Probability Theory on Vector Spaces: Proceedings, Trzebieszowice, Poland, September 1977 / Edition 1

Probability Theory on Vector Spaces: Proceedings, Trzebieszowice, Poland, September 1977 / Edition 1

by A. Weron

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Lecture Notes in Mathematics Series, #656
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9.21(w) x 6.14(h) x 0.60(d)

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Some results concerning gaussian measures on metric linear spaces.- Singularity and absolute continuity of measures in infinite dimensional spaces.- A counter-example concerning CLT in banach spaces.- Random functions and orlicz's method regularity of paths and limit properties.- Remarks on positive definite operator valued functions in linear spacès.- Mixtures of gaussian cylinder set measures and abstract wiener spaces as models for detection of signals imbedded in noise.- On gaussian measures and the central limit theorem in certain f-spaces.- On the spectral mixing theorem for some classes of banach spaces and for the numerical contractions on hilbert spaces.- Intersection of the classes of s-selfdecomposable and s-semi-stable distributions.- Propagators and dilations.- On minimality of infinite dimensional stationary shastic processes.- On the factorization of a nonnegative operator valued function.- Dissipative random processes.- Examples of non-stationary banach space valued shastic processes of second order.- Prediction theory for non-stationary sequences of random vectors.- An inequality for the semi-martingales application to shastic differential equations.- The order of approximation in the random central limit theorem.- Banach-space valued stationary processes with absolutely continuous spectral function.- Apropos of professor Masani's talk.- Boundedness and convergence of banach lattice valued submartingales.- Multiplicity theory for random fields using quantum mechanical methods.

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