin Blaze #308) 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Super hot read but with a realistic view. The characters just consume you and don't we wish real men would be like the man in this book! This author is amazing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fantastic story!
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was sweet and sexy all at once. Loved it!
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