Prive: The Lounge Anthology

Prive: The Lounge Anthology


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Disc 1

  1. The Swing Ding Song
  2. Dream Machine
  3. Daylight
  4. Clumsy
  5. Distant Dreams
  6. Summer in Paris
  7. Walk on the Wild Side
  8. Concrete
  9. Rec74
  10. The Child
  11. Western Ways
  12. Bohemian Sunset
  13. Fragment Four (Love Won't Leave Me Alone)
  14. If You Go Away

Disc 2

  1. Charlotte's on Fire
  2. Nantes
  3. Heroes
  4. Go Cain
  5. Paint It, Black
  6. Fly with Me
  7. I Just Want to Have Something to Do
  8. Metropolitain
  9. Let's Never Stop Falling in Love
  10. Tainted Love
  11. Personal Big Bang
  12. Frontera del Ensueño
  13. Positive Vibration
  14. Under the Moon

Disc 3

  1. Break of Day
  2. The First Picture
  3. Isn't It Nice?
  4. Another Bite of the Apple
  5. Until the Morning
  6. This Is Not America
  7. Come Back
  8. Please Don't Talk
  9. Solar
  10. L' Attitude
  11. Feel Free
  12. Goodbye Remedy
  13. High Noon
  14. Urban Sounds

Disc 4

  1. Melankoli
  2. Wish U Were Here
  3. Beautiful Drug
  4. Zelma
  5. Cloudy Eyes
  6. Verano
  7. Dakhenha
  8. Vibrations
  9. Not Afraid
  10. Nova Sola
  11. Adiós Ayer
  12. Fly
  13. Under the Sun
  14. Sweet Revenge

Disc 5

  1. Flamenco Sketches
  2. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
  3. Noon Hour Blues
  4. Here All Along
  5. Oceanic Lullaby
  6. My Time
  7. Fly Me to the Moon
  8. All I Want Is a Good Time
  9. Perfect Bright
  10. Bring It
  11. The Road Is Lonesome
  12. No War
  13. Global Diffusion
  14. Jazz Boutique

Disc 6

  1. Dreams of You
  2. Hamacas
  3. No Communcation, No Love (Devastating)
  4. Touch the Earth
  5. Flutes in the Air
  6. Seductive Soul
  7. Southern Flutes
  8. Back to the Old School
  9. Cali Spaces
  10. Hello Mademoiselle
  11. Elite
  12. Make It Last
  13. Andes
  14. Locatarola

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Robin Lee   Composer
David Bowie   Composer
Mick Jagger   Composer
Lou Reed   Composer
Pat Metheny   Composer
Jacques Brel   Composer
Peter Funk   Composer
Brian Eno   Composer
Lyle Mays   Composer
Ryuichi Sakamoto   Composer
Nitin Sawhney   Composer
Guy Sigsworth   Composer
Michael Stipe   Composer
Richard Dorfmeister   Composer
Mark Farina   Composer
China Forbes   Composer
Tchando   Composer
J. Torres   Composer
Nick Halkes   Composer
Kevin Yost   Composer
Stefan Leisering   Composer
Alejandro Seoane   Composer
John Cummings   Composer
Laurent Daumail   Composer
Vincent Ford   Composer
Alexis Latrobe   Composer
Axel Reinemer   Composer
Thomas Lauderdale   Composer
Pompon Finkelstein   Composer
Charles Schillings   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Stéphane Pompougnac   Composer
Claas Brieler   Composer
Cesare Malfatti   Composer
Michael Pfundheller   Composer
Kenneth Bager   Composer
Economist   Composer
Najwa Nimri   Composer
G-Spliff   Composer
Osmond Wright   Composer
Cocosuma   Composer
Zach Condon   Composer
Iain MacKenzie   Composer
Von Mondo   Composer
Kitty the Bill   Composer
Sam Frank   Composer
Coco and the Bean   Composer
Lulu Rouge   Composer
Anna.Luca   Composer
Ronan Portela   Composer
Bryan Ford   Composer
Roxanne Tataei   Composer
N. Grandjean   Composer
Amanda Butterworth   Composer
K. Bager   Composer
Antoine Chabert   Composer
T. Dickow   Composer
Morgan Bianco   Composer
T. Troelsen   Composer
P. Kruder   Composer
C. Bennett   Composer
R. Rodriguez   Composer
J. Padilla   Composer
Hennessy   Composer
J. Cruise   Composer
Sportes   Composer
R. Garza   Composer
S. Hantel   Composer
Jeffrey Hyman   Composer
Howard   Composer
Douglas Colvin   Composer
Fernando Garcia   Composer
Simon Lee   Composer

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