The Privateer Clause

The Privateer Clause

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by Ken Rossignol

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There have been so many shots taken at this ship by terrorists that the cruise line thought their business would sink. That is why we were hired to provide security. Things go so bad that the passengers were taking photos and video and emailing the explosions and hostage scene to CNN and Fox News. Instead of scaring off passengers, bookings for the ship went

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There have been so many shots taken at this ship by terrorists that the cruise line thought their business would sink. That is why we were hired to provide security. Things go so bad that the passengers were taking photos and video and emailing the explosions and hostage scene to CNN and Fox News. Instead of scaring off passengers, bookings for the ship went through the roof. The Seven Seas Company caught the spirit of the passengers and even set up a special for the ship theatre with a pirate theme!
Finally, my wife and I needed a break and took a week off to sail on a private charter at the Grenadines and wouldn't you know, two local thugs dressed up as pirates tried to rob us while we sat at anchor for an intimate dinner for two. Well, our cook was great at other things besides her lobster spaghetti. Read more today!

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Ken Rossignol
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Marsha & Danny Jones Thrillers , #1
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The author now is entering the field of fiction and makes it clear that cruising has never been more dangerous as the heroes in The Privateer Clause work to stop killers at every port as Americans and other passengers on the Sea Empress cruise the Caribbean. Rossignol works to make sure those cruising on the Sea Empress have the time of their lives and as a result, bookings are through the roof. Careful research and the imagination of a veteran reporter and editor combine to bring realism to the intinerary of the Sea Empress. What happens to law officers after they retire? In the Privateer Clause, Rossignol makes sure that the chief characters never get a moments rest and while buffets and rum drinks threaten to add waist to the rotund travelors, the husband and wife security force lay waste to bad guys who are out to spoil everyone’s trip. Rossignol shows that the passengers are the new media and are instant reporters as they use their cell phones, digital cameras, and all other new electronic communications to take all the latest acts of piracy against cruise ships to the world news outlets in minutes. While the recession ravages the economy, taking a cruise has never been a better bargain but given the terror cells operating around the world, a cruise has never been more dangerous. Will the author ever be allowed to board a cruise ship again? Will he be tossed onto the ‘No Float’ list? Only The Shadow knows for sure and while danger lurks at every moment, the author makes sure that no one on the Sea Empress is bored.

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Privateer Clause 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The plot and writing of this book is good. Due to the awkward phrasing, there were times when I felt as if this was written by a person who spoke English as a second language. This book could have used a proofreader as well as an editor.
Max_S More than 1 year ago
"The Privateer Clause" is a gripping murder mystery/thriller that takes place on the Sea Empress, a cruise ship. Marsha and Danny Jones are retired law enforcement officers who have been hired as security consultants for a cruise ship company. This responsibility takes them head-to-head with a group of unsavory individuals looking to wreak havoc on the ship. If I were to describe this book in one word, it'd be FUN! There's a ton of action, some humor, and plenty of suspense to keep you wondering what happens next. The story reminds me a bit of the Hart to Hart TV detective show. The cruise ship setting adds an interesting aspect to the story, and the author has done enough research on the setting to make it reasonable. If you're looking for a fun story filled with action, this book is worth checking out!
Jessie66 More than 1 year ago
This book is wonderfully unique and adventurous in its story line. Taking place on a cruise ship, Marsha and Danny are hired by the cruise line to provide security. But troubles they face aren't merely rowdy passengers; the cruise is a magnet for pirates and terrorists alike, throwing the two ex-secret service agents. I found the vivid descriptions and knowledge about the ports of call and cruise ship procedures fascinating and added a great layer of depth to the story. The action was intense, and the two main characters did some serious damage to the pirates and terrorists. The president even gets involved, which just shows how serious the plot becomes. This is a great maritime detective/thriller/action novel.
PurpleSeals More than 1 year ago
Well-paced and loaded with interesting characters, Rossignol has put together one really fantastic piece of fiction here. Not only is the scenery beautifully described, but the author does a fantastic job of using vivid imagery. I loved the action and mystery paced throughout the plot and the twists and turns on every page. I wasn't that familiar with Rossignol's work before I started this, but I will definitely read more of his stuff soon!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story seemed over the top and to come from a far right prespective.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RICKFRIEDMAN777 More than 1 year ago
"Cruising has never been so dangerous. Join Marsha and Danny Jones, both retired law officers, as they go on their first cruise and end up working for Black & Perkins providing security for the Seven Seas Company and their fleet of cruise ships. One threat after another is faced all over the Caribbean as this husband and wife team take them all on and win more than they lose." Yes,-Cruising has never been so dangerous- in the superb new thriller, The Privateer Clause, by Ken Rossignol, but in the hands of so very talented a writer as Mr. Rossignol, Cruising has never been so thrilling, so very intriqing and so very expertly used as a plot device. Mr. Rossignol is a master at the art of character and dialogue - as The Privateer Clause is populated by a whole array of of characters, each personality so very well defined by their give and take with each other. The action truly pops from the pages, as Marsha and Danny Jones, the novel's main protagonists become involved in one twist after another. The book never slows down, and yet the pace is an ideal fit for the plot, a true credit to Mr. Rossignol, as the reader is able to gain a personal perspective on each character amid all the action, no small feat. There is almost an Agatha Christie aspect to this fine thriller, in that the cast of characters are so diverse, each have their own "Baggage" (Pun..yes!!), from nefarious businessmen, various law enforcement agents, pirates and even a Rabbi and his wife, The Privateer Clause provides everything a reader hopes for in a thriller- plently of twists, distinct characters and most important, an overall story that takes the reader along on a cruise they will not soon forget! A JAMES MASON COMMUNITY VOOK CLUB MUST READ RICK FRIEDMAN FOUNDER THE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB