Problem Bosses: Who They Are and How to Deal with Them

Problem Bosses: Who They Are and How to Deal with Them

by Peter Wylie

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Partners in a counseling service, psychologists Wylie and Grothe here offer advice to employees, a reversal of their previous guide, Problem Employees. A compilation of complaints about superiors who are rude, unfair, dishonest, incompetent, etc., is followed by details on 12 programs for improving the situation in one's workplace. Noting that their suggested strategies aren't guaranteed of success, the authors first instruct readers to ``have fun, even if the topic is serious.'' The tenor of the guide is jolliness, which seems questionable, particularly in view of possible consequences, for example, the damage that can be suffered by people who report on powerful higher-ups. Suggestions on dealing with problem supervisors range from ``doing nothing'' to ``firing the boss,'' i.e., quitting your job. Macmillan Executive Program, BOMC/Fortune, Nurse's Club, McGraw-Hill all clubs and Prentice-Hall all clubs selection; Psychology Today alternate. (February 1)
Library Journal - Library Journal
s ``how-to'' book, Grothe and Wylie show that problem bosses are not rare, and then go on to offer 12 ways to handle such individuals. These range from doing nothing or changing your own behavior and attitudes to talking to your boss one on one or ``firing'' your boss (resigning, that is). The authors explain advantages and disadvantages of each alternative so that the employee can decide which might be appropriate in a given situation and understand what the risks associated with that alternative might be. Although much has been written on problem employees, problem bosses have not received the same attention. Recommended for collections serving abusiness clientele. BOMC/Fortune alternate and Psychology Today Book Club alternate. Michael D. Kathman, St. John's Univ. Lib., Collegeville, Minn.

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